1. BoxerDad says

    Almost makes me wish I believed in God so I could imagine the old dude sitting up there with his boy JC laughing their asses off over those clowns. Almost.

  2. bill johnson says

    Well considering that Christians are commanded to pray for their neighbors not against them I would say that praying for marriage equality is much more Christian then praying against it. Hopefully these people will wake up but until then they have inspired me to pray even harder that this passes.

  3. Daya says

    So, what does it mean if after praying to God NYS passes the Equality legislation. Does that mean they will stop their bigotry because God has spoken?

  4. Just_a_guy says

    So busy hate-prayin that they don’t care that they have sold their souls to the richest rich plutocrats, who won’t employ them, except at minimal wage–if they are lucky.

    “the church wasn’t honest / the state put the youth in a harness / creatin hostility among us / teacher said no college / still the kids’ gotta get a check with a couple commas”

  5. CARIBTONY says

    I tried watching the video but a few seconds into listening to the pompous and sanctimonious asshat I literally began to feel ill.

    I swear – it’s like everyday I wake up is the more I detest Christians and organized religions for the HATE and lies they spew in the name of THEIR god…

  6. says

    Had I known nothing of what this video was going to be about, I would have been able to guess correctly just by looking at the picture.

    These people just seem to have a “look” about them that gives them away. They have a dark aura surrounding them.

  7. jay says

    There is a certain irony to Christians praying to God to stop something that they claim is against God’s will. The fact that they are praying something be done clearly implies that it is THEIR will, not God’s to prevent marriage equality.

  8. Bill says

    “So, what does it mean if after praying to God NYS passes the Equality legislation. Does that mean they will stop their bigotry because God has spoken?”

    They’ll say that to God a million years is like a second and that their prayers were heard, but, being a busy dude, God said, “Wait a second.”

  9. JustAThought says

    “If praying did any good, there’d be no sickness, no wars, and certainly no gays. Yet, all 3 always have and always will exist.”

    I see what you did there…clever. You pretended like being homosexual is bad, but really don’t mean it. Could you teach me to be that brilliant someday?

    But anyway, since I’ve already labeled myself as a H8R with my sarcasm, why don’t I actually bring something up:

    Why do you work under the assumption that because all of the negatives in this world still exist, God is entirely impossible? That because people pray for things that they “want” or “think are right”, and do not get them, that they must be exercising this nonsense in complete vain?

    This also isn’t going to win me any favor points, but that’s the fun of anonymity. How about this thought: The world was created to be perfect, we just ****ed it up. As individuals, and as a society we have convinced ourselves that God can not exist because if he really loved us, he would give us everything we wanted. We have also convinced ourselves that if parents do not give children everything they want, they are bad and ineffective parents. We have tried to make ourselves god because someone needs to be in control, and since the One who actually is can’t possibly be, it must be us who get that responsibility.

    So, if God doesn’t exist, and if we are the ones who are omnipotenty in control of our situation( as a complete human entity), why are there wars? Why is there cancer? Why are there rich? Why are there cover-ups? Why are there Columbines? Why do nations have to assume the worst of their neighbors and attack them before they are attacked? Why does anything bad happen if we are the ones who get to decide? We all want the same things in life, right? Obviously, because we all know what’s best…and that’s why when you lose a loved one, you damn God for taking them away. Because you know that it is wrong for them to not be here any more, and you have to assign the blame to someone, even if when you are uncompromised, you know that there can’t be a God and that death is the end whether you are a banker, Muslim, gay, Indonesian, the president, a murderer, or a worm being used to catch a fish, so it really doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. That is the only conclusion that I believe you can ultimately find. Sure you can hide behind love, reason, equality, nature, science, any number of things until you eventually reach this, but you will get there. You will perpetually be finding aspects of life with which to disillusion yourself, and maybe you will find enough and be able to accept them without acknowledging their obvious faults, but there will lurk the reality every time you reason, if you ever do, through your life.

    And so I leave you with this if you were able to suffer through the rest: There is a quote often misused under the name of Dostoevsky… “If God does not exist, all things are permissible”. Although it will forever be argued that he never actually wrote that phrase, there is something to be garnered from it regardless of its origins. Where does your morality come from? Beyond that, where does anything that you base you life on come from? You disagree that being “gay” is wrong, but you agree that killing one another is a terrible act. You scorn hypocrisy, and yet if someone with a scientific acclaim publishes an assumption, you unquestioningly take it as fact. You campaign for equality for all when it is next door and you have to take a side or be left out, and often take the one which will allot you the most favor, but when people starve half a world away you can write it off because you have never met them and you could never do anything about it anyway. While you hold a job and spend you money on frivolities that the third world could literally not fathom because you are entitled to it and they were unlucky. I’m not writing an article, so I’m gong to stop here and hope that you can stand to make it through this for long enough to pick your targets well. Be warned: I am wearing a bullet proof vest, so you’ll have to aim very carefully.

    (Before you tear me down as an intolerant hate speaker, I just want you to know, I haven’t entirely decided for myself on the issue. I have many friends who are outwardly gay, and my friendship with them does not change because of it. I merely desire individuals who do not accept, but think. I do not throw science out the window because it claims to disagree with God, and I do not disregard God because science claims to prove him impossible. So, now…fire away).

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