Sally Kern: Same Sex Marriage Will Lead to Man-Animal Marriage

Right Wing Watch points us to these excerpts from an interview in the Tulsa Beacon with Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern, famous for her remark that homosexuals are a greater threat to our nation than terrorists. The interview is in advance of her forthcoming book, The Stoning of Sally Kern.

Kern Here's how Sally sees it.

On the gay "lifestyle":

“I took a lot of heat when this all started because I said this is a lifestyle they choose,” said Kern.

"And when I say choose, they don’t choose it in the sense of like going through a cafeteria line and looking at all the different types of lifestyles and saying, I’ll take that one because it looks exciting.

“No. Everybody knows it is not exciting. It has many harmful effects. They choose it in the sense that they succumb to the temptation to give into it. They are not born that way. God would not call something an abomination and make someone where they had no choice. They have the opportunity, they have the power to say no to that lifestyle.”

On hating homosexuals:

“The average American doesn’t understand the threat that homosexuality and the total acceptance of it into our society is to our nation,” Kern said. “We need to wake up to this threat.

“I am always being accused of hating homosexuals. I don’t hate anyone. This isn’t a matter of hating someone or trying to deny them their equal rights. All American citizens have equal rights under our Constitution. This is trying to get acceptance for a behavior that is specifically mentioned in God’s Word that is wrong.”

On same-sex marriage:

If the homosexuals get special status for same-sex marriage, what would stop them from seeking approval for group marriage or marriage to animals or children, Kern said.


  1. chris says

    more stupid than Bachman….someone give her a microphone so the rest of the country can see how ignorant she is.

  2. Kevin says

    I’m so tired of hearing about “God’s Word.” Ok, that’s what you BELIEVE, not what I believe. Stop forcing your views on me if you don’t like it when I give an opposing view.

  3. Gregoire says

    You would think a sanctimonious cow such as herself would smile upon man-animal marriage. Her husband is clearly into animal husbandry.

  4. troubletown says

    C’mon, y’all know it’s true.

    After I marry my partner of 10 years, I’m *totally* gonna marry a honeybadger. (honeybadger don’t care)

  5. MikeInSanJose says

    Excuse me, Ms. Kern… You seem to have a bit of santorum dribbling down your chin.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The “stoning”? Why, she’s a regular Christian martyr, that Sally.

    How does she explain the authority with which she claims to speak about people resisting the “lifestyle” or knowing more than the average American about it?

  7. ben says

    Someone should remind her that an animal can’t legally enter into a contract and that heterosexual Man-Child marriage was legal with parental consent in many states for years. She’s an idiot. Faith is all about not wanting to know what is true.

  8. Chadd says

    1. Since when did “God’s Word” become the basis for American Law? If we allow Christian doctrine to shape our laws, then what is to stop Muslims from putting Sharia Law on our books? Goes both ways, Sally.

    2. Marrying animals or Adult/Child marriages are illegal for EVERYONE. Maybe you don’t understand the concept of CONSENT, Sally.

    3. Since the government grants so many benefits and rights of marriage, it can limit those benefits to 2 people, not groups. No one is asking for the benefits to be extended to 3 or more people – only that the government does not discriminate against any two consenting adult humans that want to get married. It is not a slippery slope, Sally.

    4. I go to the grocery store; I pay taxes (for your kids to go to school); I play softball with my friends on weekends; I don’t want to meddle in your personal life (even though you constantly meddle in mine); I work; I want to marry someone I love and live in a nice, secure place. Tell me, Sally, how is that the greatest threat that America is facing?

    Has anyone ever met an Anti-Gay atheist?

  9. HadenoughBS says

    Kern has to be one of the “stupidest” humans ever created by her God. Or did she just choose “dumb” when she went through the selection line at the cafeteria of intelligence? I suppose Kern is but another Rethuglican politico example of “unintelligent design”.

  10. Gregoire says

    Not only were man-child marriages legal in the United States with parental consent, they most frequently happened in Evangelical rural communities. But because they are mostly between a man and a girl, those are okay with Sally Kern.

  11. JimmyD says

    Some times I long for those biblical times where women would be stoned to death, as stated in Leviticus, for speaking out of line.
    (And I do not mean that seriously… just in case there’s some misunderstanding.)

  12. kieran says

    i was completely unaware that under the US constitution that animals were endowed with EXACTLY the same rights as humans and have the ability to marry. i say marry because consent is a non-issue, Dr. Dolittle will interpret to see if there’s consent.

  13. Russell says

    I just fundamentally misunderstood what elected office is all about in this country. Turns out, it’s quite easy. First check for instructions from the Tea Taliban. If none, then vote in accordance with your own personal opinion.

  14. sleepy bear says

    Didn’t she used to be cross-eyed? Not that there’s anything wrong with that… bless it.

  15. Chadd says

    Sadly, it is exactly those opinions that cause the people of Oklahoma to keep reelecting her. That means that there are a whole lotta people in OK that share exactly those views. The same can be said of Bachmann.

  16. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “If the homosexuals get special status for same-sex marriage”

    Again with the “special”. Heterosexuals are the only ones enjoying special status as far as marriage goes. Once equality is established, there would be no special status for anyone.

  17. CPT_Doom says

    “God’s Word” Sally, really. Seems to me about 600 years ago Bloody Mary would have been burning your a** for believing in the wrong god. Why should we listen to a heretic?

  18. Travis says

    “The average American doesn’t understand the threat that homosexuality and the total acceptance of it into our society is to our nation,” Kern said. “We need to wake up to this threat.

    I am constantly hearing that homosexuals are a threat to the fabric of society. When have you ever heard of a homosexual doing anything to harm fabric?

  19. NorthoftheBorder says

    i feel sorry for you guys south of the border who need to listen to this drivel on a daily basis. unfortunately, the sounds waves cross the 49th parallel. good thing we dont listen.

  20. Codswallop says

    “The Stoning Of Sally Kern”? Yes, *clearly* elected official Sally Kern is the victim here, the poor thing!

    Kern and Michele Bachmann are like Manson Girls except the guru they blame for telling them to say and do awful things is Jesus instead of Charlie Manson. (Who gets to be “Squeaky” in this competition for most devoted acolyte?) Unfortunately, so long as they throw a few mentions of the Bible or Jesus in their crazy rants it’s not only acceptable but it’s considered off-limits to criticize. They want to tear down the wall between Church and State, but if you cite the Constitution to tell them to stow it, THEY’RE the victims of anti-Christian bigotry!

    It’s all very convenient for Religious Right nutballs these days. They get to cherry-pick the Bible for the parts they can use to abuse others while ignoring the parts that get in their own way. And yet according to them they’re still the poor, put-upon martyrs. It’s sickening.

  21. whatev says

    Wow! I did not know Sally was a non praticing homosexual with a thing for animals and children.

  22. MikeMick says

    Stoning Sally Kern would be cruel to the rocks. Every one that hit her would end up uglier and dumber.

  23. Lymis says

    “This is trying to get acceptance for a behavior that is specifically mentioned in God’s Word that is wrong.”

    Well, yeah, lady, but so is short hair on women and women speaking in church, eating shellfish, and working on Saturday. And dozens of other things – like divorce – that have general acceptance.

    Vote for equal rights. Absolutely support the right for people to make their own choices, with the full support of equality under the law, and THEN you can try persuading everyone that your take on Christian behavior is a better set of choices than whatever ones they are making.

    Until then, shut up.

  24. Mark says

    That poor woman… she is so afraid. That’s what happens when you interpret everything in the Bible as “what to fear” instead of “how to love.”

  25. says

    Contradictions R Us??? If we “succumb to the temptation” then how can you say we were not born that way? Then, EVERYONE is tempted by homosexual life? So, God made EVERYONE capable of becoming homosexual? Doubtful.

    All Americans have equal rights? No, they don’t. This is why we are having this conversation.

    Acceptance of homosexuality is a serious threat to our nation, but you’re not hateful? WHAT?

    We shouldn’t even post images or comments by this woman as it is just giving her ridiculous ideas more credence than they deserve.

  26. Lonewillow says

    Can you imagine the man that is married to this COW….and she is talking about marrying Animals…seems like that might have already happened

  27. Lonewillow says

    For those who want to know. Sally Kern is a Baptist pastor’s wife. She is married to Steve Kern, pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in the Oklahoma City area. So what else do we need to know. Republican-Baptist-Hater-Hypocrite

  28. Jennifer says

    *sigh* Do you think she makes up such lies about this topic because it secretly excites her? I sorta wonder if, at home, her computer is completely filled with bestiality and kiddie porn. I mean, *I’m* bi and I don’t EVER think about having sex with children and animals (unless you want to count being disgusted by the idea when I’m posting links like these).

  29. Ninong says

    Sally Kern can’t help it, she was born that way: dumb! This is the woman who authored a bill in the Oklahoma House that would have mandated that students who claim the universe is only 6,000 years old must be given passing grades in Earth science class. It actually passed the House but died in committee in the Senate.

    If she’s so worried about protecting marriage, she and her Baptist preacher husband should do something about the divorce rate in their own denomination.

    Sally Kern’s bigotry is not limited to anti-gay comments. On May 2, 2011, the Oklahoma State House of Representatives publicly reprimanded her for comments she made against blacks and women on the floor of the House. The vote was 76-17.

    Her own colleagues recognize that she is a bigoted dumbass.

  30. Abel says

    “The Stoning of Sally Kern?” I’d pay good money to see that. I’d even hurl the first stone. What a hate-filled bigot she is. I hope her husband is on the down-low and her sons both come out of the closet. It would serve her right.

  31. Attmay says

    @CPT_DOOM: You called it correctly. She IS a heretic to this gay Jew who considers Christianity heresy.

    Throw the goyim to the lions!

  32. Leroy Laflamme says

    Sally’s right, you know. My partner & I have been together almost twenty years & in all that time, I never looked twice at an animal. Since we’ve been legally married under Candaian law (three years now) I have to say, the family poodle is looking pretty darn attractive. Think I’ll stop by Tiffany on the way home this evening. Poodle’s so-oo getting a diamond! Troubletown says, after marrying his partner of ten years, he’s gonna marry a honey badger. I say you GO, Troubletown! Hey wait a minute – we have honey badgers in Canada! Who knows, under Canadian law, it’s probably only a matter of time before that’s a viable option. Sadly, stoning will never sanctioned under Canadian law, but still, animals! Mm-mmm.

  33. just_a_guy says

    No just God would let this demon into heaven. What a pharissee.

    There, I said it: Sally Kern is nothing short of a demon. And she obvi does not believe in the value of her own marriage if she thinks it depends on denying equality to two guys or two girls in love.

    What a liar and hate-monger.

    Why is she ever re-elected? Why do people listen to her? I don’t get it. I guess haters will hate and their hate-cause will draw money from ignorant controllable folk.

    History will not be kind to Sally Kern, a traitor to the real values in our Constitution…

  34. just_a_guy says

    And good photo of her. She’s LOONY!! And she’s not being stoned, even though she’s admitted that she DESERVES to be.

    Sally-kern is devil-crazed, and uses demeaning gay people to advance her EVIL power.

    Sally Kern will never have my respect. And she doesn’t respect herself either, however sanctimonious she may be; she seems to THRIVE on the rhetorical force of her LIES.

    And she SHAMES Christianity by claiming to know ANYTHING about agape love. Please.

  35. Kim says

    Oh yeah, cause there’s nothing those gays love more than sexing children and animals.

    Give me a break lady. You’re just angry because no one wants to sleep with YOU.

  36. Tim says

    Her story would hold more water if there was a god. In my eyes, she needs to prove that FIRST since that’s the foundation of her theory. I mean, come on, let’s all grow up and stop believing in fantasies just to make us feel better about life, death and other things we don’t understand.

  37. agcons says

    I said on another blog some weeks ago that she looks like a cross between a pterodactyl and the Venus of Willendorf.

    I see no reason to re-assess that description, except to add that she has a far lower intelligence quotient than one might expect from that pairing.

  38. says

    Another politician trying to spread her bigotry. This is already adults wanting to marry children, and it wasn’t caused by homosexuality. The reason that’s illegal is because we as a society have deems people under the age of 18 as being too immature to make that kind of decision. I’m not certain, but I don’t think animals meet the legal standard to get married (i.e. 18-years-old), so that’s already illegal as well. However, homosexuality has NOTHING to do with those things; these bigots want to force their religious beliefs on everyone else and the is unconstitutional! Gay people CAN get married!

  39. Francis says

    yet another freaked out closet case. She is saying she has a choice and is not giving in to temptation. Will someone please help her–and all the other freaked out closet cases–come out… please…

  40. Erin says

    This “God’s Law” non sense is from the same book in the bible that says eating selfish was a hell worthy trespass. I am constantly amazed by Christians that use God to make others feel “less than”.
    I’m a Christian. I believe that Jesus is the son of God. I am inspired by his love and acceptance of everyone. Honestly, it’s no wonder why so many people cannot accept Christianity with people like this appointing themselves as spokesperson for my faith.

  41. Casey says

    I guess she doesn’t realize that our country ISN’T a theocracy, no matter how much the Right wants it to be.

  42. winter_rogue says

    Wow she just showed the world there really is Human’s that exsist that are less intelligent than say a Worm or a fly even..And i agree with comment “Sally the sooner you die the better off the world will be”.. and so true is this statement..

  43. Sandbur says

    I live in Oklahoma and she is typical for the Fundies.

    Wish that I was related to her so that I could sign the papers to have her committed!

  44. CAfurrball says

    Incredible!!! Next thing ya know people will be marrying the planet Mars?

    It’s obvious these people [Kern and her ilk] have no logic, and have been marrying their cousins FAR too long!!!

    Get a life, Kern. If you don’t like yours….. TOO BAD! You’re stuck with it!!!

  45. mark says

    “The average American doesn’t understand the threat that homosexuality and the total acceptance of it into our society is to our nation,” Kern said. “We need to wake up to this threat.”

    After 10 years of terror alerts Americans are done with the overblown threat thing.

    This will go nowhere considering the concern with the economy.

    For example, when Uncle Ted and Uncle Al are the ones who give their niece her first job after college and/or are providing her housing while she looks, the authentically christian members of the family turn down the volume on the anti-homo hype.

  46. Sergio Suhett says

    “She’s an expert on the topic, since her husband married a pig.”
    Posted by: homer

    That was the best laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you HOMER!

  47. Laura Benson says

    I am not religious, but I was raised in The Church, so I know a smidge about the bible. The I am really tired of listening to people referring to God’s hatred of homosexuality by the quoting the bible. In the book of Leviticus all kinds of “rules” for the Jewish culture are laid down: no eating pork, shellfish, camels; how a woman should clean herself after childbirth; when a burnt vs blood offering should be made. Oh, and there is the little thing about NOT MAKING RELIGIOUS LAWS INTO SECULAR LAWS because that is considered BLASPHEMY. So, even if you do choose to abide by the literal interpretation of laws “handed down by God” 3000+ years ago, using those laws to make/change secular legislation makes you a BLASPHEMAH (blasphemer, for those who don’t speak Monty Python). Oh, and if anyone is interested, the punishment, as it is written for blasphemy is stoning. Spread the word, peeps.

  48. The Bony Man says

    Agreed on all points about why the various other types of marriage are impossible, but why does the gay community not simply say about the possibility of multiple-partner marriages “Why not?” I can see nothing wrong with more than two people getting married. Why is this even an argument against gay marriage? (Right, because people are Puritans…)

  49. codyj says

    And i thought Florida was flat, hot,n dumb,…but Sally an her voter sidekicks are the ultimate in ignorance..poor Will Rogers muz be rolling in his grave…

  50. mld says

    don’t blame kern, shes like thousands of other bigots out there – blame the 5,717 district voters who keep reelecting her.

  51. Agbade says

    What kind of negative comments are these.Perversion is perversion.Sally is right.Sexual preferences are pleasurable but should not be justified by being made legal.Every kind of unconventional sexual act would soon be legal,that is her point of view which is highly logical.