1. scar2 says

    Love her. Her HBO special after she came out was hilarious. Too bad her talk-show was ill-conceived. I’d love to see her live someday.

  2. Gregv says

    Wanda didn’t talk in public about being gay until immediately after Prop 8 was passed. The day it passed was so disappointing, but I hope that our own reaction to it (which reverberated far and wide outside of California) will more than make up all the damage it has done to people’s lives.
    I’m proud to have Wanda Sykes as one of us.

  3. MO says

    Wanda speaks truth. Religious society should have no place in proposing or introducing laws into the civil legal system that discriminates against anyone for any reason. It is not their place, just as it is not the place for civil society to propose or introduce civil actions within a religion – stating what is or isn’t truth about your religion. Churches and church-based organizations need to get out of the legislation business. They are falsely giving their followers the idea that they can legislate their religion into society, and that’s no different than killing people if they don’t believe your religion. Reject religion in laws, so that the laws to protect all religions in freedom of expression stands stronger. These “focus on the families”-type groups aren’t building hospitals, orphanages, schools or anything to enhance the community… going against everything they stand for by waging war against the LGBT community.

  4. cina says

    wanda you can change your sexuality but not your skin color. So if you don’t want to be called gay then don’t be it. People have a freedom of speech and gay has more than one meaning.If it walks like a duck and quack likes a duck wanda its a duck

  5. cina says

    if the bible says be fruitful and multiply i don’t know how your understanding is wanda but mine is clear that that can only happen with a man and a woman. also: if god didn’t want people to populate the earth he would have have created 2 men or 2 woman or all men and all women. Yet he showed it clear that he wanted men to be with women and have kids.I have a problem seening 2 men or 2 woman together as a couple that is a nasty sight. Gays have a sick appetite thats the bottom line.