Annise Parker Fights Back Against Opponent’s Anti-Gay Agenda

We all know by now that politics can be a dirty business. And that’s especially true when same-sex relations are involved. Just consider Houston mayoral candidate David Wilson, who recently sent out an email warning against lesbian mayor Annise Parker’s “homosexual agenda.”

“Being homosexual is one thing,” Wilson writes in the letter, which he sent to Parker’s contributors. “But using your position of power to promote the homosexual agenda.” Wilson goes on to cite transgender judge Phyllis Frye, whom he calls a “transvestite,” as evidence of Parker’s alleged plot.

And, in a particularly insidious turn, Wilson uses LGBT family members to make his discriminatory case: “I have family members and friends who have been ensnarled and trapped in homosexual behavior, and I know firsthand of the incredible pain and sorrow it has brought to them and their families.”

But Mayor Parker won’t let Wilson get away with such a vile trick. She released her own letter last week imploring voters to back her up: “Today I am running for a second term as mayor. And, just as in 2009, I am being attacked because I am a lesbian.” Parker then asks recipients for a donation “to help me fight back against these attacks.”

Writes the mayor, “Your contribution will help me win re-election and show David Wilson and narrow-minded bigots everywhere that anti-gay attacks don’t work and have no place in civilized society.”

Here’s a PDF of Parker’s letter, which includes Wilson’s remarks.


  1. says

    “ensnared and trapped in homosexual behavior.” This is the Divide and Conquer tactic they always use. We’re not supposed to have a sexual orientation. It’s all just “behavior.” This makes it possible for them to claim they’ve “cured” those who have become “ensared and trapped.” If you stop having sex then VOILA — you’re straight.

  2. TampaZeke says

    What is “ensnarled”? Is that a Palinism? Should someone AT LEAST be putting a “[sic]” after the non-word?

    We need to find out who Wilson’s gay relatives are and have them respond to his claim. They should either back him up or refudiate [sic] his claim.

  3. tinhouston says

    way to go Ms. Parker!
    I think as our mayor she has done a super job. Congrats to you Ms Parker and your team!!!

  4. Brandy says

    @ the author
    You seriously need to check your facts. David Wilson is NOT a candidate for Mayor of Houston. He is a right wing nut, anti-gay conservative whose only agenda is destroying the lives of GLBT people. His profession is electrician and if you read his letter, he is trying to recruit a “capable person” to run against Mayor Parker. Unfortunately, he only sent it to her supporters, so I doubt he finds any takers.

    I urge you to check your facts before publishing a blog such as this. As an editor for a Houston GLBT newspaper, I can tell you that a simple mistake such as this one can do much damage and cause confusion to an already ridiculous situation.

  5. kodiak says

    I’ve decided to alter my gay agenda today, and make using the word “ensnarled” my gay priority.

    I better go, there’s this hot guy I wanna ensnarl, and he’s free today! Did I mention how totally ensnarlable he is? Super gay yumsker ensnarlalicious!!

  6. MajorTom says

    Wilson is an anti-gay nutburger, but his biggest uphill battle in getting Annise Parker kicked out of office is the fact that she has been an awesome mayor… for EVERYONE.

  7. MikeInSanJose says

    “…I know firsthand of the incredible pain and sorrow it has brought to them and their families.”

    Being related to a dingleberry such as him, I can imagine the pain it has caused them.

    What this fucknut neglects to mention is that the reason gays and lesbians suffer so much pain over their sexual identities is because of people like him. People who, for some as yet undisclosed reason, chose many many years ago to target homosexuals, because they can, and blame it on their imaginary god. If gays and lesbians were permitted to live their lives in peace, without churches and politicians and other ‘voices of authority’ telling them on a regular basis how bad, how evil, how miserable they are, I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t be miserable at all.

    The only thing wrong with homosexuals is straight bigots.

  8. MacroT says

    I am from Texas, and while I don’t understand how gay people can still live there, it is admirable that Ms. Parker is fighting the bigots. After all, the governor is having an official hate rally right in her backyard – which, trust me, is no accident.

  9. chrisy33 says

    “Annise Parker Fights Back Against Opponents Anti-Gay Agenda” – I think I count a quadruple negative in this headline. It took me quite a while to figure out which side Ms. Parker was on without reading the story. Is this a new game? You should offer prizes to who can figure out the meaning of such convoluted headlines! (I’ll bet that I’ll loose)

  10. Ummmmm says

    Belonsky, you gotta chill with the editorializing. We get that you’re on our side – you don’t need to editorialize in every sentence of every post.

  11. uffda says

    Yes Belonsky, you’re a little intrusive in quite a few places. (But not as bad a Ratbastard).