Chile to Consider Civil Unions for Gay Couples

Chile The government of Chile appears prepared to consider legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples.

Bloomberg reports:

Chile’s government is preparing legislation that would legally recognize civil unions between gay couples, newspaper La Tercera reported today. The bill, which could be presented to Congress by next week, would grant legal rights to gay couples who have lived together for more than one year, the Santiago-based newspaper reported, citing a copy of the draft legislation it obtained.

Last month, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said he was pushing for the law: "Mr. Pinera told Santiago-based El Mercurio newspaper he wanted to safeguard 'the dignity of those couples, whether of the opposite or even the same sex.'"


  1. George F says

    Gay rights are bubbling all over South America… Not only in Chile…

    In a matter of weeks Colombia’s supreme justice court is supposed to make up its mind about full marriage equality for-or against- Colombian LGBT people.
    Also Ecuador,Uruguay,Peru and even Paraguay are starting to consider following Argentina’s example…


  2. Dylan says

    This is earth-shattering if you consider that Chile didn’t allow divorce until the couple of years. The Catholic Church has an iron grip on the culture for such a long time.

    As George F. noted, Latin America is seeing more progress in marriage/civil union rights for gays than the U.S. That speaks volume about how much anti-gay forces have control of U.S. politics.

  3. Lexxvs says

    Wow, wake me up if that really happen, being Chile one of the last important bastions of hard line Catholics in the Americas. That’s why the president water down the proposed law by mentioning the straight couples, as homophobia is very well embedded in Chile’s society, even in people who otherwise consider themselves as “progressive” or even non religious. The only thing is that as they consider themselves as being the beacon of developed Latin America, they are embarrassed when confronted with that specific aspect of their retrograde views.

  4. Crixus says

    I am very sorry to disappoint you guys, but that so called “civil union” being proposed for our country is a trap, it is NOT a civil union. Piñera is very well known for his conservatives ties, actually one of the two ruling political parties (UDI) is extremely conservative, and this law will only limit our rights in the future. As usual in Mr. Piñera’s administration, this law comes with “small print”: first, you have to proof that you’ve been living with your partner for at least 1 year, and also is not even near to a real marriage regarding adoption rights, inheritance, etc. It reinforces the idea tha marriage is for heterosexuals only, and it does not bring equality, but helps to perpetuate the legal differences between LGBT people and the rest of the population (for example, straight couples can marry without questions asked, no matter if they just met 1 week ago). What we want, as demonstrated by the massive and all inclusive march of last june, is equal marriage for all. Most of the young people and young adults are pro equal marriage, but the political right wing is still a major obstacle to overcome.

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