Stephen Colbert Hits the Bachmanns, Talks to Dan Savage About Monogamy and Marriage: VIDEOS

The 'ex-gay' clinic:

Dan Savage:



  1. Matt26 says

    Brilliant. So funny. Couldn’t have hoped for more.
    Dan Savage really knows his stuff. The way he explains the marriage is very good. Funny dialogue with SC, who got the last joke.

  2. says

    “Is it adultery if I’m committing it at one end of a guy and he’s committing it at the other end of that same guy?” …ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Colbert’s reaction was priceless. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Thomasina says

    They can call themselves “Tad the Handyman” and “Stephen Colbert” all they want, but I know the scintillating chemistry between Geoffrey Jellineck and Chuck Noblet when I see it.

  4. says

    I love Dan more everytime I hear him talk, and that was the best line ever.

    And I love that he’s talking about the monogamy issue, but it makes me a little nervous that it’s coming out at the same time marriage equality is legalized in NY. Not the best timing.

  5. Mimi says

    I’m a straight woman, but I’m coming to this site for all of my Michelle Bachmann coverage and commentary. Way to go, guys!

  6. Hue-Man says

    Funniest Colbert in a long long time.

    I think I understand the Savage monogamy issue but it’s far too subtle for the hate groups who have simpler ways of stating his position.

  7. Alex says

    Monogamy is a choice for a couple to make. Open relationships are not superior to monogamous relationships and vice versa. It works for some people and not for others. I personally don’t mind monogamy and see a lot of value in it. I realize that after many years in a relationship it can become difficult, but that’s why you have an open dialogue with your partner and let each other know if you require something more, sexually, if and when that time comes.

  8. RONTEX says

    @Top to Bottom, agree with you, I also like Dan for many reasons. However, his view of marriage and mine are very different and I find it frustrating that he seems so focused on the sexual aspect of marriage when it is so much more. He is just giving groups like NOM more fodder for their hate machine parade. Glad he and his partner have found a relationship that works for them but I don’t think he speaks for most gay relationships, half of which are lesbians. We get it, most men are dogs, but by 30 or 40, if you choose marriage and then decide to add children to that mix, shouldn’t some evolution be involved? As a father of a daughter, I certainly would not encourage her to marry a man that wanted to “share” her, or my son for that matter. For the record, I’m not a saint or a prude having sexed my way through my 20’s and 30’s. For me, marriage is more than a funny sound bite, it’s about putting on your big boy pants and leaving some of your toys on the playground. Otherwise, why bother.

  9. Married says

    I’m so confused: whose kids should I have? Colbert or Savage? Want both so bad!! Oh wait they each take either end …. !!!

  10. ohplease says

    Dan Savage supported the illegal and immoral war in Iraq (going so far as to specifically endorse the murder of innocents), he spent weeks blaming black people for the passing of Prop 8, he has denied bisexuality exists and insisted that a Washington state politician was a FTM transman (when he wasn’t) as some sort of transphobic joke that only Dan Savage got. He’s also been wrong about every political opinion, act or prediction he has ever made.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, Dan Savage is a foul-mouthed clown. But if you’re seriously debating the merits of anything he has to say, you are very seriously wasting your time.

  11. Darbari says

    Please, please Dan, I implore you. Please do not speak for all gays. Make sure you add that you only speak for yourself. There are people like me who squirm at the thought of your definition of marriage. Please do not take us down with you.

  12. dw says

    DS did his usual outstanding job of presenting his case.

    Colbert, however, was at his absolute very best. He also subtly – nearly imperceptibly – revealed a side of himself that we almost never get to see.
    I believe he largely disagrees with DS on the subject of monogamy. But for once, he was interviewing a guest who he simultaneously disagreed with on one narrow subject, and largely supports and respects in every other way. It was a fascinating balancing act for Colbert.

  13. epic says

    Hey OhPlease and Dabari…shut up…please your stupid is showing…let the adults talk your gibberish is nonsensical…go troll somewhere else…Ohplease i don’t see you on TV battling for our side, Dan has done far more for us then can be counted…the majority rules in this case, we want Dan and a lot less of you…As for Dabari, comprehension much? did you even watch the clip? are you even aware Dan’s whole message is do whats right for YOU and YOUR realtionship…trolls

  14. Thomas says

    @THOMASINA My thoughts exactly! There is Geoffrey Chuck pretending to be straight again. I was kinda hoping Jerri would pop out and defend the sanctity of marriage by marrying a donkey live on air.

  15. Darbari says

    EPIC, let’s maintain civility in discourse. I appreciate Dan’s work, and I understand that he means “to each his own definition”. However, I disagree with that relativistic definition. To forgive your spouse after a marital infidelity is one thing. To actively look for sex outside marriage is completely different. I share my fears with many other commentators here that Dan’s comments will be perceived as a standard in the gay community. I would like the voice of people who believe otherwise to be heard.

  16. jefflrich says

    From what I gather, Dan is expousing on the “loving, committed relationship” criteria that is constantly used as a plea for same-sex marriage, as in: “gay couples who have been in longterm, loving and committed relationships deserve the same civil rights as heterosexual couples.” Yet, heterosexual couples don’t have this litmus test measured against their relationships. They can enter into marriages willy-nilly and do so all the time. Some do it for love, others for money. Some do it because of an unexpected pregnancy while others do it because they were drunk in Vegas. Some have religious ceremonies while others go to City Hall. He’s saying there is no rigid definition of marriages for heterosexuals so why should there be a rigid definition for gay marriages?

    Each marriage is truly different for each and every couple. There can be no blanket definition: straight or gay, because no two couples will every be exactly the same. Ultimately, we are individuals who have come together for a specific reason and even if one couples reason is the same as anothers, the individuals within those couples will effect the true make-up of the marriage.

    In regards to the monogomy issue, he is right. Some straight couples have decided that monogomy isn’t for them. Some do. Some just blindly enter into the marriage without ever having a discussion about it, believing in the fairytale of marriage (the fairytale being that the marriage will naturally be monogomous, though we as human beings are anything but natuarally monogomous). While I understand the worry that the religious right will take his words and twist them to their own conclusions and for their own usage, it truly doesn’t matte because they do that anyway, no matter what Dan Savage or any other “activist” says. Hell, they twist the so-called word of God. As a rule they’re just twisted and no amount of our pussyfooting around the reality of male/male, female/female, or male/female relationships is going to straighten them out.

  17. johnny says

    @Jefflrich: All that you say is true, but you don’t put out a fire with gasoline. Regardless of how any of us define our relationships/marriages, it’s far too easy for antigays to take Dan’s viewpoint and paint all of us with it as yet another reason to deny us equal rights. Sure, the hets get to play the game any way they want, but unfortunately, they’re also the majority who is making the rules and editing them to fit us differently than themselves. Until we get equality nation-wide, it is far better PR to keep the non-monogamy thing off the table.

    It’s really not a relevant part of the discussion, just like who-gets-what-in-the-divorce is not a relevant part of the discussion. Once we get marriage we can talk about the particulars later.

  18. Rob says

    I think that worrying about which part of our dialogue will give religious conservatives fodder is incredibly toxic. We should talk all we want, explore sex-related topics, and let those wing-nuts self-destruct in their own time. Their bigotry is pushing our society in a secular direction faster than they care to admit.

    Rock on, Dan Savage. Your “It Gets Better” project saved my son’s life. He stayed home from school when upset by anti-gay bullying more than once and watched those videos all day. 8th graders are very malleable. You were the answer to a prayer those days. Thank you.

  19. says

    How does having to stay home from school to avoid bullying make anything “better”? As a child in the 1960s, I would often hide at home, too, albeit without any YouTube videos to watch; I missed class out of fear, but that didn’t make the fear (or the bullies) go away. Now, all these years later, the tormenting of LGBT kids is as bad as it ever was. So there you have it: Proof that it DOESN’T get better.

    The goal should be creating schools that LGBT kids feel safe attending; passivity-enabling initiatives like the “It Gets Better” project do nothing to achieve that goal.

    It’s amazing, how some people will bend over backwards to praise a buffoon like Dan Savage! Is this man an evil influence, or what? More and more, I’m starting to believe that mindless celebrity worship is a tool of the oppressor.

  20. Dback says

    Not for nothing, but Michelle Pfeiffer (whom I worship) gave an interview back in the 90’s, in which she said “I don’t think people should go through life suppressing every one of their urges. Fidelity is possible–anything is possible if you’re stubborn and strong. But it’s not that important.” I have no idea how this has subsequently played out in her marriage to David E. Kelly, but just thought I’d throw it out there so Dan Savage isn’t getting all the heat for his comments when there’s at least one woman who’s basically said the same thing.

  21. says

    “Christianity is the best way to cure gayness. Just get on your knees, take a swig of wine, and accept the body of a man into your mouth.” Colbert (and his writers) are genius!

  22. Giff says

    @STUFFED ANIMAL – You completely are missing the point of the “It Gets Better” project. It’s not to say that from the 60’s to today, or from today to 2040 it will get better in school for kids in those eras, however it is to say that YOU as an individual…it will get better for you when you get out of 8th grade (or whatever level of school you’re in). The bullying may hurt now, may hurt so much that you want to take your life, but it will get better for you…maybe in high school, in college, when you get your degree, etc. (whatever stage in life). Please don’t knock something you clearly know nothing about, especially when it clearly saved the lives of the child of one poster on here and the lives of countless more that are nameless to us.

    I applaud Dan for what he does…COMMUNICATE with your partner. What do you want out of a relationship (emotionally, physically, sexually, to cook, to clean, to work every day…Whatever!) Communicate with your partner about what you want out of the relationship…if it’s too different that it can’t be worked out then you probably shouldn’t be together. If you have the same values (heck, Christians will say this, at least that’s what my church did growing up), then great!, you two have compatability (not to say those are the only things that make you compatable.

    My fiance and I have been together 2.5 years and are getting married this year. When we started dating we defined only for us what we wanted out of our relationship, not to base what Dan Savage does, my pastor, the Jones’ down the street…it’s our relationship, we’ll define it as such.