1. K in VA says

    Sounds like a well-meaning kid … who needs a serious talking-to to explain to him how a gesture (that’s undoubtedly futile right now in Colorado) could actually do harm and ultimately delay (rather than speed) marriage equality in Colorado.

  2. ohplease says

    Good for Mark Olmstead. This is how you get things done: by doing them.

    Jessica Cook Woodrum, you and your group are traitors to the cause of equality.

  3. mike says

    stupid stupid Gay Inc … if we waited for them, there would be no same-sex marriage in this country, and Prop 8 would have gone unchallenged.

    they could learn a thing or two from Mark Olmstead.

  4. VEERS says

    I have no clue how this ballot initiative would turn out next year, but as Mike said, the major pro-equality groups in California opposed the successful lawsuit challenging Prop 8 in federal court. I’d rather try and fail than just sit around and wait for things to magically get better on their own.

  5. Ken says

    Why is everyone so sure this ballot measure is futile? Has there been any recent polling in the state? Colorado is not a really conservative state. And why is One Colorado pushing the message that civil unions is not a step toward marriage equality? Of course it is. Can we please start being honest that the goal is full marriage equality!

  6. Marti says

    Stupid gayinc? they’re a corporation that does very little of the work and collect millions in donations. Why would they be in a hurry to exterminate themselves? A slow walk to equality is in their best interest. If you have no soul, it’s brilliant.

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