John Kerry Defends President’s ‘Evolving’ Gay Politics

JohnKerry LGBT activists and allies have criticized President Obama for saying that he's "evolving" on marriage equality.

Senator John Kerry, however, sees nothing technically wrong with the commander-in-chief's stance, and penned an op-ed in the Boston Globe explaining why:

Pundits ask whether President Obama can afford to “change’’ his position on gay marriage. It’s a phony debate about a real issue.

Marriage is deeply personal – our positions are based on unique combinations of reason, belief, and experience, not polling and politics.

Everyone is entitled to his own view, in his own time, including the president.

While Kerry agrees the president should be able to move at his own pace, the senator also insists, "The America we aspire to doesn't have any second class citizens," and concludes, "Although it sometimes take too long, America always ends up on the right side of history."

Basically, Kerry says Obama is entitled to his position, but would be better off leading the way, rather than being remembered as a stumbling block to progress. Whether the president agrees remains to be seen.