1. tim says

    he’s also a fabulously charasmatic actor – the only bearable part in Inception and he made Bronson work to a degree. Hello, Mr. Man

  2. justme says

    I’m with you on the sad tattoos. It’s like defacing Michaelangelo’s David. I’ve trained myself to not even notice tats. I see there’s something there, but I don’t see whatever ugly design it is; they register in the same way as a birthmark would for me. I hope I live long enough to see more of the next generations not vandalizing their natural gifts.

  3. Ben says

    Lol, I find it hilarious how obsessed some people on this site are with bashing the existence of tattoos.

  4. Jeff says

    (most of ) you people are insane..! he’s fucking gorgeous and Bronson is one helluva entertaining movie and he’s fantastic in it. He’s SO underrated, tho, it would be a tragedy to see him ruined by Hollywood aka The States.

  5. sparks says

    1. Those are his natural lips, untouched and unenhanced. And yes they are hot.
    2. I don’t really mind the ink but for an actor, that’s a bit too much and it becomes a distraction (e.g. a constant visual reminder that it’s Tom Hardy, not the character he’s working so hard to make you see.)
    3. He’s always had thin brows and lighter hair. He might groom a little too much but … well I’m busy thinking about those lips I’d like to suck.

  6. jaragon says

    He is a beautiful sexy man too bad that he is addicted to body ink. ( who is this movie aimed at exactly- the trailer looks extremely butch-but these photos are pure soft core gay porn)

  7. justme says

    @Ben, I’ve had friends with tattoos since before every frat boy and hipster in the world became obsessed with them. One friend was tattooed from head to toe.

    You miss the point: I don’t have a problem with tattoos, I like them — which is why I hate the ugly, meaningless, trendy garbage they are today.

    Getting a tattoo because everyone else has one is bad enough, but putting ugly graffiti all over a beautiful body is insane. Plus we are going to be surrounded by old men with hideous pelts of muddled ink for decades to come. Yay.

    This isn’t pretty, it isn’t edgy, it isn’t an expression of individuality. Today, nothing is more conformist than having a tattoo. You’re young and beautiful for such a short time, it makes no sense to mark yourself as a lemming with no taste for the rest of your life.