Anti-Gay Indiana GOP Lawmaker Phillip Hinkle Offered Male Teen Money for Sex, Emails Suggest

Indiana State Representative Phillip Hinkle, who voted to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a man and a woman, has apparently been caught trying to bribe an 18-year-old male teen he met on Craigslist after what sounds like a sexual rendezvous/assault in a hotel room. Hinkle claims it's a "shakedown".

Hinkle The Indy Star reports:

The emails, sent from Hinkle's publicly listed personal address, ask the young man for "a couple hours of your time tonight" and offer him cash up front, with a tip of up to $50 or $60 "for a really good time."

The email exchange is in response to the Craigslist posting in which the young man — who lists his age as 20 in the ad but says he is 18 years old — says, "I need a sugga daddy."

The young man told The Star that they met, but that he tried to leave after the man told him he was a state lawmaker. He said the lawmaker at first told him he could not leave, grabbed him in the rear, exposed himself to the young man and then later gave him an iPad, BlackBerry cellphone and $100 cash to keep quiet.

The BlackBerry contained all the email and phone call evidence of Hinkle's relationship with the teen.

The young man, Kameryn Gibson, told the Indy Star that he posted an ad in the Craigslist m4m section. His sister Megan provided the paper with the emails:

Gibson said he and the man met but that they did not have sex. He and the sister, Megan Gibson, flatly denied any shakedown.

"I wasn't shaking him down, at all," Kameryn Gibson said.

Megan Gibson said she contacted The Star because she thought Hinkle's actions were "creepy" and, given his stature, that his actions should be made public.

The paper has printed the full email exchange (a MUST read).

The email offers "to make it worth (your) while" in cash, and offers a personal description: "I am an in shape married professional, 5'8", fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked."

Here's the roll call on the marriage bill in case anyone is interested.

Email rendezvous entangles state Rep. Phillip Hinkle [indy star]


  1. Allen says

    You HAVE to go read the story in the paper. It goes into a lot of the back and forth detail – very much worth the time to read.

    All he had to do do qualify this whole thing for a hollywood script was to close with “your money’s on the dresser chocolate”.

  2. kodiak says

    Very Hoosier. Is Kameryn’s sister his pimp or what? Effed up on all sides: anti-gay politico cruising for man meat, young hustler working out of his sister’s cell phone, pissed pimp sister blowing the whistle on politico to his wife and family. Sounds like homophobia gone wild! Wonder what the respective facebook pages are like this morning..

  3. Doug says

    They are going to crucify those kids. He’ll get off with a slap on the wrist, this is Indiana, and they’ll end up in jail for years. Hope they get a good lawyer.

  4. Jim says

    More hypocrisy from the GOP… the “gay old party”! Throw the book at him. Anthony Wiener was practically crucified just for sending pictures of himself!

  5. Robert in NYC says

    Now let’s see if Andrew Breitbart does anything with this one. He pummeled Anthony Weiner for far less. GOProud will remain silent, Breitbart is on its board.

  6. Jack says

    Yes, crucify these hypocritical Republican lawmakers! — but also don’t forget to nail the hypocritical young guy who puts an ad on Craiglist for a sugar daddy, goes to meet him — and then cries wolf. Two fouls, not just one!

  7. BC says

    I agree with Kodiak…WTF is going on here. I don’t know who to be more disgusted wtih. The lawmaker who is apparently a total jackass, the 18 y/o prostitute who is just perpetuating the negative gay stereotypes, or the insane sister who is his pimp and apparently enjoys ruining people’s lives.

    My guess here is that Hinkle is minimizing the story, the sister is WAY over dramatizing the story and the prostitute is just out getting paid for his services again today.

  8. DavidGroff says

    This guy’s a hypocrite but still I have to grieve for him:

    “Megan Gibson told Hinkle that she had informed his wife and family that he was gay.

    “Megan Gibson said Hinkle’s response was: ‘You just ruined me.'”

  9. ohplease says

    I’m not shocked, not surprised, not even the least bit startled — but very, very, very happy. Wonder how long he’s been doing this and who will step forward now?

    Remember: EVERY single man who is anti-gay is really gay himself. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  10. simon says

    It seems the wife can live with it and offered $10000 bribe to keep his job. Great family values. What probably happened was that the newspaper has paid more than $10000 for the story.

  11. The Iron Orchard says

    On Kameryn’s facebook page for tuesday 8/9 an exchange between him and his sister megan @ 10am goes like this:
    K: I’m up and bored. Ugh
    M: lmao
    K: when ru comin back??? And did u do the trade??
    M: no not yet he wanna meet when I leave here…I should be done by 11:30
    K: ok that’s wat up then we can go get my phone! ASAP!
    M: ok it trea there yet
    K: nope not yet
    at 1:43 Kameryn updates his status as follows:
    K: Got a new phone! EVO Shift!!

    On 8/8 Megan writes on her page:
    M:Selling my iPad 450.00 who wanna buy it.

  12. ohplease says

    Hinkle could have hooked up with another married gay Republican and everything would have been fine, but, no, he thought it was a good idea to hire an impoverished teenager — a teenager who his own party makes damn sure remains impoverished. Oh, the irony. And the lack of judgment. And the complete absence of common sense.

    This is the arrogance of a white Midwestern Republican lawmaker in action. I love the fact that he was destroyed by the very people he’s worked his entire life to destroy. Good for Megan and Kameryn, they are my new heroes.

  13. ChrisMe says

    @Jack & BC…Who cares about what the kid did? I for one don’t b/c he’s just that, a KID. Are you saying he should have stayed??

    And who care if he placed an ad on CL??

    We have 9+% umemployment…if you care so much give the kid some money or a job. Who the hell are you to judge??

    Live and let live….unless they are homophobic hypocrite scum, then let them fry.

  14. reality says

    Don’t be a hypocrite and you won’t be “ruined” … I don’t feel for him. He pushed “In God We Trust” to be put on everyone’s license plate, no matter what your religion is. He’s going down.

  15. Jason says

    I firmly believe anyone using their politics or church position to support anti-gay causes or BE anti-gay because of their own self hatred or shame SHOULD BE OUTED and EXPOSED. GOOD JOB!!

  16. Milo says


    A. He’s not a “kid,” he’s an adult. He’s old enough to have sex and vote.

    B. Prostitution is a crime. There’s nothing judgmental about being critical of it.

  17. Mr. Cat says

    While this IS a sex scandal and Hinkle’s behaviour is shameful in multiple ways (coercion and hypocrisy among them), I have a beef with people (and the media) using the word “teen”. While it is technically correct when referring to 18-19 year olds, there is a much, much stronger mental association with the word “teen” to underage and statutory rape situations than with “Barely Legal!”

    While it may not have been your intention, I find that when media outlets do it, I strongly suspect they are intentionally attempting to bias the reader or play up the scandal. It does a disservice to true scandal to try to dress it up for the public.

    Lastly, I don’t want my first feedback to all be criticism (though I’m aiming for constructive). I have been directed here multiple times over the years after having Googled for some queer news topic, and so I want to say I appreciate your work.

  18. Patrick M says

    As for “teen”, it is an apt description, just as “senior” is for the 64-year-old. The state senator didn’t apparently ask for ID, and as the kid was lying about his age anyway, he could actually have been below the age of consent in Indiana (16), so the senator is just lucky that statutory rape is not part of the picture also.

    I find the Facebook pages of “Kamy-Kam” and his sister fascinating – #1, why do young people not have a sense of privacy, or the sense to shut down access to these pages once they know they could be used in a court of law; #2, what is wrong with these two that they keep on talking about inane stuff (and how “blessed” today is for the sister) after being involved in such a serious and public criminal situation ?

  19. ohplease says

    @Patrick M, it’s a brand new world and kids simply accept that privacy doesn’t exist anymore. They grew up with the government spying on them, with cameras everywhere and they are the reason we have social media.

    That’s another important way in which Hinkle differed from Kameryn and Megan. He not only doesn’t understand how the Internet and phones and other modern devices work (seriously, giving away your own Blackberry and iPad?), he thought he was entitled to the privacy he once knew and that his station in life “deserved”. The very privacy that the Republican party illegally stripped away from every other citizen. He thought he was above it. And he’s so unbelievably stupid, he didn’t even know he was voluntarily giving these kids all the evidence they needed to use against him.

    His being ruined has just made my whole day.

  20. bobsmart2 says

    I’m guessing this isn’t the Senators first time doing this. I would also guess this isn’t the “Teens” first time either.

    I think the Senator should have studied the handbook that states if you live in glass houses, you shouldn’t throw rocks. I don’t fault him for being bi, gay or whatever he really is, what I fault him for is that he votes against something so important becuase of his fear of being outed.

    As for the brother and sister, I think they are jsut having thier 15 minutes in the spotlight and will float back to where ever they came from.

    And then there will be another scandal.

  21. DanB says

    @DAVIDGROFF: Really? You grieve for someone who hard-coded discrimination against his fellow Americans into his state’s Constitution? For someone who is probably used to buying his way out of problems instead of facing consequences? For someone who’s probably used that line a dozen times before when all else has failed?


  22. DanB says

    As others have pointed out, yes, prostitution is illegal. As they’ve yet to point out (curiously!), one would think a state Senator would know that.

  23. says

    @chrisme You’re a body fascist. I weigh 190 and workout 4-5 days a week. Nobody has called my beautiful muscle ass “gross”. You’re probably an emaciated twink. Sorry to get off subject but body fascism in the gay community makes me sick.

  24. Pointed says

    It is pretty obvious that the vast majority of repugs that are against gay anything is just a smoke screen to hide the fact that they, themselves are closeted gays. The hypocracy runs rampant. With regard to voting against gay rights….me thinks they dost protest too much.

  25. ChrisMe says

    @Milo …who cares if it’s illegal?! I can get fired for being gay in my state. Screw any law that dictates behavior between two consenting adults!

    @ Curt…Woah, I was only kidding around!(I guess I shoulda added an lol) I’m not “body fascist”, whatever that is. BTW ya might want to look up the definition of “fascism”…It doesn’t mean what you think it does.

  26. Shelly says

    When will gay teen hustlers finally receive the thanks they deserve for their tireless service to our democracy?

    And how come the teabaggers never seem to notice that the GOP is the world’s second-largest and most powerful secret cabal of elitist homosexual men, surpassed only by the Roman Catholic Church?

  27. kurt says

    I agree with the comment: read the full story in the Indy Star. The last few paragraphs unfold like a Greek tragedy for this man and his family. I hate him for his hypocrisy but I empathize with him as his life has indeed just crashed and burned. Its material that a brilliant director could turn into a cinematic equivalent of Sophocles or Euripides, as the increasing velocity of his fall into the abyss sucks his wife and children in after him.

  28. Brad says

    The guy left because he was with a politician, not because he was old. And sex workers have just as much of a right as anyone else to CONSENT, and it seems to me (reading the story in the actual newspaper) that this was also an attempted rape. Unless, of course, someone isn’t telling the truth, which I guess is possible. Of course, the GOP won’t care… look at David Vitter.

  29. Milo says

    @ChrisMe: You might be wiling to flaunt the law, but I’m not. Prostitution is not only illegal, it is destructive. “Live and let live” only goes so far. The gay community has enough problems already. We don’t need to add being permissive of prostitution to the list.

  30. Contrarian says

    Some food for thought beyond the schadenfreude of the Towleroad reader. Didn’t Craigslist agree to take down hook-up ads? Will the Indiana cops prosecute Craigslist for promoting prostitution (they are not an IP service provider with Federal statutory immunity)? Will the young black man be charged with prostitution or another crime? Will the old duffer claim his electronic devices were stolen from him, making the argument (which dumb jurors would buy) that nobody hands those over to a stranger willingly? This could be quite a battle and someone needs to tell sister and brother to get counsel A/S/A/P.

  31. says

    Is it a case of self loathing, false modesty, morality (whatever that word means anymore) or simply a case of pandering to your elective despite your own true nature. But maybe that’s the lesson here, that public rhetoric is so darn loud and compelling that we often find ourselves taking on positions that don’t really complement our true natures.

    Who said politicians weren’t cynical…

  32. Paul R says

    First, the hustler (and I mean that in a nonjudgmental way—honestly) is 20, not 18. He lied about his age. That doesn’t make him a teen.

    Second, why did he freak out? Did he think a politician was going to create legal problems for him? I don’t get it. Was it that blackmail was going to be more lucrative?

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy to see hypocrisy exposed. But they should have taken the $10K and then exposed him if they felt like it. They don’t seem to have a whole lot more moral standing than he does. A sister pimping her brother is gross, no matter how you feel about prostitution. I doubt they’ll get more than $10K from other sources, so their response makes no sense to me, especially if the 20-year-old faces fines, prison time, or whatever.

  33. Rob says

    I see so many closeted men married to women among my friends, and they wreak a swath of havoc a mile wide. There is social standing, it’s true, but it often falls apart. The fact of the matter is that gay is not a high status thing to be. There are a handful of gay politicians, but not nearly a representative number. Could this man have reached his social standing as an out gay man? Doubt it.

    I can’t tell you how many more avenues I had for social advancement when I myself was a closeted married gay man. As an out divorced man, even in a liberal suburb of Chicago, I am often shunned. (Very glad to be a physician and not trying to climb the corporate ladder, so I get a pass. But still.)

    This story has every angle, it’s true. I imagine the idea of suicide will cross his mind. Here’s hoping he turns things around and carves something finer out of the time he has left. A guy like this could help us. Now that would be a film-worthy coda.

  34. Allen says

    Rob, I would like To hear more if you are up for it.

    How has the shunning manifest itself? I don’t want to sound as tho i live in a cave but i feel no social degradation in my being gay. I live in the south and am a residential developer. I work in a very “red-neck” environment to be sure.

    I have often felt as tho my financial success was a protective or equalizer. Maybe I was kidding myself. But in 20 years of being a rather tough guy to work for I have never felt less-than or ostracized or socially excluded when I get back to the area of town live in. My kids are invited to all the birthdays held by their private school classmates. And our primarily straight friends and neighbors send more invites than I have an interest in getting caught up in. Your comment as a educated formally married g have me wondering what angle i have missed…

    As to Phil I said my piece a while back.

  35. kris says

    Hinkle told Megan Gibson after she said she outed him to his family members, “You just ruined my life.” No, dude – YOU just ruined your own life. Imagine the weekend he’s having right now.

  36. Milo says

    One reason there are not more open sexual minorities in office is discouragement from within the community itself. I have experienced this first hand. I have been musing to others about possibly running for an at-large seat on the city council for a few years now. My hetero friends and acquaintances universally encourage me to give it a shot. The ONLY people in my sphere that tell me its a bad idea are the gays. They tell me that the city isn’t ready yet. They enumerate the difficulties I would face. They tell me that my personal safety would be at risk. On and on.

    It reminds me of the variety of discouragement I used to get from other blacks regarding any number of my ambitions over the decades.

    One bright spot is that the local Republican Party here actually courted a high profile member of the gay community as a candidate for mayor. He declined, but is running for city council.

  37. Milo says

    I think its ironic that so many people in this thread bash Republicans, yet there is a paid ad for Allen West on this site.

    I guess money is still green no matter which party it comes from.

  38. Paul R says

    @Milo: learn about something called web advertising (likely GoogleAds). Andy doesn’t control the ads on the site. They’re driven, for better or worse, by keywords in the article.

  39. Beau says

    Who needs soap operas? I also have to wonder how Hinkle got into office in the first place, given this debacle. It really amazes me how stupid some of our ELECTED officials are, especially when thinking with the wrong head.

  40. says

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