1. Silas says

    I will keep posting what I did above until Maggie comes out. It has been proven through studies that people that are so anti-gay are gay themselves….so come out come out where ever you are Maggie

  2. prophet says

    Why in the world would anyone want her to be gay? Do you want to know the real reason she and these other lowlifes do what they do? Money – it’s an industry. They have created an industry that brings in millions on the backs of gay people. Anything that threatens that cash flow must be stopped in their eyes.

  3. ChrisQ says

    She is a vile, unChristian waste of skin. A LOT of skin. Trying to spin NOM’s hateful “victories” denying other people the right to happiness and protection for their families. (Um…looks like we may get MD in our column and CA back as well.) In the face of the crushing weight of vicotry in NY, I guess she has to do something. But tick tock Maggs – your relevance is quickly fading. And in trying to press your hate onto others, you will likely make Romney (formerly sort of a threat) look extremeist, and unelectable to the sensible middle and independents. Good job pig face.

  4. Mona says

    The fact that NOM can get three desperate candidates to sign a pledge – a pledge that is, in no way, legally binding – is beyond irrelevant. It just goes to show you how willing Santorum, Bachmann, and Romney are to pander to the religious right.

  5. scott says

    Every time I see this hateful…woman, I just want to insult her and swear at her, but it’s not worth the energy. She doesn’t deserve my attention. Why I even bother to watch videos with her in…

    I was going to ask why any legitimate news show would feature her without also showing the other side’s opinion, until I noticed it was biased brainwashing masquerading as a news program – so my question was moot.

  6. Cinemaniac says

    Yet another clip from CBN – “News” from the Christian Broadcast Network – not actual news. No actual reporting. Just a platform for their propaganda. Preaching to the pathetic, ignorant choir.

  7. sjorgl says

    Always remember – this woman is the best the opposition can find.
    She made a career out of discrimination and bigotry. She has to live with that the rest of her life. She better own it.

  8. walter says

    this woman is a poor example of supposed christian values. she has a child without the benefit of marriage has a husband who she is embarrassed by or is embarrassed by her. you never see him and she doesn’t use his name . this is her claim to fame and a source of big money which considering her lack of skills she couldn’t get any other way.

  9. robert in nyc says

    The GOProuders must be salivating in support of Mrs. Srivastav! To all those gay Civil Libertarians…Ron Paul supports DOMA while claiming he supports the states’ right to legislate marriage equality. What a sleaze he is.

  10. Scott Rose says

    The NOM pledge goes hand-in-hand with the Pledge of Allegiance that young gay people are made to say with their hands over their hearts . . .including the words “with liberty and justice for all” even though the society has no intention of giving its LGBT citizens liberty and justice. NOM’s political pledge is very American and rooted in the country’s shameful history and traditions of monstrous oppression. Maggot Gagginwhore is a true American.

  11. Mark says

    I find the NOM pledge to be quite funny actually. All republican candidates already oppose gay marriage. So why would NOM have them sign a pledge to fight gay marriage?

    Oh, duh, it’s because no-one trusts a politician. The people at NOM understand that even if Romney opposes gay marriage now, he might change his views once he is president if the wind of public opinion changes direction. Basically NOM wants to get candidates to pledge that they will continue to support a particular stance regardless of whether it loses popularity. Sorry, folks, that’s a no-can-do for a politician, which is why NOM’s pledge doesn’t mean squat. NOM wants to carve in stone the increasingly unpopular opposition to gay rights. Sounds to me like a dying minority losing its grip of relevance on society and scared of becoming history.

  12. says

    Why would anyone sign a pledge of any kind in the first place? It doesn’t allow for debate, or taking into consideration any new information that could cause one to reconsider their postion. It doesn’t allow for the changing times. It only boxes you in.

    Why would somebody do this? It’s madness.

    I don’t trust anyone who would sign a pledge that locks them into an uncompromising position before they even have the facts and necessary information in front of them to evaluate.

    It’s disgraceful, and these people should be ashamed of themselves instead of lauding their ignorance.

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