Gay Activists Plan Kiss-In For Pope’s Spain Visit


Pope Benedict XVI will get his very own gay show when he arrives in Madrid on Thursday, because hundreds of gay activists are planning a kiss-in to protest the Catholic Church’s tenacious homophobic discrimination.

The kiss-in is being organized on Facebook by gay groups including Asamblea Transmaricabollo de Sol, which was set up during popular “indignant” protests that erupted May 15 over Spain’s economies woes.

The kiss-in is aimed at protesting the Roman Catholic Church’s “moral condemnations of sexuality,” a spokesman for the Transmaricabollo group, Jaime del Val, told AFP on Wednesday.

On Facebook, organizers are calling for a gay-lesbian kiss-in “dedicated to an educational, lewd, and (r)evolutionary celebration of the arrival of the Holy Father Benedict XVI.”

Nearly 300 people had signed up for the protest, the exact site for which had not yet been chosen.

A similar protest was held during the Pope’s 2010 visit to Barcelona.


  1. Pete n SFO says

    They ought to carry signs reminding the world of the oppression & collusion of Gov’t & the Khurch that ‘disappeared’ thousands of Spaniards only in the last generation.

    That Spain allows this creep on their soil is nearly shocking.

    Spaniards call themselves Catholic, but they mean culturally, not according to the faith.

  2. walter says

    bet if they could a bunch of hot young guys that would get the old fools attention. he creme the popemobile.

  3. Matt26 says

    @Paul R, no it isn’t. Acting and making a difference is never pointless. What have you done?
    What a great way to show the point!

  4. says

    @Matt26, it isn’t about what Paul has done, or even what you’ve done(or not). It’s about what not to do if you’re serious about calling attention to the Catholic church’s inhumanity to LGBT folk. “Kiss-ins” fall under that heading. Making a difference? To who, Chapstick manufacturers?

  5. Mark says

    Me! Me! Me! I want to be there! I love to engage in ANYTHING that pisses off the pope, especially kissing a cute Spanish boy for about an hour.

  6. Chunks says

    They should do a kiss-in at the local mosque while they’re at it and see how that goes.

  7. Paul R says

    @Matt26: You apparently consider all “actions” to be equivalent to making a difference. In this context, in front of this vile man, they most certainly are not. This is so lacking in creativity that it doesn’t deserve to be called protest, activity, or much else.

    I’m quite sure the Pope is aware that gay people kiss (and are “lewd”–a stated goal of this event). Action would be, I don’t know, blocking the Pope-mobile with thousands of people pretending to be dead and refusing to move. So many that the police couldn’t handle it. Action would be blocking the entrance to his hotel and everywhere he wants to go, en masse. Action would at the least be screaming at him as he passes, not kissing as though that’s a “shocking” thing. Grow up. This makes zero difference and just looks like queers eager to have sex.

    The Pope won’t be pissed off. He’ll either be “protected” from it, ignore it, or get off on it. Tell me one thing that any of those outcomes produces. Like the 2010 Barcelona kiss-in did a damn thing besides get a few people laid? I don’t know your age, but your logic is that of a child.

    And for the record, I’ve participated in far more active protests than this since the mid-80s.