Log Cabin Republicans To Honor Susan Collins

CollinsSusan Gay GOP group The Log Cabin Republicans announced this week that they will honor LGBT-friendly Sen. Susan Collins at their annual dinner in Washington D.C. next month.

"Senator Collins is the reason why the failed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy will be relegated to history. We have always been proud of her leadership on behalf of gay & lesbian Americans & we are excited for the opportunity to honor her work," said the group's executive director, R. Clarke Cooper.

He went on, "Senator Collins has further demonstrated her steadfast commitment to fairness through her support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act & achieving tax parity for health care. She remains the tip of the spear in the fight for equality."

The event, where Collins will be given the Spirit of Lincoln Award, comes as LGBT activists in her home state of Maine ramp up efforts to put a marriage equality vote on the 2012 ballot.