News: Hiroshima, Gay Jurors, Jason Bateman, Ames Straw Poll

Hiroshima  road As Japan and the world mark the 66th anniversary of the Hiroshima A-Bomb, and in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said he would work toward ending nuclear power in his nation: "I will reduce Japan's reliance on nuclear power, aiming at creating a society that will not rely on atomic power generation."

 road Uniformed members of the Dutch Army, in which gays and lesbians have been serving openly since 1974, were finally allowed to march in Amsterdam's Gay Pride festival.

 road Elsewhere in gay pride news, police say about 35,000-50,000 people showed up for the annual event in Stockholm.

 road The fight for gay jurors: "Trial lawyers should be barred from dismissing potential jurors because of their sexual orientation, defense attorneys argued Thursday in a case that, if successful, could extend constitutional protection from discrimination to homosexuality along with race, creed and gender."

Teen-wolf-too-original-1  road China's state media blasts United States for credit downgrade and overall economic nightmare, saying U.S. must "come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone."

 road Say so long to Wisteria Lane; ABC axing Desperate Housewives after season eight.

 road Rise of the Planet of the Apes dominates Friday box office with $19 million, while new comedy The Change Up crept to fourth place with $4.6 million.

 road In related news, Jason Bateman, co-star of The Change Up, was on NPR's Wait, Wait… Don't Tell Me to talk about Tarzan star Cheeta and the upcoming Arrested Development movie — yes, it's coming — and the classic movie Teen Wolf Too.

 road CJ de Mooi, a British television personality and president of the English Chess Federation, says he was barred from presenting awards at a chess tournament because he was wearing a t-shirt with the equality message, "Some People Are Gay, Get Over It." "An arbiter approached me saying she had 'personal reservations' about me wearing a Stonewall t-shirt when presenting prizes to juniors. It was apparently inappropriate for me to wear something mentioning 'sexuality' in such an environment," de Mooi wrote in a statement.

 road The gay population in Washington State has grown 50 percent over the past ten years, and those couples are itching for equality.

 road Thirty-one American soldiers, more than 20 from the elite SEALTeam 6, and 7 Afghan security officials killed in Afghanistan helicopter attack.

 road Filmmaker and photographer Jim Goldberg focuses on singer Robyn, giving fans "an unrestricted view of the sincere ambition behind her career" through a Super 8 lens.

 road The Missouri Research & Education Network, which supplies computer software to the Show Me State's school system, will no longer censor non-sexual LGBT sites after receiving complaints from the ACLU and the Freedom to Read Foundation: "The groups told MOREnet it was illegally censoring LGBT-related websites through its software while allowing access to websites that condemn homosexuality or oppose LGBT legal protections.

CalderoneGaga  road Pro-civil unions Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson won't participate in symbolically important Ames Straw Poll. From his campaign's statement: "We simply cannot and will not buy into an event that has been granted far more status in the nomination process than it should have."

 road Lady Gaga's male drag persona, Jo Calderone, makes an appearance for cover of new single, "You and I."

 road Finally, full length picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Thoughts on the goggles?

 road Meanwhile, the first picture of Rihanna for the upcoming Battleship movie just came out, and she has a big gun.

 road About 4,600 Nevada households are led by two women, and an estimated 4,724 are run by two men, an 87% total increase since 2000.


  1. says

    Uh, NO ONE “marched” in Amsterdam’s Pride Parade—they floated on boats down one of its famous canals, including special guest Dan Choi. Gays have served openly in the Dutch military for THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS—beginning a year before Leonard Matlovich outed himself to the Air Force to start the fight against America’s ban. Dan’s boat, carrying Dutch generals & other senior officers, some gay & others showing solidarity, WAS SPONSORED BY THE DUTCH DEFENCE MINISTRY which has had a department FOR gay service member interests FOR TWENTY-FIVE YEARS! Ashamed yet, America?

  2. Chris says

    Other sites are posting that pic as official and it does strongly resemble the other official pics released. And the deviant art linked to in the first comment has disappeared.

    As for the look, not thrilled, but I am going to reserve judgement until I see it in the movie. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t happy with early stills from the other two movies either, but in context I loved everything.

  3. Haroon says

    Actually, this was the second time that people from the military sailed along in the Amsterdam Canal Parade. Last year however, they were only allowed to go on board dressed as a civilian, but they had their own boat. This is the first time that they could wear their uniforms too. And some of them looked HOT wearing them! 😉

  4. nic says

    @patrick garies,
    in what way is that an oxymoron? perhaps you should look up the meaning. i am sick of slovenly word usage. and, what is more off-putting is slack-jawed attempts at trying to sound clever.

  5. Sam says

    If China is so worried about our massive borrowing, then why do they keep lending? If we weren’t a good bet, then they wouldn’t be lending to us. This, like S&P’s downgrade, is pure propaganda.

    S&P has been skewered this weekend by most financial experts for what has clearly been a political move and not one actually based on financial concerns. The United States is not over indebted in any way that would require a downgrade. We can pay our debts. Period. Stop buying into the hype that the Tea Party and Republicans who kiss their asses are shilling out. We have the largest economy on the planet. Our GDP versus debt ratio is nowhere near nations like Greece or Spain or Ireland that are facing REAL financial crises.

    S&P is a joke. This is the same credit agency that gave AAA ratings to the massive toxic debts that were bought up by banks over the last decade, which led to our government spending money to bail them out. Their relevance is what needs a downgrade.

  6. Kevin says

    The 35-50,000 figure for Stockholm Pride was the number of people taking part in the parade on Saturday. Police estimated hundreds of thousands watching. I haven’t seen any figures for how many people have taken part in the other events all week.

    I was a volunteer along the parade route (right outside the royal palace) and it was great to see how many Swedes and tourists of all ages stopped to join in the fun.

  7. Randy says

    Regarding nuclear power, my understanding is that thorium reactors reduce a number of the risks associated with nuclear power. While Japan may want to ban traditional nuclear power, it should leave itself room to adopt new technologies.