Maryland Governor O’Malley Resisted Pressure from Baltimore Archbishop to Reject Marriage Equality


O Malley's letter:

080411 Om Alley Letter


  1. Danny says

    A political figure finding it necessary to straighten out a christian bishop of what is just and unjust – simply outrageous. The bishop is arguing that refusing to mistreat people – to act out the hate – is unchristian. watta fkn world we live in.

  2. ohplease says

    Seriously, are all the hungry fed? Are all the naked clothed? Are all the altar boys raped?

    I guess if hating the gays keeps O’Brien too busy to rape children or administer the raping of children or cover-up the raping of children, that’s one good thing to come out of this.

    Seriously, why would anyone ever listen to an employee of Child Rape, Inc.?

  3. john patrick says

    Excellent letter from the governor in response to the strange letter from the bishop. These RC bishops just do not get the idea that religious marriages and civil marriages differ. They have the right to refuse to officiate at marriages that are against their religious beliefs. They do not have the right to impose their beliefs on everyone else. Also, they have no right to impose discrimination on the children of same sex couples.

    Nor are they honest when they claim their attempts to impose their beliefs are not motivated by hate and ignorance. As much as they may want to believe that they love and care for gay people, their lack of understanding and the lies they propagate about gay people belie their claims. One cannot love and respect people whom one does not know or understand and about whom one propagates lies.

  4. BRENDA says

    This makes me so, so proud to live in MD.

    The Catholic Archdiocese of MD is a venal, deeply disgusting, unethical, corrupt power center.

    In fact, next to John Hopkins (which at least does some good more than the near-scam Catholic charities)–and JHU is the biggest employer in the state of MD, an employer that literally kicks poor people out of entire neighborhoods to take over property in East Baltimore–the Archdiocese continues patterns of venality long set in a state all but founded by wealthy, corrupt, slave-holding Catholics.

    The Archdiocese routinely closes schools in areas that need them the most; persecutes women in the church and LGBT Catholic groups here in MD; acts as a shyster landlord even to other Catholic communities who rent from them; enables and covers up abuse in league with a few Catholic communities and orders.

    Imagine a worldwide political group (who try to influence politicians) that actively EXCLUDES women from top executive positions?

    Well, just such a group is the Vatican and its satellite diocese across the world.

    Disgustingly, openly sexist–true filth.

    They are just one pod of a larger parasite: a truly vile cabal of white European and American men in the Vatican and their mindless minions (Cardinals and Bishops) around the world who have no accountability, no true ethical center, yet pride of place as a sovereign nation with trillions of dollars in wealth in currency and artifacts.

    How do you stop a parasite like this?

    By having the balls to just say “no” to them and to invoke reason and justice to them like our Governor, Martin O’Malley just did.

    Their numbers are diminishing. They have trouble recruiting. Perhaps there way of life will die out soon.

  5. PM says

    O’Malley is such a fantastic statesman. He was eloquent, calm, and persuasive last Sunday on “This Week”. I hope he seeks higher office someday; he’s be a great senator or president.

  6. Dan Cobb says

    I can attest that O’Malley is awesome. I knew him when he was practicing law on E. Lexington Street in downtown Baltimore. In fact his office was just 20 yards down the block from mine. First off, he’s a real looker! He used to work out at the Downtown Athletic Club and wear these very short, loose silk shorts with slits up the sides –awesomely sexy. He was a city Councilman back then. A buddy of mine saw him naked on several occasions and says he’s very hung. OK, back to politics: He’s not always been as progressive as I would like, but I think he holds many of the same core progressive beliefs most left-leaning guys do. Back in the day, he was a very so-so public speaker, but he’s improved, and besides, who’s listening to what he says anyway. He’s such a doll. Also, he plays in an Irish band called O’Malley’s March… and he is buff, guys! Strange knobs on his elbows though.

  7. says

    As far as I can tell, the sole goal of bishops and archbishops is to claw their way up to a cardinal position. In order to do so, they pile on the anti-gay crap as much as they can, knowing that the closeted gay Catholic heirarchy gets off on that.

  8. Hue-Man says

    Too obvious and logical for the hate groups. They require unseen spirits whispering hate in their ears and listening only to the words of wisdom that come out of their mouths. Why doesn’t someone require a pledge that repeats the obvious statement of facts? Civi marriage is a state matter, religious ceremonies we don’t care about.

  9. Gay American says

    sounds like the governor was too much of a gentleman to say – Listen Bishop…Keep writing me letters like this, and I will personally forward them to the IRS!

  10. says

    In the hearts and minds of the Catholic leaders the Crusades never ended. I Stand in Ovation to the Governor. The next letter will probably be his ex-communication. But then again? Not even pedophile priest have had THAT letter sent. And the statement “Not to allow your role as leader of the state…” What? Its his job. Finally a leader that recognises the separation of church and state as afforded by the Constitution.

  11. says

    Yeah, but priests practicing pedophilia instead of celibacy is OK in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is full of hypocrites and when a priest gets busted for being a pedophile, the Vatican covers for them. The latest church funded study blamed priest pedophilia on the 1960s sexual revolution. What a bunch of idiots. I am a straight male with gay/lesbian friends who fully supports marriage equality.

  12. walter says

    the church finds nothing morally wrong with covering up and moving pedophiles from location to another but two people of the same sex loving each other is a sin. this church has its priorities all screwed up. why don’t they stay out of peoples lives not everyone is catholic. not many catholics are catholic any more.

  13. dh says

    Laypersons within the church tend to be MUCH more liberal than the clergy. This includes politicians. Look at Pelosi, Biden, the Kennedy’s, and even Schwartzeneger. Not to mention all the Latin American politicians who support marriage equality.

  14. Danny says

    Of course this isn’t all bad: the archbishop’s words will further destroy the credibility of the Roman church’s bishops. And god knows they deserve it. As in Europe, their “leadership” is a dog that won’t hunt no more.

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