1. truthiness says


    his days are in the past.

    it’s easy to come out when you’re not important anymore.

    not a great role model.

    today’s youth who come out – they’re brave and true role models.

  2. says

    @Truthiness, it’s not easy for ANYONE to come out. just because someone may have/had fortune, fame or celebrity status doesn’t mean the experience of coming out is somehow vastly different than the rest of us. we all deal with the same difficulties. and at least he wasn’t like so many self-loathing politicians who devote all their energy and resources to destroying the lives of those like themselves.

  3. Peaches says

    I agree with TRUTHINESS and HAGA. It’s nice that he came out and raised gay awareness, but let’s not pretend like he’s a great role model. He came out after making his millions, after everyone pretty much knew he was gay for a decade, and he still happily accepts checks from Target after straight celebrities distanced themselves from the chain. Just because he’s not necessarily a bad guy, doesn’t make him a good guy. We can find better role models to aspire to in our community.

  4. Matt26 says

    @Joseph Klock, I agree.
    @Peaches, Truthiness, Haga, c’mon now. A struggling closeted gay is a very good role model showing gays have problems and they can win those problems.
    RM is a good role model, showing he is a good looking and famous, but facing the same problems we all do.

  5. Haga says

    Ricky Martin does not have the same problems you do. That is an illusion provided by media control. Your problems are significantly lower than say a transexual woman who has no ability to fly under the radar. Imagine your problems compared to Ricky’s. Get real.

  6. Rowan says

    Hypocrite. What does he call himself gay when he was in a relationship for 14 years with a woman??? Oh, that’s right. The gay community are so gullible and desperate that they will take anyone.

  7. jaragon says

    Ricky is a beautiful, talented, sweet man who could have stayed in the closet for ever instead he chose to come out- which in a Latino macho catholic culture takes a lot of guts- so let’s celebrate his courage.

  8. KiKi says

    Sometimes Gays take themselves too serious and feel that you’re with them, or you’re against them. I say “Eff that”. Live your life the way you want to…

    You don’t owe anyone anything. I like Ricky and I’m glad he’s living life the way he sees fit and came out when he wanted to. Not to please anyone….

  9. Paul R says

    I’d never seen any of those old pictures of him where he basically looked like a woman. Long hair can be attractive on some men, but his was awful!

  10. Kim says

    @Rowan Fran Dreshner husband’s calls himself gay despite being with her for 20 years. Is he a hypocrite too? I guess everyone doesn’t come in high school. Many Gay people have had opposite sex relationships.

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