1. bobbyjoe says

    But water is in beer. You wouldn’t have beer without water. And beer is more expensive than water, so obviously, turning water into beer is a great improvement.

    Regardless, Rick Santorum has gone insane. Perhaps he’s been drinking too much… water.

    I think I’ll have a beer.

  2. David in Houston says

    This inane diatribe just makes him look like a petulant child that keeps saying over and over that marriage is what I want it to be. So there! I would love for him to rationalize Newt Gingrich’s 3rd till-death-do-us part marriage (and his two affairs), and explain why that’s okay in society (and perfectly legal), but not same-sex marriage.

  3. says

    You know, if you take an infinite number of Santorums and put them in a room with an infinite number of nouns, eventually one of them will make a comparison analogy that isnt weak and ridiculous.

    So far though, that hasnt happened.

  4. say what says

    seriously, this guy goes on about the gays more than us gays do about ourselves

    I never wondered about him in the past but to go on and on so much makes one wonder if he is protesting too much

  5. Married in MA says

    Why does he keep talking about SSM? Doesn’t he think that there may be other issues that everyday folk are concerned about? Maybe the economy? He just doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. What an idiot!

  6. JeffInSF says

    No, it’s like he’s saying his relationship is Evian and mine is tap water, and that his is somehow better than mine. But they’re both water. Get over yourselves, straight people!
    They hate that gay people exist (“don’t tell The Children!”), they hate that we’re not quiet and ashamed about it, and they hate that some of us are married and have children. But they are in a losing battle with reality.

  7. Jim in MN says

    Unless, of course, you are Jesus – then the glass of water is really a glass of wine. I suspect Santorum just handed us a real “religious” argument as to why same-sex marriage is really just marriage.

  8. One of the CA 36,000 says

    “Marriage is between a man and a woman because it just IS. Q.E.D.”

    Sorry, Frothy Boy; that argument doesn’t hold water in any rational sense.

    Neither does “Because it’s always been that way”. Because that’s a LIE.

    And “Because it says so in the Bible” is a LIE and won’t stand up to rational scrutiny.

    And “Because Jeebus told me so” proves that fundamentalist religious zealots of every stripe are psychotics who should be lobotomized.

    Starting with Frothy Fecal Leakage here…!

  9. The Milkman says

    But water takes many forms. It can be frozen, or liquid, or vaporized, and it’s still water.

    But more importantly, it conforms to the context in which it is presented… in this case, it conforms to the shape of that particular glass. Water will also conform to the shape of a bucket, a vase, a shotglass, a bong, or any other vessel. And it’s still water. It is vital, malleable, nourishing, replenishing, healing, and can be dangerous when used maliciously. Much like marriage.

    Mr. Frothy Mix has an interesting comparison on his hands, but because he’s dumber than a box of hair, it’s not interesting for the reasons he anticipated.

  10. scollingsworth says

    Does Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum realize that beer is just the next, better, natural evolution of water? And in medieval times and before people drank beer because water was contaminated and would make them sick.

  11. says

    this man is so stupid. he’s basically saying “Nothing will change”

    i don’t think he even realizes that. this is in fact an argument FOR gay marriage – it’s showing that nothing is actually going to CHANGE from letting LGBT people marry.

    wine will not suddenly become beer. nothing will actually change.

    thanks Rick, you massive idiot.

  12. bill johnson says

    Marriage is what marriage is and given that marriage between people of the same sex is legally recognized by over 10 nations around the world marriage by definition, is not limited to a man and women. His version of what marriage is defies reality as it ignores thousands of legal marriages between people of the same sex. It would be like saying that water is what water is and it is always a liquid. Well that is one form of water but it can also be a solid. Likewise his definition only covers one form of marriage.

  13. Steve says

    I think he is focussed on SSM and teh gay / Dan Savage because it is the only way he can get the least bit of attention any more (even if it’s from his opponents). His presidential campaign is going nowhere and once the race really begins he will have to admit defeat.

  14. Rick Sanscrotum says

    The purpose of drinking is to hydrate the body. Therefore, all people must drink water and only water. No coffee, no beer, not tea, no single malt scotch, no wine, no champagne, no soft drinks, no seltzer water. All other beverages are illegitimate. What’s more, water must ONLY be used for drinking–no bathing, no swimming, no watering crops, no putting out fires, no use in manufacturing, or cooking. Water is for hydrating the body. And only water may hydrate the body. It is what it is. Jeebus said.

  15. Ricco says

    What is with the Towleroad police? People can get online here with their comments and verbally attack others who comments they dislike in a most contentious and violent manner and that is fine.

    But say that Santorum is a D*****bag and they censor it.

    Apparently even gays will not be happy until everything is so homogenized that we will be as toxic and unaccepting of diversity and language as straight, white heterosexuals.

    Wont that make for such a fascinating world?

  16. Sancho says

    He’s not very philosophically sophisticated, is he? Any of my college freshmen could dismantle that argument. And he thinks he deserves to be President!

  17. Ricco says

    . . . is like saying this D*****bag is a sane, viable presidential candidate. You can call him a sane, viable presidential candidate, but he’s not a sane, viable presidential candidate. He’s a D*****bag. And a D*****bag is what a D*****bag is.

  18. Mike says

    Now pick up that glass of water and throw it in a gay persons face because if you don’t, you’re never gonna become President. Hurry! you’re dropping in the polls!. give them a paper towel to wipe it off with, but not a napkin, they don’t diserve to use napkins. then turn to the camera and smile. All it takes to run the world.

  19. Bryan says

    Marriage _is_ a nonalcoholic beverage. It’s Diet Coke: the mediocre reduction to the lowest common denominator of something that was nasty and toxic in the first place.

    Oh, wait… What? _They_ have it and _we_ don’t? Oh, in that case…

    Marriage is every American’s right and I will not rest until it, monogamy, and the rearing of children is mandatory for LGBTQ people, just as it is for straights!

  20. walter says

    will this asshat ever learn to stfu.. he keeps sticking his foor in his moth every time he opens it. he spends a lot of time obsessing over gay sex. would somebody get this guy screwed.

  21. says

    LOL @BobbyJoe!!! All marriages are different. I am 10 years older than my husband, so our marriage has different issues than other marriages! Every marriage is unique and special in its own way, and should be recognized as such…and just because you don’t agree with someones “marriage” doesn’t mean that you get to decide if their marriage is right or legal.

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