Towleroad Guide To The Tube #949

LIL’ ANNE: Anne Hathaway blasts paparazzi with Lil’ Wayne-inspired rap.

MANIPULATION: Rick Perry claims scientists invented global warming to make money.

PUNCTURE: Trailer for Chris Evans’ new movie.

FLASH ROB: Group robs Maryland 7-11, giving flash mobs a bad name. 


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  1. paul says

    rick Perry believes the world is only 6000 years old and was created by someone who lives in the sky wearing a white dress. What utter rubbish just falls out of this idiots mouth…and a room full of reporters didn’t ask him a single follow up question ????

  2. sean says

    omg that flash mob is the first time a towleroad news story was about where i live. its right down the street from me!!! im so proud! i swear not all of Germantown MD is like this

  3. Neil says

    Wow, the reporting officer called this “shoplifting”? It’s a conspiracy to commit commercial burglary. All these people should be charged as felons. And if you sum up the property taken, it might constitute grand theft as well (I’m not sure what the defining amount is in Maryland).

  4. says

    Hello Rick (and JASON)! Texas is drying up faster than you can dribble the nonsense out of your pie hole.

    Worse than that, all the predictions made by scientists—you know, people who know things—in the 1970s are coming to fruition. Viz. the droughts, floods, cold/snowy springs, broiling summers, etc.

  5. Bruce Wayne says

    Anyone who refuses to ‘believe’ in ‘Global Warming’ should pull their heads out of the sand…which was likely a body of water, at one point.
    Better yet, pull your heads out of your Asses…Man has Not been good for this planet. His mere presence has done horrible damage to it…and It will be Much Happier when We are gone.


  6. Bob says

    I was going to state the obvious about this ‘flash mob,’ but the PC police of Towleroad’s boards would jump down my throat. But look at the people involved … I need say nothing.

  7. dancob says

    Ah, once again the Africans! How many millions of years would it have taken for Africans to develop iPhones? Probably several million years. But developing methods using the technology to rob and thieve… only a couple of years.

  8. Jesus says

    *To be clear, I believe that it has nothing to do with their skin tone, and more to do with other factors including their socialization, peer pressure, a desire to feel empowered, boredom, and a myriad of other possible factors that motivated this sort of pointless crime. By the looks of it, they seemed more interested in grabbing snacks off shelves and feeling like a bad ass for a moment, but this wasn’t a heist of any major proportions, by any means at all. Illegal? Of course. Stupid? You bet. Some sort of racial conspiracy? Don’t be foolish.

  9. Derrick from Philly says


    Thank you for your thoughtful comment, but don’t waste your time on vicious White supremacists bigots like Bob and Dan Corn Cobb. They love incidents like this. Incidents where Black folks are doing wrong. It makes them feel superior.

    Unfortunately, for them there are Blacks like me and others who visit Towleroad who have never felt inferior to their trashy azzes.

    Hey, Dan Corn Cobb, why don’t you re-open the crematoriums for the Africans? It was your filthy kind that opened them for the Jews 70 years ago.

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