1. ratbastard says

    Justin didn’t just kill himself out of the blue, that’s unlikely, unless he had a serious mental illness and/or suffering negative side effects from medications/drugs. I really don’t mean to be mean, but where was Justin’s mom [dad?], family, friends, in the lead-up to his suicide?

    I find using a persons suicide [usually done for very personal reasons, not politics or external agitation] disagreeable.

  2. Josh says

    I was bullied to the point of being physically and sexually assaulted by my bullies. I would have killed myself too if it weren’t for having a twin brother that went through the same things. We were able to support each other through it.

    These gay teens are killing themselves because of the severe bullying/torture they are experiencing in schools and because of internalized homophobia.

  3. NoSleep4Sam says

    Wasn’t there an article posted here just the other day where a guy couldn’t get 30k signatures or something and had to give up and this woman gets over 100k just to get the Bachmonster to talk about gay rights? These two should get together.

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