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New Hampshire House Panel Approves Bill to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage, Allow for Civil Unions

Anti-gay forces at work in New Hampshire today.

A New Hampshire House Judiciary panel voted 3-1 today to amend and advance a bill that would have repealed same-sex marriage in the state, and barred civil unions, so it would allow for the latter, the Union Leader reports:

Nh The original form of the bill would have banned both gay marriage and civil unions outright. The bill, HB 437, now allows both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples to form civil unions.

New Hampshire law allowing gay couples to marry took effect in January 2010. The bill preserves marriage for gays who have married under the current law. From the time it takes effect, marriage would be available only to men and women.

The bill allows a form of civil union that has never existed in the state, open to any two persons. It also contains language that allows any business, individual, school or association to refuse to recognize civil unions, exempting them from state laws that bar discrimination on housing, employment, contracts and grants.

The full House will not be able to vote on the bill until 2012, the paper reports.

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    Posted by: FernLaPlante | Sep 14, 2011 11:52:02 AM

  2. Can DOMA just get repealed already? No takesies backsies!

    Posted by: Jesus | Sep 14, 2011 11:59:20 AM

  3. I think this NH House Judiciary panel has too much free time on their hands.

    Isn't there something far more pressing happening? Anything?

    Posted by: esther blodgett | Sep 14, 2011 12:03:23 PM

  4. Here is the list of those who sponsored this:

    Email, call, tweet. Unbelievable that this bullsh*t is happening; more legalized discrimination. Gay marriage is LEGAL in NH and these idiots won't give up.

    Posted by: EO | Sep 14, 2011 12:08:22 PM

  5. They haven't learned from the Cali Prop 8 appeals.

    Posted by: Gus | Sep 14, 2011 12:18:33 PM

  6. so what do they think - gay married cpls are just gonna sit back and allow thier marriages to be annulled, and turned into CU??? DON'T think so....I think its coming close to a time where RIOTS are gonna have to start!

    Posted by: Gay American | Sep 14, 2011 12:20:31 PM

  7. @Gay American Go back and reread the post. Those already married will stay married.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Sep 14, 2011 12:38:07 PM

  8. If gay marriage is such a threat to society, why are the existing marriages being allowed to exist? That's like letting a cell of Al-Qaeda infiltrate your state. Scary stuff!

    Posted by: Karl | Sep 14, 2011 12:43:58 PM

  9. "Live Free or Die" is the state motto. Guess which one they want for us.

    Posted by: Yeek | Sep 14, 2011 12:47:01 PM

  10. So by allowing civil unions for straight couples, they are, by their movements own definitions, destroying marriage as we know it. Good job, idiots.

    Posted by: TC in NYC | Sep 14, 2011 12:53:08 PM

  11. ahh New Hampshire - another HATE state in america to avoid

    Posted by: Gay American | Sep 14, 2011 12:57:13 PM

  12. We have to stand up and fight the injustice occurring in the United States against us. This means you too!

    Posted by: Jeff | Sep 14, 2011 12:57:13 PM

  13. NOM's footprints all over this.

    Posted by: Robert in NYC | Sep 14, 2011 1:00:41 PM

  14. I don't doubt this bill will pass, the question is will it pass with enough support to override Gov. Lynch's. And assuming the bill did pass and survive a veto we have the NH courts and the federal courts as well. As the Prop 8 case has shown, undoing marriage equality isn't as easy as our opponents think it is.

    Posted by: searunner | Sep 14, 2011 1:17:39 PM

  15. @Searunner; thanks for your comments. That is some comfort to know that these backtracking bunch of bigots can be obstructed when they attempt to taks away out rights.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 14, 2011 1:40:57 PM

  16. This is from the "live free or die" state.

    Posted by: Paulnyc | Sep 14, 2011 1:43:55 PM

  17. And since it has been legal for more than a year and a half I suppose they can offer proof of it's harmful effects on what???

    Posted by: Charley | Sep 14, 2011 1:49:24 PM

  18. @Jackfkntwist, from what I have read there is some uneasiness in the NH GOP party about actually undoing marriage equality. Now, that is not to say a majority isn't onboard with repeal, but there is a group that just wants to move on. If I had to predict what happens, repeal passes, Gov. Lynch vetoes the bill and our opponents can't muster enough votes in the NH House to override the veto.

    Keep in mind the GOP has veto-proof majorities in both the NH State House and NH State Senate, so, we will need GOP support to prevent legislative repeal.

    Posted by: searunner | Sep 14, 2011 1:58:24 PM

  19. @Searunner, actually Prop 8 has shown the opposite -- that it is easy to undo marriage equality (at least in CA).

    Posted by: me | Sep 14, 2011 2:04:51 PM

  20. @ME, the courts beg to differ (to date). The Prop 8 proponents lost the cause at the District Level. They will either be denied standing or lose the case at the Appellate Level.

    Posted by: searunner | Sep 14, 2011 2:29:47 PM

  21. @Charley, sadly they don't have to prove anything, just as they didn't have to prove anything in NC. They just have to legislate as they see the world. Eventually we have to believe the courts will undo much of this mess.. but that will be years from now.

    Posted by: Derek | Sep 14, 2011 2:59:37 PM

  22. Ah, the Republicans just don't give up, do they? (Note to LCR types; this is what happens when they're elected, duh.)

    Never mind that there are other issues they should be dealing with, that most normal people have moved on from the "threat" of equality, and that this will be a lawsuit waiting to happen, one they'll lose after spending loads of time and money on it. The only reason for them to take this up is pure anti-gay animosity; it's not even a big political winner now, just bigotry, pure and simple.

    Posted by: Ernie | Sep 14, 2011 3:51:11 PM

  23. This bill is a bigger concern than the one in North Carolina. New Hampshire is supposed to be the libertarian, live and let live state. It's really sad that so - called libertarians will vote to ban gay marriage.

    Posted by: James | Sep 14, 2011 6:52:17 PM

  24. Minnesota, New Hampshire, and North Carolina stand for a sobering and unforgettable principle: Vote Republican, and gay equality is toast!

    Posted by: Malcolm | Sep 14, 2011 7:02:27 PM

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