NOM Targets Rep Ros-Lehtinen For DOMA Repeal Support

6a00d8341c730253ef015435a4b8b7970c-800wi Ileana Ros-Lehtinen made history last week by becoming the first Republican representative to support the Defense of Marriage Act's repeal.

Not surprisingly, this upset the GOP's more conservative adherents, including the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, which is now asking supporters to call, write and email Florida-based Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen to pressure her to reverse course.

"Marriage is a bedrock of our society, and I urge you to re-consider your position on DOMA," reads the form letter.

It continues:

By co-sponsoring Rep. Nadler's bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, you are placing in jeopardy the laws of marriage in more the 40 states, threatening to impose same-sex marriage on voters across the nation who have resoundingly rejected same-sex marriage at every turn.

NOM of course has its facts wrong: a majority of the nation actually supports marriage equality.

The increasingly marginalized group is also barking up the wrong tree, because Ros-Lehtinen seems to be extremely supportive of gay marriage: in her DOMA repeal announcement last week, the congresswoman insisted, "I co-sponsored the repeal of DOMA because I firmly believe that equality is enshrined in our constitution and in our great democracy."


  1. K in VA says

    Ros-Lehtinen has been consistent in supporting equality, apparently because someone close to her is one of us.

    Other Republicans, of course, also know and perhaps love many LGBT persons. But they’d rather turn their backs on us than risk defending NOM and all the homophobes who are so at home in the base of the Republican Party.

    So: Kudos to the Congresswoman for her support. And damnation to damned near every other Republican in America.

  2. David Hart says

    Ros-Lehtinen is my Congress critter (South Beach). She has a transgender son (Rodrigo). As depicted, she supports our issues. HOWEVER, in all other respects she has signed on to the GOTP agenda. She is also a signatory to the Grover Norquist pledge.

    I was hoping that she would get a serious challenge from the left in 2012 but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

  3. Robert in NYC says

    NOM saying we want to impose same-sex marriage on other states? Seems it’s imposing it’s religious views on the rest of the country. What nerve! Obviously, it doesn’t believe in the 14th amendment. Harrassing politicians to me is inappropriate and should be addressed appropriately by reminding any religious cult and its affiliates that they are all bordering on violation of seperation of church and state and could risk losing their tax-exempt status. SHut them or shut them down once and for all.

  4. Rev. D. Grogan says

    The National Organization for Marriage is just a new version of the KKK. They are a christian hate group, just like the KKK. Christians are the most UNChristian people in the world. They preach nothing but hate and fear. I would like NOM to show me One gay recruiting station??? Or one Straight Couple who’s marriage was destroyed from a gay couple. All my friends who have adopted children have wonderful children. I would never let them near a CATHOLIC Priest!!!

  5. Mark says

    Would NOM even be allowed to exist if it was fighting the rights of black people with the same passion it’s fighting the advances in gay rights? NO. It would have the IRS combing through every column of its financial books.

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