1. hugo says

    Oh, Donald Trump is not going to like this…

    I love her and hope she’ll make it. The Senate needs somebody like her, with clarity and deep understanding of the issues.

  2. Vlad says

    Halle-freaking-lujah! Why aren’t more Democrats saying this right now? Why aren’t they turning the entire “class warfare” issue around and arguing that the rich/elites have been engaged in class warfare against the poor and the middle class for decades?

  3. says

    elsewhere in the world, the wealthiest citizens are ASKING to be taxed at a higher-rate, because “it’s only fair.”


    Class-warfare. yeah. right.

    Class-Warfare is what’s been going on for decades.

    I keep hearing these idiots on the street screaming about “THE BEGINNING OF SOCIALISM!!!” which to me means they’re ignoring the reality that we’re all witnessing the inevitable imploding death of unregulated Capitalism.

  4. Scott Lumry says

    I hate to break this to everyone, but candidates like Ms. Warren are going to be opposed by some large $ corporations (or in Mitt Romney’s head, “people”). I have already sent in what little I could afford at the time and anticipate doing more as I can. If you are able to give to her campaign, I believe it will be put to an excellent end.

    There are two ways I use to contribute:
    One is directly to the campaign (
    Second is through ActBlue (

    I am not one to post these types of requests, but this is so damn important.

  5. Jack M says

    You know what class warfare is? It’s looking at the headline of the Baltimore Sun newspaper and reading that 25% of the people in the city live in poverty. That’s class warfare!

  6. say what says

    You want to know class warfare?

    DC just raised taxes on people who make 1 million+ a year by .45%

    that is POINT! 45%

    so like only an extra $5,000 a year from someone making 1 million+ a year while roads are being ground down to gravel instead of fixing potholes since gravel roads are cheaper to maintain and discussion of turning public roads into privatized toll roads

    That is NOTHING and yet the wealthy and their teabag robots scream their heads off

    Ah sigh; the nobles at Versailles were surprised and shocked when the peasants finally had enough and stormed the gates to drag them all off to the guillotines

    So it shall be again unless an FDR comes along and saves capitalism from itself by “betraying his/her class” and instituting some forms of socialism

  7. Rick says

    While I largely agree with Elizabeth Warren when it comes to issues of income inequality, I do think some of you should be very careful about opposing too vigorously Republicans like Scott Kennedy, who played a critical role in DADT repeal, being the first Republican to declare openly his support of it, which broke the logjam that eventually led to the breaking of the filibuster and the passage of the bill.

    If you send the message to such Republicans that even when they take big risks by breaking with their party on gay rights issues (alienating their leadership, among other things), they will still be steadfastly opposed by the gay community every time they run for re-election, then they may just decide it is not worth it to support gay rights, since the political cost to them will exceed the gain.

    I really think that explains John McCain’s sudden about-face on DADT repeal–the fact that 75% of gay people voted against him and for a candidate whose position on gay rights issues was essentially no different from his at the time–and that every major gay rights organization endorsed his opponent–caused him to turn on us and become vengeful.

    And without bipartisan support, no gay rights legislation will ever pass Congress or any state legislature in all likelihood.

    Just a thought–it is a fine line to walk, but care must be taken.

  8. Tanner says

    From The Onion: American Voices

    Republicans Call Tax Proposal ‘Class Warfare’

    “I hope for their sake they’re wrong, because America’s broke people have the guns and the numbers in this fight.” “

  9. Vlad says

    Unfortunately I don’t think there will be any significant change in this country until there is rioting, blood in the streets, etc. I’m doing just fine, in fact better than ever, but I’m sickened by what I see around me and just anxiously expecting and awaiting the boiling/breaking point.

  10. Erich says

    Words cannot express my support for Elizabeth Warren. She’s the antithesis of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. She’s educated, well-spoken and I genuinely believe that she won’t be bought off by lobbyists and corporations.

  11. says

    I am sure the 10 people who were there in person really enjoyed the hypocritical rhetoric she was counting off. She says its not class warfare, then goes on to talk about how all the poor people are being taken advantage of by the millionaires. That would seem to be the definition of class warfare. Preying on peoples envy. “People didnt get rich on their own, they stole it from you” line was classic.

    And by the way, the argument about the factory is complete rubbish. What about the property taxes the factory owner pays, or the payroll taxes, or the insurance for the workers or any number of government fees, not to mention all the other income taxes that the rest of us pay to keep those roads up (or loan out for non-existent green jobs). But the sheep hear what they want to hear. Get your pitchforks grubby masses and hand wringing progressives 😉

  12. tranquilo says

    @Rick. His name is Scott Brown (calling him “Kennedy” is beyond ironic), and he did one good thing. Meanwhile he shills for Wall Street and gives the gay-hating GOP one more step to a Senate majority. And, though I haven’t read their positions, I’d lay money that Warren would support marriage equality, whereas Scott BROWN… not so much.

  13. Rick says

    @TRANQUILO Oops, my bad (LOL). Anyway, while I understand your point, I hope you and others understand mine. People can support a Democrat they prefer without villanizing a Republican that provided critical support on a key issue.

    Politics is about being practical and I fear that far too many activists are such purists that they just don’t understand what kind of damage they do to the prospects for real legislative change by not being a little more nuanced in their approach.

    And one other thing to consider here is that Brown is almost certainly going to win, since he has extremely high approval ratings and is, in fact, the most popular politician in the state.

    So it probably does not behoove any gay rights organization to be anything other than neutral in its public stance on a race like this, given the likely outcome.

  14. The Iron Orchard says

    I agree with Scott L, give what you can to her campaign and others like her regardless of where you live. These are the people we need in our government because once in they represent us all.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “…–and that every major gay rights organization endorsed his opponent–caused him to turn on us and become vengeful”

    So McCain trying to be as right-wing as his Tea Party opponent in the Arizona Republican Primary for the US Senate had nothing to do with it.

    “…caused him to turn on us and become vengeful”

    Or maybe he just read the Old Testatment.


  16. says

    Once again RICK proves his cowardice by showing everyone that he’s still spending his entire life sucking up to Straight White Men.

    You’ll never be one, dude, and no matter how much you kiss their asses they’ll never think you’re one of them, nor will they respect you.

    Everyone can tell how desperately you want their approval, and you make yourself look like a pathetic doormat.

    Another day, another post from RICK in which he shows us all that he’s utterly incapable of standing on his own two feet, and wastes each day looking over his shoulder worrying what Straight White Male Conservatives are saying about him.

    They’re saying you’re a coward who takes it up the ass. Time to stop caring so much.

  17. says

    @GGREEN you are ignorantly trapped in that Current tv bubble where you forget or chose to ignore the fact that not only do businesses pay taxes, they also employ people, something we desperately need these days.

  18. Patric says

    Great posts, Tranquilo and Derrick.

    Want the truth about Scott Brown? Here are the facts:

    He once referred to a lesbian colleague’s family as “not normal.”

    He was actively involved in the unsuccessful efforts to reinstate marriage discrimination in Massachusetts after the state supreme court ruling there mandated marriage equality.

    Three times (!) last year he voted against the repeal of DADT before finally joining several other Republicans in voting for repeal. While not particularly significant, Rick’s comment above that Brown was the first Republican to declare his support for repeal is just factually inaccurate. More significantly, it’s clear that Brown finally switched positions after three times voting against us on this issue simply because polls showed overwhelming support for repeal in his state and continuing to oppose repeal would have been a big drag on his chances in 2012. As such, we lose no leverage with Brown in opposing him strenuously in his 2012 race in favor of a great candidate like Elizabeth Warren. If, God forbid, he wins that race, he will occasionally continue to vote in our favor for the one and only reason he did on that one occasion previously: the political realities of his New England state demand that he do so. By occasionally voting for us, he perhaps (hopefully) won’t win over the allegiance of scores of (self-loathing) LGBT people but nor will he alienate the many “moderate” Massachusetts voters who do support him and who don’t want their Senator to resemble Rick Perry on social issues.

    Scott Brown continues to this day to support DOMA. How are we ever going to break a Republican filibuster of a DOMA repeal bill if we can’t even get the votes of both Massachusetts senators?!? If Scott Brown were representing Alabama or Nebraska, I might say he’s as good as we can expect to get and we shouldn’t rock the boat but this is Massachusetts we’re talking about and this is the great Senator Kennedy’s seat we’re talking about! It should be filled by someone other than a tea party hack with a history of personal homophobia who is opposed to the repeal of DOMA and we should all commit ourselves energetically to taking him out and replacing him with a true ally like Elizabeth Warren.

  19. say what says

    rick the latest PPP poll shows Warren beating Brown

    PPP has been the most acurate pollster out of all 2008 and 2010 election cycles #1

    The reason PPP is more acurate is due to computerized caller polling as vs live pollster calling. Live people can scew questions, scew answers, fudge results so the fewer actual humans involved in the process of polling increases accuracy which PPP is showing hands down #1

    warren is winning against Brown at the moment but it is only 2 weeks since her announcement and can be easily explained by that since most politicos do well after they first announce. Months from now is the question

  20. say what says

    Ps Lisa G


    The top 10 earning Buiosnesses in fact did NOT pay any taxes what so ever last year and many recieved subsidies from the gov/ corporate welfare

    Exxon paid $0 and recieved Billions from the gov though they made Billions in profits

    Bank of America paid $0

    ATT paid $0

    GE paid $0 and actualy recieved billions from the gov though they made billions in profits

    You Lisa G are misinformed or purposefully perpetuate lies

    Choose your side and know the Koch brothers and other oligarchs don’t even care if you exist

  21. wtf says

    Lisa G is just a typical libertarian troll who doesn’t understand how our economy works. Get some education honey. then come back and tell me just how much those corporations are putting into the community. Profit margins now compared to 75 years ago are INSANE. The rich get richer and the middle/working class get squeezed. A civilization can only be judged on how it treats its poorest citizen. Poverty and homelessness are not getting any better, and I really don’t think that another tax cut for a corporation is going to feed the old widow living in poverty in my neighborhood or take care of you should you end up old, alone and poor. Good luck with your blind allegiance to the rich.

  22. Derek says

    Sometimes I’ll comment on Towleroad but I always read it, and I just have to say that it is NOT worth even addressing Lisa G. A complete troll who apparently runs straight to Towleroad full of right wing talking points, always trying to come off lighthearted but totally insulting at the same time and THEN denying it when called out, and crying about how abused s/he is by everyone at Towleroad for then attacking her! Just dropping a note to say that while conflict can lead to great discussion, that’s not Lisa G.’s intent. Best ignored, I say, and I say this after having fallen for it a few times.

  23. Redebbm says

    I had thought she would run as an Independent much like Bernie Sanders. She shows that she can stand on her two feet, she doesn’t need the party to show her platform. Not to mention her long hard fought record of defending the middle class. Hopefully the people of Mass. will get out and vote for this great woman and hopefully people won’t swoon for the Wall Street sell out Scott Brown because of his truck. So stupid that he was able to fool people, that he was one of them, because of a stupid truck.

  24. says

    Are you all insane?

    I gotta ask.

    Its the taxes *I* pay as a small business owner, and as a private citizen, that funds the roads, the police, the army, and so on. I pay for this now. Right now.

    And you don’t think I built my damn business on my own? You don’t think I am the only one who was willing to take a freakin risk on my vision? You think that society as a whole contributed to my business growing and being successful?

    So, in the deepest dark of the credit crunch, where was society with the capital to back the asset purchases I needed to fulfill orders when the banks wouldn’t? The banks that are partially publicly owned, too big to fail, yet probably should?

    What grew my business was the intense backbreaking labor I put into my business. The complex financial arrangements, and the risks *I* freakin took. The danger to my families well being by literally risking every stinking thing we had in order to pursue this, while this idiot and her fellow travelers were busy raping larger versions of businesses and denying their rightful owners their assets handing everything over to their buddies.

    Lady, you have no business being in government. You have no business teaching. You have no clue what it takes to start, grow, run a business.


  25. epic says

    sorry Lisa G macroeconomics called and you still don’t get it. While you may think you are pay your share there are others who do not you can’t take this a personally affront its not about you this is an systemic problems that is widening the gap between the rich and the poor and Warren as a professor of economics has a solid grasp on these concepts and the deceit foisted upon the american public… as an outside observer it is clear to 99% of us what the american problem is I don’t know if you can filter out the talking points and see the truth being reported outside the american political bubble…Elizabeth Warren has the issue nailed all your protestations to the opposite belies your complicity, wake up.

  26. Dev says

    Hey Lisa G, do you think that you are single-handedly supporting the roads system of America? Is your tax dollars enough to cover the entire police force? How about the Army? Let me guess, the answer is a big fat NO. THAT is what is at the heart of this, the fact that you CANNOT stand alone, that social institutions are supported by millions of people. Your success is dependent on the success of other people, and you owe them part of your success as much as they owe yours. See that road that you claim your tax dollars funded? Well you contributed less than a dollar to that. Give us your paypal account and we can send it back to you, then you can stop bragging about owning the damn road.

  27. Vlad says

    Yes, Lisa, society did help and allowed you to build up your business. Society provided the physical, legal, social and economic infrastructure that enables your business to exist and thrive. If you can do it entirely on your own, try opening the same business in Somalia or say Chechnya, places with little to no government and no rule of law. Everyone in this country seems to be forgetting that without government and the complex socioeconomic system we’ve built we’d be living in some sort of primitive tribal barter society. Why don’t people get this?

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