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Gay Man Found Beaten, Scorched, Tied to Lamppost in Brutal Murder in Scotland

A gay man's body was found beaten and burned and tied to a lamppost on the outskirts of his hometown Cumnock in Ayrshire in Scotland early On Saturday. Stuart Walker, who had recently started work at a bar days before his murder, was supposed to have attended his grandmother 80th birthday party but never showed up.

WalkerPolice are investigating whether Walker's being gay played a part in the crimes against him (as many are speculating), but, as of yet, have no solid evidence.

The Daily Record reports:

Stuart's friends last saw him alive near the fire station in Glaisnock Street at about 2.30am. His scorched and beaten body was found tied to a lamppost just before 5am on the Caponacre industrial estate on the outskirts of town.

Detective Inspector John Hogg, of Ayr CID, said yesterday: "It is imperative that we find out where he was between 2.30am and 4.50am, who he was with and why this happened to him.

"We understand that there may have been a number of house parties in the nearby Netherthird housing estate in the early hours of the morning - between 2am and 3am.

"At this time we do not know if these parties are linked to our investigation or not, so again, any information on that is important. Officers are checking CCTV and carrying out door-to-door inquiries in the area and we would encourage anyone with information to approach them or to call."

Yesterday, flowers were laid near the murder scene. One left by his gran read: "Miss + Love you always our dear grandson. Sleep tight, Gran and Papa."

SceneThe Scottish Sun adds:

Police refused to confirm rumours that they were looking for four girls in connection with the terrifying attack. Horrified locals last night told of their fears Stuart was targeted because of his sexuality.

One tweeted a link to a picture of the murder victim, and wrote: "This is the man who was tied to a lamppost and then set on fire for being gay yesterday, RIP."

But detectives insisted they had yet to find any evidence which supported that theory.

A Facebook tribute page has aprung up in Walker's memory.

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  1. Such an evil, sadistic act!

    Posted by: Albert | Oct 24, 2011 7:34:19 AM

  2. that is a very nice post! i really liked it! think the style you used is very approrpiate! thank you for your efforts!

    Posted by: dissertations | Oct 24, 2011 7:59:03 AM

  3. That is sick. Deeply sorry for his family and friends.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Oct 24, 2011 8:11:29 AM

  4. @dissertiations, your post is totally inappropriate. Shame on you.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Oct 24, 2011 8:13:25 AM

  5. Britain is a very homophobic place, sad to say. There is a lot of undetected homophobia bubbling under the surface. Young people in Britain are particularly homophobic.

    Posted by: jason | Oct 24, 2011 8:18:22 AM

  6. Tragic murder. Even if it isn't a hate crime as the previous indications suggest, the fact that a person(s) would be so diabolical to commit a crime like this is absolutely disgusting and horrific beyond words. Hopefully they find out the facts of what the motive was and find the murderers.

    As for dissertations' post, words fail me.

    Posted by: Francis | Oct 24, 2011 8:30:26 AM

  7. @Jason: sorry, but I disagree. Some areas of Britain may be homophobic (often related to ethnicity but in the south east I would say that sexuality is largely a non-issue, especially amongst young people.

    Posted by: Alan | Oct 24, 2011 9:02:31 AM

  8. Alan, Jason says that about every country outside America, it's sort of an autoresponse any time any anti-gay news comes from overseas.

    Posted by: Brian | Oct 24, 2011 9:10:31 AM

  9. Britain is very homophobic, sad to say. But it's hidden for the most part. The legal situation is better than it was 30 years ago but, culturally, it is worse now than then.

    Politically correct migration policies that invite large numbers of Indians and Middle Easterners have not helped.

    Posted by: jason | Oct 24, 2011 9:20:09 AM

  10. Right winger Jason posts on other sites with the same bias towards any country that isn't America. He's never even lived in the UK as I have. It's not more homophobic than the U.S. by any stretch of the imagination. They don't have those right wing religious nutters influencing politics and running on hate tickets to get elected or campaigning to overturn rights for gay people as we've seen in California, Maine and probably Iowa and New Hampshire next, all down to right wing religious freaks and nutbags and all found in the GOP and their offshoots. The British have far more rights for their gay people than we could imagine and now they're going to start a marriage equality consultation in March of next year. What are we doing lately? The majority of the republican candidates all on the same page, denying rights to gay people. There's none of that in the three parties in the UK. So Jason, you don't know what you're talking about.

    Posted by: Robert in NYC | Oct 24, 2011 9:53:49 AM

  11. Might not be a hate crime? Because just random crime victims get beaten, burned, and tied to lampposts all the time?

    Posted by: KevinVT | Oct 24, 2011 9:58:26 AM

  12. It's like Matthew Shepard all over again :'( RIP

    @Jason As if you would know. Do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor and shut up.

    Posted by: ravewulf | Oct 24, 2011 10:27:48 AM

  13. Re: Dissertations

    People, you're missing the point...that's an account (I'm guessing a spam) that has posted under numerous IDs on this site, and every post has been of the same tenor: "Very well done, I appreciate it!"

    Posted by: Cody | Oct 24, 2011 10:57:57 AM

  14. Dissertations is typical blog spam. Usually it's weeded out by the code you have to type in before a post registers.

    Posted by: Gregoire | Oct 24, 2011 12:09:07 PM

  15. Alan and Jason please don't make this post about race. I've had enough of blaming people of color even when there are no facts supporting your racial bias.

    Posted by: sugarrhill | Oct 24, 2011 12:35:32 PM

  16. I can't believe a gay man was treated like this....never mind gay i can't believe anyone would treat anyone like this full stop! im a gay man and i live in Scotland not far away from where this happened and it just puts things in perspective that some people really and truly hate gay people...its shocking! poor guy!

    Posted by: Martin Bryan | Oct 24, 2011 1:24:03 PM

  17. Police have said that he was not tied to the lamp post, and that there is no evidence yet that he was killed because he was gay.

    Posted by: Angus | Oct 24, 2011 1:43:16 PM

  18. This is inhuman and degrading and savage and brutal and deserves the full punishment of the imprisonment, i.e. for life.

    Thanks everyone for explaining "Dissertations", I couldn't understand how anyone could be so callous.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Oct 24, 2011 1:45:40 PM

  19. Being a gay man, I'm Speechless, Except for how sad I feel for his family and friends and the gay community.
    When are we going to FIGHT Back ?

    Posted by: cheekiey | Oct 24, 2011 2:08:23 PM

  20. Jason: if it's the nasty brown people at fault for all this homophobia, how come this happened in one of the parts of Britain that has one of the lowest proportions of ethnic minorities?

    Also, the majority of Indians are Hindu & Sikh. When referring to brown people from the Indian sub-continent (in your twisted world view) I think you mean Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. They're the scary terrywrist Muslims. As to Middle Eastern immigrants to the UK, we have very small communities of political refugees from that part of the world. No Commonwealth connection, very hard for them to get into the country.

    Now take your racist fantasies and get thee to the website comments where you belong. Where white people are incapable of doing terrible things!

    Posted by: Graham Anderson | Oct 24, 2011 6:28:30 PM

  21. Most human beings recognized centuries ago that we as a species can individually duplicate and exceed the extremes of beasts in the wild. Indeed, most beasts in the wild would probably be horrified at what human minds can direct their bodies to do to their own kind! That's why we have laws under government. We gay folks just happen to be the latest canaries in the mine when it comes to the unbridled hatred and viciousness that may, at any time, envelop our fellow humans in the odious inflictions of mortality our species all too often imposes upon "others." Whatever their race or "color" no human can be so smug to believe that "it can't happen here." "It" can and does with penultimate disregard for it's victims if the laws and government we can influence doesn't do what's necessary to respect and protect every human being in our midst. Once we start differentiating "them" by color, race, or random economic status, we become part of the problem and not part of the ever needed solution. No human should ever be subjected to the darker side of what all humans can possibly do given the influences under which they labor in their isolated lives. This barbaric loss of Stuart Walker is a tragedy with immense implications for every member of our humanity.

    Posted by: Tom Cardellino | Oct 24, 2011 7:17:23 PM

  22. Someone needs to delete the spam posting. Moderators?

    Completely anecdotal, but I must mention that the only time I ever felt homophobia coming from females was from 4 "chav" girls outside a bar in Glasgow, back in 2000. They were white as devon cream.
    (the spirit of St. Theresa haunts me, but I'm male)

    Posted by: St. Theresa of Avila | Oct 24, 2011 11:26:51 PM

  23. KevinVT makes a good point.

    How could this crime possibly not be gay-hate motivated? I guess just like a black family home burned down with the family inside it and a burning cross outside was "maybe" race-hate motived.

    Scotland Yard, get a clue.

    (Yeah, I know it's probably not actually Scotland Yark on this case, but it feels apt to say it.)

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Oct 25, 2011 12:21:12 AM

  24. Remember, it's Scotland, so they'll probably just release the murderer on "compassionate grounds" the minute he catches the sniffles.

    Posted by: Romulox | Oct 25, 2011 4:44:35 AM


    Posted by: CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON | Jun 6, 2012 5:04:00 AM

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