1. OberonOZ says

    LOL I dont know what this is, serious or not. I was going to say that I dont understand the girls being interested in these boys, since there is some SERIOUS gay face going on there, but then I had to remember that girls fancied Boy George too, so I suppose anything is possible. Its standard boyband music, but the lyrics are like something Justin Timberlake would have collaborated with Andy Samberg on.
    Hysterical :) Pretty sure thats not the reaction they were hoping for.

  2. sal says

    kpop!!!!! check out 2pm,infinite or super junior or shinee on youtube!!boybands are ALIVE,this roup sucks but i can see boybands making it big…check out my suggestions,shinee pretty much has a gay member(key)

  3. sal says would be cool if towleroad did a piece on korean pop,allot of the male groups do allot of “skinship”with each other(kissing,flirting) and the female fans LOVE it,they actually fantasize about some male members being in real romantic relationships and i swear some members really look like they are interested in each other.and some guys in these groups are flamboyant and the fans love them because of it.KPOP is sooo cool.again i yu guys wanna check out what im saying look up for “diva key” or ‘diva jo kwon” on youtube and look at how flamboyant and fun they are

  4. Ricco says

    “It’s like Zoolander and Justin Bieber bred and this is our curse for permitting it,” says SEVEN.

    I could not have said it better. That mix of Zoolandwer and Justin Bieber would be great if it was a SNL skit, but it is wasn’t, okay?

    The video made me uneasy, like totally uncomfortable, like that period of time in my life where I tried to convince myself I was into women, and said and did things I thought straight men said and did to attract women.

    The last time I felt this uncomfortable and queasy was in the 7th grade, in the South Tahoe Intermediate School library, when Marjorie Petty grabbed my hand and pushed her boob in it, and kissed me on the lips!!

    The only thing more painful than watching these gay boys, with their over-quaffed, updated Star Trek doos, acting like they were into girls, were the girls pretending they were into the gay boys.

    No! Watching the boys was worse, really painful. It was like something out of the Twilight Zone episode, where Justin Bieber was cloned five times and made into a boy band.

    I don’t think I watched twenty seconds before I HAD to turn it off.

  5. Anthony says

    No girl is goIng to be interested in a guy that wears more foundation, has more eyeliner or more blowdried hair than she does. Stop lance!

  6. Iko says

    Pretty obviously a parody of his old days in whatever band it was he was in. Not very clever, though. Lyrics were on the painfully bad side of things.

  7. ScttN485 says

    I’m gonna puke. Real or not, it’s bad. Seemingly gay men singing about a girl. Come on, it’s coming out day =P

  8. say what says

    yeah Im going to say its real

    in a week the guys will all regret it and Lance will be crying about how no one gets his genius

    OY what a mess

  9. Trey says

    This kind of absolute crap makes me want to vomit. Sorry kids, recess is over, go back to class. Tommy, no cellphones, put it away before I take it away. Thank you.

  10. Jennifer says

    I really honestly think those aren’t “boys” at all….I think they are girls. It’s def a parody, but im pretty sure at least two of them are girls. Specifically lesbians because they cant dance that well, lol.

  11. says

    That is just about the best parody number I think I’ve ever seen. (What? Did anyone really think that was real?) Very funny.

  12. says

    I kept expecting to see the “College Humor Original” frame pop up…

    But before we dismiss this as a complete joke, might I remind everyone that it was N*sync behind the song “Digital Get Down.” 😐

  13. jaragon says

    Beyond horror- is this a trailer from some new Halloween movie- “Shallow Boys With Hideous Hair”