Iowa Marriage Equality in Danger Over Dwindling Senate Democrats

Iowa's two-and-a-half-year-old marriage equality law has always been safe due to a Democratic majority in the state senate. Not so anymore, the Daily Iowan reports:

IowamarriageDemocrats in Iowa — a state that legalized same-sex marriage in 2009 in a state Supreme Court decision — have been losing control of the Senate, with their numbers dropping from 27-22 to 26-24 in the November 2010 elections. After Sen. Swati Dandekar, D-Marion, announced in September that she was resigning, Democrats are at risk of losing control completely.

"If this does happen, if we were to lose that race, certainly it makes the chances of us seeing a Constitutional amendment passed through the Senate much more likely," said Troy Price, the executive director of One Iowa, the state's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocacy group. "And should that happen, if it is able to pass in the next legislative session, as early as June 2013 you could see it on the ballot."

The open seat in District 18 — which is almost evenly split between registered Republicans and Democrats — is going to go to either Democrat Liz Mathis or Republican Cindy Golding.

Don McDowell, a Golding spokesman, would not specify whether the candidate was for or against gay marriage but did say she wants Iowans to have a voice on the matter.

Donations can be made here to lgbt rights group One Iowa, which is supporting Mathis.


  1. Gay American says

    I saw where Cindy thinks that she’s gonna get Iowan’s to VOTE ON Gay/Lesbian Marriage RIGHTS? Is this lady serious? When Can I vote on her rights? Does she think gays/lesbians are just gonna sit-by and allow that to happen to them and thier families? You think your gonna annull the 1000’s of marriages that have taken place? You want another PROP 8??? Cause well Iowa has NO OTHER problems, does it??? Pathetic…typical GOP CRAP of smaller gov’t?? what a Joke…its no wonder Id NEVER ever Vote GOP….are the dems perfect – hell Noooo, but they ARE the lesser of 2 evils.

  2. Cecil says

    Repost this at the top, and do not urge people to donate to the One Iowa campaign, urge them to donate to the DEMOCRATS campaign. We elect her= we win, we don’t elect her= hot mess if we can’t control one of the legislature by the next session. As someone who has worked on campaigns at the bottom rung of the latter she needs that money to pay for canvassers, campaign mailers, ads, etc. She needs it more than One Iowa.

  3. Redebbm says

    Elections have consequences unfortunately, Republicans will campaign on jobs dodging the Gay Marriage question. First thing they will do in office is cater to their base and strip our rights away….again.

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