1. paul says

    Smart as a button that one. I would pay a great deal of money to see her face to face with any of the GOP front runners. The only one brave enough to face her would probably be Ron Paul…

  2. walter says

    chalk another lie for brown gallagher and nom. i hope that story makes the front page in every newspaper in new hampshire. let them see the face of hate and bigotry.

  3. Mary says

    NOM’s website also contains a picture of an Asian couple with their cute little daughter. This photo was taken from a pharmacy website – I saw it again when I went to either Rite-Aid or Walgreen’s website. I had assumed when NOM used it that they were using photos of their supporters. I can’t imagine why they’d be lifting photos from other websites. I’m sure they have supporters who’d be willing to have their photos used. I hope its not because moral traditionalists are all as butt-ugly as Towleroad comments make us out to be!

    But seriously, NOM needs to get its act together on this issue. Maggie and Brian are not doing the cause any good with this behavior.

  4. says

    @MARY: just an FYI, but both websites probably licensed the image from a stck photography house. Or perhaps the pharmacy paid or it and NOM, well, I’d hate to cast aspersions without proof….