NEWS: Axelrod Talks Flip Flops, Gaga Sings ‘Bill Romance’, Warp Drive


Road David Axelrod pillories Mitt Romney for flip-flopping on gay rights. Yeah, 'cuz Axelrod would never associate with a gay rights flip-flopper.

Road Gaga serenades Bill Clinton! Bill seems to like it!  

Road Really well-written NYT piece debunking Sybil's multiple personalities.

Road In Vietnam, a rare disease causes a woman to seemingly age decades in a matter of days.

Road Economists wonder what to do about AIDS.

Road Steve Jobs breaks up a marriage from beyond the grave.

Road Speaking of Steve, here's what probably actually killed him.

Road This is the coolest video of a guy quitting his job that you're ever likely to see.

Beyonce Road Just Jared's got the new Beyonce vid!

Road Harper Perennial saves publishing… by not paying its writers very much.

Road Justin Timberlake is a hero.

Road Lainey explains why most of us will never see the new Footloose.

Road Gay activists throw bricks through windows of anti-gay activists' venue. Hysteria ensues.

Road Gizmodo features photography that's either beautiful or terrifying, depending on your proximity to bedtime.

Road Sorry, faster-than-light travel fans. Einstein probably had it right the whole time.


  1. Jerry says

    Re: Sybil:

    You mean to say everyone in the world didn’t already know that Cornelia Wilbur was a self-aggrandizing charlatan who got hold of a highly suggestible patient?

  2. says

    Daniel Radcliffe, Jamie Bell, Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman, Alex Pettyfer (‘Beastly’), Jeremy Sumpter, Hunter Parrish, Nicholas Hoult, Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano, Anton Yelchin, Dev Patel, Liam Hemsworth, Darren Criss, Thomas Dekker, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Lucas Till.

    Just a few of the names I came up with.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Axelrod should probably not push this attack strategy too hard. It’s one question (about a 1996 candidate position survey on marriage equality) away from backfiring in the face of Obama.

  4. jason says

    Beyonce is beyond greedy. She’s immoral and not very gay-friendly. She accepted cash from the murderous Gaddafi family in exchange for singing at a private function. Keep in mind that the Gaddafi family organized the bombing of the Panam passenger jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, an act of terrorism that killed many, including babies. Let’s not even begin to go into Gaddafi’s treatment of gay people in Libya.

    Therefore, I find it personally unsettling that Towleroad, presumably under the auspices of Brandon K Thorp, would publicize anything to do with this witch.

  5. Charlie says

    There are millions of LGBT people. Some of them are really crazy and violence prone (just like Christians). The bigots who were attacked should report it to the police. And if the perpetrators are caught they might face a hate crimes penalty enhancement if convicted. That is, assuming there is a well-written hate-crimes law in Illinois. (I know that attacks motivated by political opinions are covered by hate crimes laws where I live.)

    While I sympathize with the anger of these activists they hurt the movement. They shift the argument away from the injustice being done to LGBT people and onto how our opponents are being victimized. We do have the moral high ground. This is not something to be cast aside.