Tabloid Eyes Justin Bieber’s Gay Club Visit

BieberAccording to News Corp UK tabloid The Sun, Justin Bieber is using gay clubs to find refuge from paternity claims.

What's the best way to knock back rumours you've fathered a love child? Go for a night out on the shandy at "Europe's hottest gay venue". Justin Bieber knocked back allegations he's the father of a lovechild from a 30-second knee trembler with the camp night out in Belfast. After winning two gongs at the MTV EMAs on Sunday, he did some more high-profile work on his defence, by choosing to spend the early hours of Monday morning in gay club Kremlin.

Bieber also entered through a back door, and The Sun couldn't resist:

No jokes about the tradesman's entrance, please.

And don't you know, those gay clubs are dangerous places for young men:

Not exactly the best place for some peace and quiet for an angelic looking young 'un in a city far from home.

Justin Bieber hides Out in a Gay Club [the sun]