1. endo says

    I liked this scene and the return of Karofsky, but man that gay bar sucked! It looked like a gay bar from the early 80s.

    Do gay teens even know who Thelma Houston is?

  2. Henry Holland says

    You know Andy, a [SPOILER] tag doesn’t do much good when you freakin’ SPOIL IT in the headline. This is the age of DVR’s, not all of us watch TV shows when they’re broadcast.

  3. Steve says

    I’m almost embarrassed to be gay – I’m surprised they didn’t break with some Gloria Gaynor.

  4. Badly Drawn Boston Boy says

    Poor Henry Holland, we get it… you’re too popular and busy on a Tuesday night with your social group cutting hair at the salon to watch teevee. Being bitchy on a comment board doesn’t make up for the fact that you’ll be sitting home alone on a Friday night watching this show with your cats.

  5. Continuum says

    Admittedly the bar did seem a bit dated.

    But, I still liked the episode.

    I can still remember my first time in a gay bar. A mixture of apprehension and that of a boy being in a candy store. I just kept thinking that all these guys were hot men, and they all liked men just like me. A sense that at last you weren’t alone.

  6. MikeInSanJose says

    How many times has Karofsky been held back? Where in the US can high school students walk into a bar and order a beer without being carded?

    (I am liking him more and more…)

  7. Paul R says

    For the “sex episode,” this was pretty lacking in sex.

    But that bar is exactly like those in small towns everywhere. Including the not caring about the age of the patrons. Though there’s no way that Blaine could have gotten so wasted off one beer.

  8. atomic says

    If the bar seems dated, consider that this show is set in a small town in Ohio. It’s not exactly the Castro or weho, folks. So if anything it’s more realistic that the bar doesn’t look like the Abbey.

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Where in the US can high school students walk into a bar and order a beer without being carded?”

    Or serve Courvoisier in coffee to a kid wearing a Dalton High uniform?

    I haven’t followed this show. What reason did the Blaine and kurt have for being chaste? Not even using their hands below the waist?

  10. MT says

    I have to admit I absolutely loathe Kurt. He seriously needs to unclench. He comes across as extremely self righteous. It all started with his interactions with his dad (who I think seems to try his damnedest for Kurt) and just went screechingly downhill from there.

  11. says

    I thought the whole episode was chaste…(and kind of stupid plot lines but hey it’s GLEE)…it was still SO progressive compared to the 80s and 90s.

  12. Rex in Ohio says

    Of course the bar was dated, have you ever been to Ohio, and a “small town” at that. I’ve been to bars that haven’t been updated in 30 years, or cleaned for that matter.
    Great show, btw.

  13. Christopher says

    Yes, I’m gay. No, I don’t watch Glee. Found out this was the ‘sex’ show from the Right-Wing over-reaction. Didn’t know about the underage drinking until I read it here! What, the Righties like their teens drunk. . and celebate? Or, just too drunk to remember that grope under the sheets back home.

  14. says

    Personally I was disappointed in the ‘end of the show sex’ scene which wasn’t a sex scene at all. Kurt and Blaine are two 17YOs who, in reality, would be naked and all over each other. We didn’t even get a passionate kiss or embrace.

    Not sure the ages of the writers but their plot lines are aged – why is it only gay kids sneak into bars, get drunk, and attempt to attack each other in the back seat of a car? OTHO, Rachel and Finn had the lovely pretty “we’re in love, I’ve saved myself just for you…” scenes.

    And I’m not that impressed with Sebastian. From his online photo I was expecting a serious hunk but he is more of a twink then a hunk. If you’re gay then you have to know a Sebastian and if you don’t then you will. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve gone to a grouping (party, meeting, etc) and someone like Sebastian is intent on working his [failed] magic on me or my husband. And when that fails the inevitable, “consider a 3some?”

    Glee has let me down quite for much of this season. BTW,

    Anyone see 90210 and Teddy’s (farewell) wedding to Shane? OMG, so bad… At the alter, they exchange rings “and I now pronouce you groom and groom…” (Groom and Groom? Duh…) No kiss or embrace. Camera pans away and I turned to Greg and roll my eyes. I swear to God – are they shaking hands?”

    Say goodbye to Teddy. He won’t be back. This marriage was to write him out of the show.

  15. Qvato says

    I’ve been hating this season, but I thought last night’s episode was real good. A focus on character development. The Korofsky scene was cute. And the Coach Beast story was sweet.

  16. Manhattanvince says

    This show is unwatchable…It’s Ryan Murphy’s wet dream, and Poison Arrow? really? I love the song but I don’t think I EVER heard it played in a club.

  17. RichB in PS says

    There certainly! was a lot in the episode to digest – in a good way. The pre-publicity of the episode was ‘over kill’ – I think the many messages I received was well presented by the show writers, producers and actors. Thank you.

  18. Paul R says

    I’ve heard Poison Arrow in a club. Tracks DC, maybe 1986.

    At least someone is apparently having sex: Karofsky. And he looks about 40, so I would hope so. Cub? Not at all.

  19. Paul R says

    Oh, and in 1986 I was 14, so it’s not just bars/clubs in small towns that allow the underaged. Having a “young look” makes more money.

    I must say that the drag queens at that bar were awful. Why not do a number featuring them? In the 5 seconds they were on screen….

  20. endo says

    The drag queens should definitely have done a number! And Kurt’s disdain for drag seemed shockingly out of character.

    I also thought it was odd that they called it “Drag Queen Night Wednesday” as if that’s only a one-night-a-week thing. It would have made more sense if they were out on Retro night given the music.

  21. FernLaPlante says

    Are we really picking apart the look, feel, and sounds of a fake gay bar in Lima, Ohio? It looked a lot like the gay bar I went to in Saginaw, MI. Like it opened in the 80s and never renovated. Plus, the Glee bar (Scandals) had some older guys in it so maybe they played the 80s on the juke box. Not every bar in the world is WeHo’s The Abbey or Chicago’s Sidetrack.

  22. endo says

    “Are we really picking apart the look, feel, and sounds of a fake gay bar in Lima, Ohio?”

    The rest of the show is so embarrassingly bad and not worth talking about… so yes, yes we are.

  23. Joey says

    This is TV folks. Not cable TV, but network TV. How many honest, real to life shows are on network TV? – ZERO. It is still not allowed. But in the show we had a gay relationship played as equal to a straight relationship. We had teens struggling with having sex for the first time. And you guys complain. Man it is true that you never appreciate what you have. Frankly, I don’t want to see a bunch of high school kids naked. I want to see them trying to learn how to love and respect each other. That sex is just a part of how they love each other.

  24. sugarrhill says

    It’s a comedy, bitches! Do you think the outdated Gay bar was perhaps played for laughs?

  25. Hollywood, CA says

    My Homophobic DVR did not record this show! So pissed! Although, what I can peice together from the comments doesn’t give me too much hope.

    And about small town gay bars, it looks like the one that was in our town. Anywho, love the new Irish Kid from that Glee contest show. Looks like he’ll be taking Kurt’s place!

  26. Yuki says

    Dastius, they didn’t want to have sex right away because not /everyone/ does. They wanted to wait for the right time for them.

  27. Ryan says

    I don’t get it. They spent a lot of time in season 2 building up the Karofsky story line and now it seems like he’s been written off the show. He’s suddenly changed schools? The Karofsky arc was one of the best plotlines Glee had; why did they abruptly end it?

  28. Gleek4life says

    Did anyone else notice the John Boehner lookalike in the gay bar? Or that attending a circuit party on [fire] island appeared on Kurt’s bucket list?