NC Baptist Church Forbids All Weddings Until Gays Can Marry

Raleigh's Pullen Memorial Baptist Church voted on Sunday to bar its pastor from performing any weddings until gay and lesbian couples can marry, the News Observer reports:

PettyThe congregants said in a formal statement that current North Carolina law – and the language proposed for a vote next year on an amendment to the state Constitution – discriminates against same-sex couples "by denying them the rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual married couples."

"As people of faith, affirming the Christian teaching that before God all people are equal, we will no longer participate in this discrimination," the church's statement says.

The vote was unanimous and brought tears to the eyes of some of the 100 or so members who stood to vote in favor of the "statement on marriage ceremonies."

The pastor, Nancy Petty, had previously told her congregation that the discrimination "had become a burden on her conscience."


  1. peterparker says

    This is really sweet and all–especially considering that it is a Baptist church–but it conflates the issue of church weddings versus civil/legal marriage. Voters need to understand that the two are NOT the same in any way, shape or form, and I’m afraid this just further confuses the issue.

  2. AKM says

    It’s about money and power. With homosexual marriage they can make more money and can also get more people into their buildings to spew more of their nonsensical and retarded religious dribble at them.

  3. Patrick says

    The church will continue to perform weddings, both heterosexual and homosexual, but not legal marriages. The minister will not sign the state marriage certificate. So they understand the distinction clearly. What they did is wonderful, but I wouldn’t make too much of it being a “Baptist” church. Pullen is notoriously independent and, along with Binkley Baptist in Chapel Hill, the most liberal mainstream church in the state of any denomination. Both congregations are made up primarily of university-related folks, and both were kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention years ago, Pullen in 1992 for blessing a same-sex union.

  4. says

    Sure, it’s sweet But as PETERPARKER says above, what is this supposed connection between Church ceremonies and Civil Law?

    They are distinct issues and should be distinct ceremonies and every marriage , gay or straight, must have the same legal status.
    I don’t care what the status of a religious ceremony is ……that’s a matter for the participants. But every legal marriage must be a civil one……
    What you add on to that is your business.

  5. DB says

    Hallelujah! How glorious to see Christians standing up for Christ’s love. I pray for the day when all Baptist churches will follow the Christian faith as this congregation is doing. I actually did attend a heterosexual wedding at this church years ago. It was already no as a congregation that tried to follow Christ’s teachings instead of the sinful bigotry of some fundamentalist leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention. The congregation has now left the corrupt SBC and joined the more Christ-like Alliance of Baptists. As the Bible states, ‘there is neither male nor female, there is no Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, you are all one in Christ’. To God, same-sex and different-sex marriage are the same.

  6. Patrick says

    Pay attention now, Twist. This church gets the distinction you are making. They have been performing gay and straight church wedding ceremonies for years and will continue to do so. In North Carolina, and many other states, ministers also have the authority to create legal civil marriages by signing off on the marriage license. That is what the church is saying it will no longer do until the civil law is made equal.

  7. says

    I’m a big time atheist, but this does us good: it makes the point that our current situation can be construed as obstructing freedom of religion. Yeah, kind of ass backwards, but it’s a good point for those stuck on/in religion.

  8. says

    More and more churches are doing this. They will continue to do their church weddings, but decline to sign off on the legal paperwork if they can’t do it for all their members.

  9. MiMi says

    Why do gays always say being anti homosexual is not Christian. Christianity is not about accepting any and everything. When Jesus asked is there any without sin then cast the first stone he was not condoning adultery he was indicating we are not to judge. He then told the woman her sins were forgiven her and to go and sin no more. No matter how you try to dress in up homosexual behavior is NOT Christian behavior. This is very clearly stated in the bible, but I suppose all the homosexuals are pro adultery, fornicataion, lying, etc. Because if not aren’t they bigots and not walking in love. This is just utter and complete nonsense. Homosexuality is totally and completely wanting to indulge in deviant sexual behavior.

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