Thanksgiving Family Forum In Des Moines: VIDEO


Her entire philosophy seems to revolve around self-reliance mandated, or perhaps made bearable, by her belief in a loving God. She also told us that she was “saved at 16”, which happens to be the exact same age I started actively sinning.That guy can really turn on the taps. Herman wept not just once but twice during this debate. Responding to a question about personal challenges, he cited his greatest trial as the moment when he was diagnosed with cancer. With tears in his eyes, he delivered this killer line: “I said to my wife, ‘I can get through this.’ She replied, ‘We can get through this.’” Later, when asked what his biggest failing in life was, Cain broke down again when he said that he hadn’t spent enough time with his young daughters. The camera fell on Gingrich, whose eyes seemed to say, “Buddy, I’m sure you’ve done a lot worse than that.”