Thanksgiving Family Forum In Des Moines: VIDEO


Her entire philosophy seems to revolve around self-reliance mandated, or perhaps made bearable, by her belief in a loving God. She also told us that she was “saved at 16”, which happens to be the exact same age I started actively sinning.That guy can really turn on the taps. Herman wept not just once but twice during this debate. Responding to a question about personal challenges, he cited his greatest trial as the moment when he was diagnosed with cancer. With tears in his eyes, he delivered this killer line: “I said to my wife, ‘I can get through this.’ She replied, ‘We can get through this.’” Later, when asked what his biggest failing in life was, Cain broke down again when he said that he hadn’t spent enough time with his young daughters. The camera fell on Gingrich, whose eyes seemed to say, “Buddy, I’m sure you’ve done a lot worse than that.”


  1. Tazmar says

    When the 99% revolution starts, the percentage will quickly drop as the true majority in the country wipe them out. Go ahead……start your revolution near my home. It’ll be a short revolution.

  2. Tom says

    Goo NEWT! AWESOME! I agree! Stop Bitchin’ get cleaned up,and Get a Job!

    And the jobs ARE out there!

    My 25 year old nephew didn’t complain!

    He’s a clean cut young man, put his resume’ on and instantly got 8 high paying job interviews.

    Failure is when you do nothing and depend on The government and banks to give you free handouts.
    That’s Not Life! That’s a disillusionment.

  3. David in Houston says

    Santorum said, “Our country is based on a moral enterprise…” Meanwhile, two seats over, thrice married, two-time adulterer, Newt Gingrich applauds with tears streaming down his bigoted homophobic hypocritical face.

  4. bluedogJ says

    You contrast Newt’s hypocritical and pandering rant with Elizabeth Warren’s reasoned discussions about corporate and social responsibility and you begin to get to the root of the problem.

  5. says

    Tom, you think the protesters want free hand-outs from the banks? What are you talking about? The banks got free hand-outs from taxpayers. Why don’t you denigrate the banks as well as the protesters? Are you a banker?

  6. say what says

    (pats Tazmar on the head)

    it is ok little child the nice men with a straight jacket will be along any moment now

    They have some wonderful meds to make you feel all warm and fuzy

  7. Jon says

    The protestors are protesting the very people that support them by earning money and payng taxes which go to their welfare govt aid food stamps and to their govt freebies. What are the protestors doing to the people that own companies in the area ? They can’t get customers in the front door.
    The protestors for the most part are left wing revoluntionaries that don’t like the USA or capitailism and are socialists and communists by their own admissions.
    They want a revolution ? go ahead start one .. and let’s see what happens… the protestors have the wrong targets they shou dbe surrounding the wihtehouse where the real problem exists…but he is one of them ..

  8. Jon says

    The protestors want a job ? Well after sitting around for weeks in a park doing nothing isn’t going to help them get one.
    Go to , fed jobs, or any local newpaper the JOBS ARE THERE to be filled only those that don’t want to work are the ones NOT working ..Our govt has developed a welfare state of lazy people. These protestors are a perfect example of people who live on govt aid and don’t want to work..

  9. JT says

    EVERYONE I know who has participated in Occupy Wall Street has a job. They are worried for their children. Their children who have high school and college degrees who are employed by employers who pay just enough for them to survive. No new cars, no new clothes, no new furniture in their homes. Just enough to pay (rent)for a roof over their heads and barely enough food, and just enough to pay for transportation to their jobs. Many people earn enough JUST for that. There are millions in the same predicament. The rich, like Newt, just don’t get it. Wall Street was bailed out by taxpayers, not companies and corporations who don’t pay any taxes at all.

  10. anon says

    I don’t think anyone can generalize about the character of OWS protesters. All these code words used by the candidates were designed to undermine Romney more than anything. No one needs Iowa to win the election, but everyone thinks it helps.

  11. TyN says


    By handouts do you mean when the big banks got a big tax payer bailout when they f*cked up the economy?

    The OWS protest is not anti-capitalist, being rich, or spending money. It’s protesting the large banks, fraud, and how the 1% continue to get richer even after we had to bail them out. It’s about the lack of regulation and accountability. And unless you’re making around $350K a year, then you’re part of the 99%, too.

  12. Redebbm says

    Newt Gringrich, the man who is unemployed, making millions off scamming people and dirty with ethics charges while he was Speaker of the House? Yeah he’s the one who should be talking. Also judging from these comments its not surprising people are jaded from reality. Those that DO have a job are suffering with stagnant wages that just isn’t enough to cover expenses. OWS is the response that the top 1% continue to get richer, while the rest of the 99% country suffers heavily from the recession and are told there isn’t enough money to go around when there clearly is. judging OWS with such a big brush that they are “lazy, unemployed” ignores the fundamental problems that our economic system has and needs to be addressed.

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