9th Circuit to Hold Hearings in Prop 8 Case Today

A hearing on two issues in the Prop 8 case will be held today before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jacob Combs at the Courage Campaign sums up today's hearings:

Olson_boiesThe first hearing, at 2:30 p.m. PST, will regard the appeal of Judge Ware’s decision to release the Prop 8 recordings taken during the initial trial.  The second hearing, at 3:30 p.m. PST, regards the appeal of Judge Ware’s ruling to deny the proponents’ motion to dismiss Judge Walker’s decision because he did not disclose that he is in a long-term relationship with a man (shorter: Prop 8 backers said Judge Walker is gay so he is biased so his decision should be dismissed, Judge Ware denied their motion, Prop 8 backers appealed to the 9th Circuit). The 9th Circuit is not having any further hearings on the constitutional merits of the case itself or the issue of standing.

Plaintiffs’ lead co-counsel Theodore B. Olson will present the oral argument advocating for the release of the trial tapes at 2:30pm PT.  Plaintiffs’ lead co-counsel David Boies will present the oral argument regarding Proponents’ motion to vacate judgment at 3:30pm PT.

This should be the last hearing before the 9th Circuit  issues a ruling on the U.S. District Court’s August 2010 decision that struck down Proposition 8.


  1. Robert in NYC says

    If the tapes are allowed to be released, I can imagine the hissy fit Maggie Srivastav and Brian Brown will have. Let’s hope the court rules against them so we can all gloat for a change.

  2. ggreen says

    9th Circuit Court of Appeals STARTS hearings at 2:30 in the afternoon. It must be on a day they aren’t deciding which maga-corporation can sue another for the exclusive right to steal from consumers. What a bunch of lazy “jurists”.

  3. dctopman says

    @ggreen Actually, they started at 9 am today and are hearing a total of 23 cases in 3 different courtrooms. The 2:30 “start” time refers to just the cases that the readers of Towleroad would be interested in.

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