1. AJ says

    Nothing against these guys or the cause but I despise this dusty a55 ancient relic of a song. Especially when we have had a practically balmy and snowless Xmas here in Minneapolis! It’s cold outside INDEED! Bite me!!

  2. Ken says

    I didn’t like it for the reason that it had no charisma to it. They are clearly performing and I feel no connection between the two. Doesn’t mean there isn’t any…

  3. emmy says

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  4. TJ says

    Off topic, but then so is EMMY: does anyone ever go to these ridiculous websites that these crazy posts suggest? I really love the ones that comment from far, far, left field on long-archived topics.

  5. says

    Cute kids, but the song, not so much.

    Chris Salvatore.. *sighs, removes glasses and squeezes bridge of nose* All I want for Christmas is you… to stop attempting a music career. Our airwaves are flooded with lackluster talent that STILL outshines you more than a piece of greasy tinsel.

    I applaud their efforts, and their fundraising, so I can’t complain too much. I’m not in a position of sufficient celebrity to create something with the intent of raising money for a worthy cause.

    But come on, guys. If you have to rely on processing and vocal photoshop to carry a tune, you’re better off trying to put that thing in a bucket.

    But, cheers. I hope its a success!

  6. Bob R says

    First the prurient: I think Chris Salvatore is very handsome, especially the unwaxed version. But, I have a thing for Italian men and chest hair.

    Second, I think both guys have very good voices and are talented. I’d like to hear more. But this rendition of “Baby Its Cold Outside” just leaves me cool. The Glee version is better, but I’ve heard even better renditions by some of the more standard artists.

    But I applaud the effort and wish both guys good luck. There is talent there and I do like their voices. I could see myself buying an album if the songs were good.

  7. ganymeade says

    I actually love this song. It is a wink at our silenced repressive past. The song was risque’ when it was written. They sang it well and it is cute. I enjoyed it and Ella’s as well Chris and Darren’s version.

  8. Mhmm says

    Remind me to off myself when I become an old, bitter, armchair critic of obvious talentless “artists”. Really, if you take any of this pop crap as art, you probably also think Gaga is actually artistic as well as lose any merit in your critiques. It’s all crap. The only artists are the ones you love because they died and are in museums.

  9. Alex says

    Very sweet tune and a great cause. Beautiful voices. But if there’s such a think as “over performing”, this would be the perfect example. A little restraint would have gone a long way, and maybe resulted in a hart felt song.

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