1. justinw says

    Anything the Church comes up with to denounce other people can be viewed – and rightly so! – as deflection. They will do or say anything rather than clean house on their institutionally sanctioned pedophiles.

  2. Urmensch says

    This liar can try to back-track all he wants, but he fact is he said the RHETORIC of the LGBT movement was like the KKK. He said nothing about parades.
    I remember because I was struck by the irony of him slurring our community with hateful rhetoric while accusing us of it.

  3. Pete n SFO says

    Katholic Khurch Kulture is what is truly out of whack in this country…

    Certainly not a bunch of gay people smiling & dancing in the streets.

    I wish more people would push-back.

    Can we get T-shirts in time for this year’s parade that say, “STFU George!”

  4. JT says

    Interesting how no other businesses decided they needed to be “consulted” or give approval to the parade route. Rather, from what I understand, businesses appreciate the extra traffic. And it’s almost worse that he accuses the LGBT parade of deliberately moving the route to disrupt his services (which, granted, I would have done).

  5. Angela Channing says

    Was I wrong in reading that the LGBT parade organizers agreed to a time change on the parade so it would not interfere with the church’s service? So LGBT organizers compromise (or demure) and this is the thanks we get?

    Polls show that Catholics are more pro LGBT rights including marriage than their prostestant counter parts. The Cardinal’s words will only drive more fair minded people away from the church. The main cause of the demise of the church, is the church leadership. I am 48 and I think we might see the collapse of the Catholic Church in the US in my lifetime.

  6. says

    The Theology of Social Justice and Peace advocates the responsibility of all branches of the Catholic faith to provide the voice and, if necessary, the physical presence to counter any and all attempts to deny or prevent any person from their God-given rights and dignity.

    With all due respect, I believe that Cardinal George’s comments have failed to witness these values and obligations which are held sacred by all catholic jurisdictions.

    Sometimes these actions must go beyond writing letters to the Editors or posting personal Blogs. It is the baptismal obligations of all Catholics, regardless of their jurisdiction to sometimes take strong and proactive stances to fight all forms of injustice to others.

    The history of the pastoral administration of the Catholic faith is permanently stained by its many past acts of social prejudices and even the murders of others in the ‘name of the faith.’ These past sins of our shared history must be atoned for by this generation of all branches of Catholicism through the embracement of the sacredness rooted in the Theology of Social Justice and Peace.

    As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior, we need not compare those who advocate peace and justice within the Kingdom of God on Earth to the KKK. We need to compare the faith of these advocates, these modern workers in the vineyard – to that of our Holy Family

  7. shane says

    chicago gay pride organizers should divert resources to set up large screen tvs showing a loop of his comments, and play it outside the steps of mass that day. maybe the congregants would form their own opinion, and some change would occur.

  8. Henry says

    Here’s a thought, “cardinal”: how about welcoming and celebrating LGBT as part of the flock trying to grow closer to Jesus instead of trying to alienate yourself and your “followers” from them. Harden not your heart as at Meribah!

  9. peterparker says

    The KKK has their own parade? And it is similar to ours? Odd. I can’t imagine that a bunch of guys wearing nothing but white pointy hoods and thongs atop a float blasting bad disco music would appeal to the KKK’s demographic.

  10. peterparker says

    The KKK has their own parade? And it is similar to ours? Odd. I can’t imagine that a bunch of guys wearing nothing but white pointy hoods and thongs atop a float blasting bad disco music would appeal to the KKK’s demographic.

  11. TruthSeeker_Two says

    I think the Cardinal has gotten his “crusades” mixed up with “parades.”

    It is sad that a religion based on the precept of “love thy neighbor” instead today bombards parents about the “sin” of homosexuality, resulting in a shocking number of young people getting kicked out of their homes because their sexual orientation is perceived as a “sin” that cannot be abided by their parents, whose church-taught views sadly trump their duty to love and protect their children.

    Homelessness is one of the worst perils faced by gay youth.

    Religious leaders owe a duty to these parents and children alike to keep families intact and let kids stay in their homes, regardless of their actual or preceived sexual orientation.

    Life on the streets for LGBTQ youngsters is fraught with danger and perils ranging from hunger, poor hygiene, tuberculosis, alcohol abuse, infectious diseases, drugs, gangs, crime and death. Many teens are forced into obtaining shelter and food by providing sexual favors – thereby exposing themselves to STDs and worse.

    No duty of a parent can be greater than loving and protecting their children. For a religion to impose judgment upon a family that can lead only to its destruction – and to the loss by a child of his or her home – is unconscionable.

    After all, when a kid winds up alone on the street, that is the most likely one-way ticket to hell.

  12. Chicklets says

    Cardinal–sorry you’re inconvenienced for a day. You’re church has done FAR worse. Let me know if you get that blood off your hands. Oh..and Happy Winter Solstice!

  13. says

    how odd. churches and religious groups that are not anti-gay don’t seem to have these problems or concerns.

    gays dont’ disrupt the lives of christians. gays disrupt the lives of anti-gays.

    sorta how like the preventive measure to make sure you’re never possessed and in need of an exorcism is to simply not believe in all that hocus pocus in the first place.

    these folks start fires and then complain about them. nonsense.

  14. walter says

    and how the church will use tax free dollars to run tv commercials to beg people back to the church. while the bishops drive people away and cover up child abuse.

  15. BobN says

    You don’t get to the office of archbishop, let alone cardinal, if you’re a dimwit. He knew exactly what he was saying and he made the comparison on purpose.

  16. tomchicago says

    He should tone down the bleating. Nothing is stopping him or his flock from worshiping his/their God. That is a laughable comment. It is not surprising that he inflates a proposed schedule change for the parade into some kind of anti-Catholic outrage; he blissfully ignores the ugly history of his church and its treatment of gay people as subhuman. This is supposedly the basis for respect of his worship schedule? Sorry, Francis, this is not the City of Catholic Chicago. It is the City of Chicago.

  17. says

    The Catholic Church, first in hypocrisy, Bingo, and Alter-boy Abused Kids has this for the leader of Chicago’s Catholics. However, it won’t be the last time for his rants. The Chicago 2012 Gay Pride Parade backed down on starting next year’s Parade 2 hours earlier, because it might interrupt early church services. It’s time to fight stop pandering to the hateful preachings of any religious diatribes.

  18. Movin' toward the future says

    I’ve seen one of the new ads by the Catholic Church begging people to come back to church. It is sort of like the ads by the US Post Office begging people to ask for printed copies of their bills to be mailed to them instead of using email.

    Desperate times call for desperate actions?

  19. Paul says

    Oh, don’t tell Georgie to resign. It’s best to keep the lying, child molesting assholes in the news so more and more Catholics defect when they see how truly corrupt and morally bankrupt that House of Lies is.

  20. Dan says

    You really want to hear something funny! He should ask the parish priests what they think. One of the priests at that parrish I saw on almost daily basis. He would come to visit his boyfriend in the building that I lived in. I lived in Chicago for years. When living in that condo building on ” Bittersweet” ( and that is the street name really) I asked one of my neighbors was so and so having alot of problems that the priest from Mt.Carmel is coming to visit so often. I was concerned. He said they only problem would be the priest might have some sore knees. I said what!!! He said they have been lovers for years. See ……

  21. Ned Flaherty says

    Historically, the rhetorical phrases most used by LGBT people are terms such as: “compassion, love, fairness, citizenship, equality, rights,” and “justice.”

    But the cardinal, his Pope, their employees, and official church policy all preach that LGBT people are “intrinsically disordered” and “immoral” and “evil.”

    In calling an entire class of people irrecoverably flawed and lacking in morality and Satanically possessed, it is the cardinal who is spewing rhetoric, not LGBT people.

    This archbishop/cardinal wants to deny all citizens their human rights based on some supernatural assumptions belonging to a religious sect. He is a dangerous demagogue spewing religious rhetoric, trying to turn everyone else’s democracy into his own theocracy.

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