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    Well whilewe don’t have the video of the Prop 8 trial, these videos should more than suffice in that they demonstrate just how pathetic and desperate our opponents are.

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    I listened to both of these videos and the arguments made by Gay Marriage Lawyers seemed quite solid to me but then, I could be prejudiced.

    The second tape regarding the recusal of Judge Walker hit home for me because prior to my marriage I too pondered many of the same questions.

    I have been gay all of my life and had prior relationships but the feelings I have for Greg (husband) when we met, throughout our dating and today were like none experienced before. He was (and remains) everything I ever dreamed of in a partner. OTOH, Greg had never been in a same-sex relationship. He had been previously married and divorced for nearly a year before we met. Our relationship was ten months old before he asked me to marry him. We believed the right to marry would continue. The option to legally marry had never been mine before and now here it was. Some soul-searching – did he really love me or was he looking to jump on the bandwagon? Did he want the same things I did? Yes, we both wanted commitment, children, a life-long partnership. Were we compatible? Did I love him?

    The conclusion: all were yes. I adore him. Sex, love and compansionship were more then I ever hope for.

    Now seven years later I look back at the decision to marry and know it was the best I have ever made. Should all gay people have the same right? Yes.