1. Acronym Jim says

    The State Department’s presentation of Ms. Clinton’s speech was very nicely done. I’m so glad they didn’t try to autotune it.

  2. Dan says

    My name is Dan and my partner is ” Perry Mason “and that really is his name. I was reading him this article at our dining room table when he broke in and said” This is not a calender about gay men ! This is a calender about straight men ! It’s not like we havent been driving around and saying that all straight men are turning into these big sissies “. Hell. I was reading an aricle in ” The Journal of Sexual Medicine” that if you see a man on the street that is hyper-masculine you have a 95% chance that he is gay. See guys. We made a mistake. This calender is about straight guys!!! LOL

  3. says

    It still boggles the mind that so many leftists turned on her in ’08. Imagine what the country would be like today if we had made the right choice.

    She was, simply, the right person at the right time.

  4. bcarter3 says

    @Rodney Wollam

    Very well put. Given the circumstances of early 2009, she could have been a truly transformational president, like FDR. It’s sad we wound up w/a nice guy who is totally unwilling to stand up to a reactionary and destructive opposition.

  5. just trying to help says

    instead of gay pride parades we really should have Equality Parades and civil rights marches

    something a gay person and supporters could attend without being embarrassed

    carnival parades are fine at Mardi Gras or in Rio but when you are looking for equal rights, please, no beads


  6. Patric says

    Oh, Rodney and BCarter, give it up. 2008 is over and you lost and, your fantasies notwithstanding, Mrs. Clinton does not have a record of being more progressive than Mr. Obama, on marriage equality or on other issues. Neither would her leadership have allowed her to overcome the bitter Republican opposition to a Democratic President and the determined efforts to ruin that President’s Presidency that we witnessed during her husband’s term and that we’ve witnessed with President Obama. Republicans have made it clear that they’d rather sink the nation’s economy than allow any of the President’s signal measures to pass and that 60 votes will be required for passage of any bill in the Senate; they would not simply have rolled over for a President Clinton. I like and respect her but the endless fantasizing among those who voted for in 2008 is really juvenile. She lost in 2008 because she ran a lousy and uninspiring campaign even when she had so many advantages.

  7. Igetty says

    I am an Obama supporter as the person….but as for leading our nation and bringing integrity for LGBT along that road? Hillary was the right person. The qualified person. Over qualified person. And the true LEADER in every sense of that word.

    I sincerely can hope she becomes the veep.

  8. Amber says

    Patric, that’s not why she lost and many of us know it. We won’t go into why she lost, and the large percentage of people who voted for Obama strictly based on one thing (and it wasn’t his policies) because it would derail an otherwise fantastic post. But don’t think we’re all foolish to not admit a notable reason why Obama beat Hillary and it was not qualifications.