1. Alpah says

    I guess that’s why he’s looking for a full time position as President that gets paid more than congressmen. Is he offering to do the job for free?

  2. says

    Alpah – hardly. Perry just “retired” early; he became eligible to start drawing his state pension, which increased his pay from $150,000 a year to over $240,000.

  3. Liam says

    It may be time to stop paying attention to the crazies in the hopes that one of them will get the nom. The GOP will hold its nose and nominate Romney, who is the only Rethug candidate who holds his own (and occasionally beats) Obama in head-to-heads. While Obama hasn’t lived up to expectations (which were slightly unrealistic going in), Romney is nothing more than a slightly more articulate Dubya. If he were to win, he’d need to throw the Tea Partiers some bones to thank them for their support. Those bones would be ours — DADT and DOMA.

  4. simon says

    How can he fulfill this “campaign promise”?
    He is going to declare himself dictator and dissolve the congress by decree? Or make himself Hitler the Second?

  5. jason says

    Perhaps Ricky boy can enjoy some secret sexual trysts with men while his wife Anita sits at home waiting for him.

  6. says

    Um… him attacking congressmen for making a six figure salary seems a little odd when he himself makes $150k as governor of Texas — with double the job security. If he’s outraged over the salaries of federal politicians, it seems like he’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  7. Bart says

    I believe his run for the Presidency, which like Bachmann’s, ran up the flag pole and down just as quickly and with incredible humiliation, has probably harmed his chances for re-election in Texas as well. Texans hate being humiliated and after GWB did his best to define them as dimwitted, they hate that Perry has come off as such an unprepared clown. Karma.

  8. Georgiaguy says

    Any Republican candidate will have to answer what they that would be different from George W. Bush? Many of the polls when voters are asked about American’s economic problems still name George W. Bush as the reason for the lost decade.

    Mitt Romney, born in the Detroit suburb that was home to automobile executives, will not relate to average people. He has lived off investments since leaving Bain Capital in 1998. His income goes up and up, while most Americans suffer. I expect Democrats will begin soon defining him as the candidate of the wealthy.

  9. Gerald L. Kelly says

    From Texas: Our president Governor and Candidate for President of the United States gives a whole new meaning to STUPID!
    When he talks about Congress being on the government payroll ..he’s been on State Payroll for a long time in TEXAS and he finishes this term as Governor, he will have served longer than anyone else in that position 14 Years…He’s the one who needs to be sent HOME!

    Another Village IDIOT from Texas, Can America last? UGH!

  10. Ninong says

    Gov. Perry commented on Lawrence v. Texas in his book. Of course, I doubt that he read all of his book, so maybe he skipped over that chapter because he didn’t understand it.

  11. says

    @Bart: I’m sure they’ll just be replacing this Republican with another.

    @Brandon K Thorp: No need to explain your reasoning for posting pieces on the race for president. If people are annoyed, let them bury their head in the sand and call it a day.

  12. princely54 says

    Oh, how I hope you’re right, Brandon, when you say this will be his last ad. Unfortunately, the fool has truckloads of money to take him through South Carolina (a MUST win or place state for him) without a problem. I think his ego will keep him from admitting defeat until then.

  13. RBearSAT says

    LOL @RWG. Yep, I bet she, Ann, Liz, and Lady Bird are having a great time watching this idiot go down in flames. It’s a shame we Texans never really let him be vetted properly in his runs for governor. Now he’s going to come back to a state he left with a structural deficit problem thanks to his property tax scheme, an education system in trouble, and an agricultural industry in dire straits after the drought and wildfires, none of which he’s equipped to handle.

    Personally I think we’ll have no leadership during the next biennium since he’ll be getting his Palin-style book tour ready. I only wish he’d resign and start it early. Dewhurst is much more skilled at handling these things than our dumber than dirt governor.

  14. emjayay says

    Apparently his high paying government job doesn’t require full time work either. Plus the Texas governor’s mansion was being remodeled so Perry rented a place for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and charged all the household expenses including 40K a year on landscaping to the govmint. So he’s a total hypocrite and liar besides being really really stupid.

  15. Jerry6 says

    Well, it is time for the Total Jerks to start falling by the wayside.

    Good night; Good Bye; and Good Luck.

  16. tim says

    being a texas resident i welcome gov perry home…so that we can shame that fool into the dark place he has chosen to dwell. for all the fools that backed his campaign…i hope this failure hurts.