Kevin Smith Will Repeal Marriage Equality In New Hampshire, But He Will Do So Without Much Enthusiasm

Yes, New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith would repeal gay marriage legislation in his state, given half a chance. No, he doesn't want it to be a campaign issue.

So he says in this video, from the Exeter Patch. Which either represents some extremely clumsy/sleazy politicking ("No, I don't like gay people, but I'd like them to vote for me anyway") or a genuine shift in consciousness among conservatives in the Granite State ("No, I don't like gay people, but it's a very mild kind of dislike and I'm not losing any sleep over it"). Sorry — I'd embed the vid, but the Patch isn't letting me.

Kevin Smith, a Republican, was once a director at the hyperconservative, very LGBT-unfriendly Cornerstone Action group. But he's a bit of a category-boggler — he also works as a "volunteer ambassador" for the ONE Campaign.