North Carolina Family Policy Council Puts Straight Couple in Crosshairs to Promote Lie That Gay Marriage is Threatening


The North Carolina Family Policy Council is using violent imagery in their campaign to pass an anti-gay marriage amendment there.

Writes Jeremy Hooper at Good As You about the dangerous mindset of these groups:

"Their emblematic representation for our side is that of an assassin poised to take out a pair of heterosexual newlyweds as they embrace in a wheat field. That's where their mind goes. More importantly: That's where they want their supporters' minds to go."


  1. gaylib says

    Meanwhile the grand wizard of the Southern Baptist Convention, Mark Harris, (who is working hand and hand with these liars) has the audacity to call for a “civil” debate.

  2. Christopher Lines says

    I think it’s time for another ‘apology’ letter similar to the one written to the GOP majority leader in MN after she was discovered having an affair with a staff member.

  3. J. Page says

    Yep this ad is entirely truthful! My husband and I hunt heterosexual newlyweds for sport.

    Ridiculous and offensive that our marriage takes away from their supposed sacred union. Peoples’ marriages are theirs and they have only themselves to blame if it is endangered. This ad is like my husband and I blaming Starbucks if we have an argument.


    Hunting heterosexuals on the open range (like the couple displayed above) is the sport of twinks. Manly men, such as my hubby and I prefer the challenge of the lush and dense tropical terrain…those pesky str8s are more satisying to take out in such a humid locale.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    They want to WIN the debate. America is about winning. Is it nice, is it pretty, is it true, is it what should be, is it is it is it is it….? Gay America thinks it takes the “moral high ground” by taking about love and holding hands and kissy kissy. And Gay America loses at the ballot box EVERY SINGLE TIME when it comes to marriage equality. The fight is in the courts, not in the hearts and minds of bigots.

  6. jason says

    These North Carolina kooks are turning themselves into a laughing stock. What are they actually afraid of? That we’ll seduce their husbands? Honey, they’re already having secret sex with men at bus stops at night.

  7. Ben in Oakland says

    I think it is a GREAT ad, if our side chooses to use it.

    Every image and thought in this ad is vicious, hateful, false, and immoral. In an hour, I could come up with an ad which points that out the great un-moved middle.

    But we won’t use this, any more than the MN cmapaign will use l’affaire Koch.

  8. HOCKEYJOCK says

    Wow. WHAT IS IT with conservatives and images targeting people with crosshairs???

    Overweeningly anti-terrorism, sending our troops all over the world on a wild goose chase to stop terrorism for the past decade………and yet they use sniper rifle/torrorism/assassin imagery in a political ad without batting an eye.

    I agree with J. PAGE; heterosexuals blaming gays for their divorces is pretty ridiculous. It’s just like…really, how are you going to blame YOUR OWN DIVORCE on a group of people who have nothing to do with your marriage? What a lame excuse. Your divorce is only the fault of the two people in the marriage!

    That really is reaching to find a scapegoat…conservatives, why don’t you look at people like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Amy Koch as examplars of heterosexual marriage and fidelity instead? You know, the ones who tend to treat marriage like it’s just a revolving door of marrying, having affairs, and divorcing as often as possible…?

  9. says

    It would be more on target, so to speak, if they put a gay couple in the crosshairs. After all, we aren’t trying to prevent heterosexuals from marrying, while they are targeting our basic rights for demolition.

  10. classychazy says

    This ad is creepy! I find it funny and stupid all at the sametime. I have been married 20 plus years and I don’t believe allowing same sex couples to marry is going to threaten my marriage. If my marriage ended tomarrow it would be my fault as well as my husbands noones would be to blame but us! I find it sad that heterosexual’s find it necessary to put a photo like this out there for the world to see. It tells me they are unevoled and sadly uneducated. I was raised by two men and when I look back on my up bringing I feel very lucky. I was given a look to both sides of the coin so to speak and I learned you are what are. My father taught me how to hold my head up high and be whoever I damned pleased. I wish he was here to see what a wonderful person and mother I turned out to be, because him and Bill showed me the way.

  11. Rob roberts says

    Why is the crosshair pointed at her arm? Don’t they know that gay radicals like us know to point at the head? We much prefer dead heteros to i jured ones.

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