1. Sean says

    Why do you insist on posting about this lunatic? How many people actually take what he has to say seriously?

  2. Caliban says

    I heartily endorse the AFA’s campaign to make fornication and infidelity a criminal offense! Not because I believe in it of course, but because for many people it’s going to take a challenge to THEIR being able to do whatever the h*ll they want before they finally see these religion-addled fried pies for who they really are!

    Go after divorce too while you’re at it, Bryan! PLEASE. I want to watch while you’re figuratively ripped limb from limb in the public square.

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    Bryan Fischer: another right-wing nut who wants to make our democracy into his brand of theocracy. Yeah! Crush the notion of gov’t “of the people, by the people, and for the people” and substitute a gov’t of, by, and for right-wing lunatics. Ten years later, they’ll all be wondering how they became ignorant and enslaved with secret police behind every drape.

  4. Dale says

    I agree with Steve. There would be absolutely NO republicans left and some of the Dems would be thinned out.

  5. Robert in NYC says

    Let’s hope Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and New Gingrich are the first to support it. If only!

  6. JT says

    Remarrying after divorce is considered adultery to most of these people. I’m just happy for some consistency.

  7. Danny says

    In other words, if I can’t have it–NOBODY can have it. It’s kinda like Santorum on men having sex with men.

  8. says

    this actually makes me happy. if the heterosexual anti-gay population realized that the people they join in hating the gays actually don’t want THEM to have sex either the power would be gone.

    there are far more heterosexuals in the world than homosexuals, and thus there’s far more sinful sexual conduct happening due to THEM.

    so focus on them.

  9. Mike in Asheville says


    No it is the same sky faerie: The God of Abraham is the same God for Christians/Catholics, Jews, and Muslims, to figure. And this so-called God has each of them killing the others for being infidels to the truth. Yikes, these are crazy people.

  10. Karl says

    @Little Kiwi

    Paul was the same guy who said marriage was an acceptable compromise for people too weak to give up sex entirely. So referencing Paul is indeed saying that straight people shouldn’t have sex.

  11. PupDog says

    I can’t have sex with another single person because it damages society and transmits disease? Wow.

    So as a gay man, I can’t get married at the national level, and very spottily at the local level, ergo now I am not supposed to have sex?

    These people who are married and bringing forth and raising children into the world should be required to pass a psychological stability evaluation beforehand. At least be compelled to take and pass at least 12 hrs of history of the US, preferably 13 colonies included to understand the founding concepts of this county, before they are allowed to speak publicly or register to vote.

  12. HadenoughBS says

    Outlawing fornication and adultery is akin to outlawing the air we breathe and the need to drink water. It’ll never work if we’re to survive as a species. As usual, the lunatic fringe of the extreme right wing conservatives comes up with the most outrageous proposals possible – as if they really believe them! If they do, then they’re from a planet different from Earth – and they should return there as quickly as possible.

  13. Mary says

    Hadenoughbs, I think you’re confusing sex itself with “fornication.” Sex within marriage is considered perfectly normal in Christian doctrine, and so most people wouldn’t remain celibate for life. It is sex outside of marriage that traditionalists, Christian and non-Christian, oppose (although I don’t think they really expect there to ever be laws against it.) However, adultery IS illegal. It is grounds for divorce. Some people can’t or won’t limit themselves to one sex partner. That’s fine. But those people shouldn’t enter into a marriage where they promise to do this very thing. And certainly sex is not necessary to life as eating and breathing are. Some people go their whole lives without sex. But given human nature, it is unlikely that the species will ever die out due to a lack of people having sex and making babies.

    I imagine tht Mr. Fischer is making his statements for effect, and not because he actually expects U.S. law to conform to Christian doctrine. Just my opinion here.

  14. Randy says

    Of course, once fornication and adultery are illegal, any such depictions of that will be illegal too. That means he will need the heavy hand of censorship on all tv, movies and internet to stamp out pornography or any plot lines involving teens having sex.

  15. TJ says

    MARY: Although it may be grounds for divorce, when was the last time someone was fined, put in jail, or otherwise sanctioned by the state for adultery? If an officer of the law witnesses adultery, is he or she required to take action against the perpetrator?

  16. DeeperStill says

    Now, there’s something that’s ACTUALLY in that little pathetic bable-book (As if what is written there has any real meaning…).

    I say go for it.

  17. jamal49 says

    Actually, there ought to be a law against evangelicals. Poisonous, traitorous, vile people. They are a cancer, as all religious zealots are a cancer, on humanity.

  18. BG says

    Nine point Evangelical formula for life:

    1. Submit to what you’re supposed to do.
    2. Keep repressing until you’re miserable.
    3. Your life is hell. Come crying to church.
    4. Promise God to try to do better.
    5. Pretend you found peace and compassion.
    6. Inside you’re still a simmering cauldron.
    7. Scapegoat sinners for your misery.
    8. Project your rage onto the defenseless.
    9. Teach your children to do the same.

  19. says

    I’d love to see the piece of scripture where it says “Thou shalt suck your husband’s cock and swallow, but if another man does it it’s a bad thing”

  20. jamal49 says

    @Mary: Yes, Dr. Fischer DOES expect U.S. law to conform with evangelical christian doctrine. That’s the scary part of all this. And, he has millions of followers who belive in kind. It’s called Restorationism.