Tim Tebow Will Not Be Participating in an ‘It Gets Better’ Video


Without mentioning the campaign by name, the Denver Broncos have responded to a Change.org petition signed by more than 8,000 people asking them to create an 'It Gets Better' video.

…in a statement to The Huffington Post, Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth gave no indication that the team would be participating anytime soon.

"The Denver Broncos are committed to tolerance, acceptance and respect for all in the community," said Smyth. "The National Football League is currently working with USA Network on its 'Characters Unite' campaign combating prejudice and intolerance, and our organization is in full support of that movement to help raise awareness for this very important cause."

The rising popularity of Christian quarterback Tim Tebow, while not given as a reason for the petition campaign, was surely part of its inspiration.

Last year, Tebow produced a Super Bowl ad for anti-gay, anti-choice Evangelical group Focus on the Family, and given the group's anti-LGBT slant, folks have been curious about Tebow's personal views on gay issues, bullying being just one of them.

In June, Tebow's publicist specifically demanded that the topic of same-sex marriage be off-limits in an interview with the Washington Post:

When asked questions he clearly has not been asked before, he ponders and tries to respond as openly and honestly as he can. Only once, when asked about same-sex marriage, did his publicist, on the other end of the phone, protectively jump in to object that that was off message.

I wrote back then:

The article positions Tebow as a good Christian role model. But as one commenter on the WaPo love letter notes, "Until Tim Tebow distances himself from the hatred aimed at millions of Americans (including quite a few gay teens that end up killing themselves), he has no credibility as a role model."


  1. luminum says

    Exactly, Alan. Totally agree. Why would anyone want one from someone like Tebow? He’s a Christian fanatic. Why would we expect him to care about gay teens or their persecution any more than members of NOM, AFA, or Westboro Church?

    More than I’d care about him making yet another “It Gets Better Video”, I’d rather he work on not being a fanatic who couldn’t give to shits about the struggles of LGBT people first.

  2. Rick says

    Leave the guy alone, for God’s sake (no pun intended). He owes us NOTHING.

    Again, some of you fanatical activists don’t get it. There are large swaths of American society where it simply is not safe to come out yet, lest one destroy one’s livelihood/career…..and the NFL is among them. Tebow may have gone to a ridiculous extreme to cover up his sexuality–and I personally think that that is what his over-the-top religious displays are designed to do–but unless and until he actively attacks other gay people in some way, he is entitled to his privacy.

    Hell, why are you not harrassing all the supposedly progressive closeted actors in supposedly liberal Hollywood? How about all the closeted and supposedly progressive Democrats in Congress? Because it is OK to live in the closet as long as you are a political liberal?

    It is crap like this that discourages prominent gay people in every field from coming out, which is why just about none of them have. If they don’t, they are harrassed in an often venomous way by gay activists….and if they do, they are often hated on out of jealousy by the same activists because they are successful.


  3. Rick says

    “Ben Cohen is ten times the “role model” that Tim Tebow is.”

    Ironically, it is far easier for a married straight athlete like Cohen (or Scott Fujita or Mike Strahan) to advocate for gay causes than it is for a gay athlete who would be taking a huge risk by doing so and risking outing himself in the process.

    The same way it was much easier for white athletes to take a stand against desegregation back in the day, whereas it would have been risky for an African-American athlete to do so because he would have appeared radical and therefore frightening…..and the same way that “divas” and other straight women could be pro-gay for decades, while it would have been too risky for entertainers who were, themselves, gay, to do so.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    This feel like a “non-story.” It’s not like he came out against the IT GETS BETTER project, so I’m not sure why this is even a post? Dan Savage hasn’t done a video about the need for more animal shelters, am I suppose to believe that he hates puppies and kittens? I hope people can stop trying to jump on his bandwagon to further their own agenda.

    Unless it’s about football, abortion, or Christianity, don’t bother him.


  5. Rick says

    “Ben Cohen is ten times the “role model” that Tim Tebow is”

    Ironically, it is easier for a straight married male athlete like Cohen (or Scott Fujita or Mike Strahan) to be actively pro-gay than it is for a gay male athlete, who would be taking a huge risk by doing so.

    The same way it was easier for white athletes to advocate for civil rights and desegregation back in the day, when it would have been much riskier for an African-American athlete to do so because he would have appeared too “radical” and therefore threatening to a lot of white people…..and the same way, incidentally, that straight women entgertainers were able for decades to be pro-gay publicly without putting their careers at risk while entertainers who were, themselves, gay, could not……and still, by and large don’t, as the dearth of Hollywood actors and pop stars continues to demonstrate….

  6. Joey says

    I find it amusing how much hullabaloo there is around this guy. Christians need a symbol, someone to worship, so he is their guy for this year. I wouldn’t want to be him. Enough pressure being a quarterback but he carries his mother’s “The only reason you are alive is because I didn’t abort you” guilt and now all the faithful are projecting their – God loves them and hates others onto him. I bet he just wants to play football.

  7. says

    where’s YOUR video, RICK?

    how about Closeted guys like YOU?

    How about you simply provide us, RICK, with the link to your own page or youtube video where you show us all what a strong masculine example of a gay male role model you are?

    Seriously. You keep talking about the need for masculine gay role models. This is the part where you provide the URL to show us all how it’s done.

    So do it. What are you waiting for? URL, please.

  8. says

    How asinine can certain Gay people be? If the Pope made an “It Gets Better” video, would we be foolish enough to think he had repented of his Bible bigotry and militant heterosexism? This is not about attacking homophobia or reforming homophobes. It’s about raising the profile of Dan Savage’s impotent, so-called anti-bullying initiative. Savage’s army of simpering sycophants have no shame at all; if they’d pull their heads out of his buttcrack for a minute, maybe they’d see their way clear to more sensible activism! But I’m sure not gonna hold my breath waiting for it.

  9. tommyboy10 says

    Rick, despite what you think…it would make a big statement if he did. It would show that he is truly a good Christian, and cares about people.
    But, I don’t think he is and I don’t think he thinks for himself anyway…he has been brainwashed into thinking that Christianty is the only religion in the world…but their values do not coincide with the real world…sorry!!
    At least Hollywood makes attempts to educate people and build tolerance…but sports teams have yet to show their alliance with this project…some have, but most have not!! so there!!

  10. Dale says

    Everytime I see this guy, I am reminded of the story of not publicizing that you pray or do works of charity, that the prayer and charitable gift mean more when done alone without the crowd/fans watching.

  11. says

    Hey Stuffy, the fact that you care more about hating Dan Savage than you do about spreading positive proactive messages to LGBT Youth speaks volumes.

    Seriously. You hate dan savage more than you care about helping youth. this is why you have zero credibility.

  12. says

    Christ Himself is attributed with insisting that prayer be done in private.

    but we all know Christians don’t care about what Christ is supposed to have said during the Sermon on the Mount….for some reason…

  13. Chris Folsom says

    All I can say, I feel sorry for people who judge others just because they believe differently. Tim Tebow lives his life according to his faith in Jesus Christ! If you are not a believer – you don’t understand – but it is my prayer that everyone will come to know Jesus Christ and have a RELATIONSHIP with him. Until then, please leave Tim Tebow alone! But trust me he can handle anything that is thrown at him because of his faith and strength that he receives through and from his belief in Jesus Christ!

  14. TJ says

    Did I miss the memo that declared Tebow gay?

    And actually, the risk taken is also on the part of those advocating for causes for which they don’t benefit. An African American would be expected to fight for equality. A white person risked ostracism for betraying his race – for being a ni**er-lover, for giving up power. A straight athlete risks losing his standing, of becoming suspect himself, by supporting gay rights.

  15. James Bond says

    You gay perverted immoral individuals want everyone to approve and agree with your life style, sorry, but we do not agree, it is our right to remain moral and to live this life as God wants us to live it. Push your gay agenda somewhere else you faggots and leave Tim Tebow alone!!!!

  16. says

    “don’t judge him for his beliefs just because they’re different from yours! btw, yours are wrong and ours are right. don’t judge me for sayign that! those are my beliefs”

    this is why you and your fellow fools aren’t respected, Chris.

  17. V-8 says

    I did not read all the comments, and maybe someone already said it, but personally I do not care for and get why straight people keep making these it gets better videos….

    and for anyone interested, I am gay and did one video with my university (all queer professors did one together)…

    but really, someone like Claire Daines (nothing against her, not even sure she made one, a random name that came to mind) telling me or anyone that it gets better, whatever…. how the hell do they know? when were they a gay kid being bullied in school?

  18. sleepy bear says

    who knew that 007 trolled the internets? does M know about this?

    however, i do still lust after george lazenby’s legs (circa 1969) when he wore that kilt. how i loved james bond marathons when i was just a little lusty lad in my jams.

  19. says

    V-8, it’s this thing called ALLIES.

    that’s why straight people are making these videos. for many young LGBT people there are no straight people in their own lives who are supportive champions for LGBT people. That’s why these non-gay celebs, and indeed regular citizens, are making these videos.

    It’s a show of solidarity, and it is indeed a big part of the movement. LGBT people who are struggling are empowered to know that there’s more to life, and the country they live in, than the bigots they’re unfortunately faced with every day.

    check it out: http://youtu.be/qiloehlRthM

  20. itsMyTurn says

    Jesus hates the sin, not the sinner. Christians are supposed to do the same. We’re all sinners no matter gay or straight. Christ loves you exactly the same as Tebow or Billy Graham…and sent His Son as a sin sacrifice to pay for our sins. He asks only that you put your faith in Him (Jesus) and repent and turn away from your sins.. no matter the sin. You’ll never be perfect, which is why Christ willingly died for our sins. Please dont reject Christ’s love and God’s free gift because of bad experiences with fake Christians. Remember, only faith in Jesus can wash away your sins and save you from eternal torment.

  21. says

    @Rick –
    Wow – hard to believe that someone could be so dense but you nailed it.
    And for the rest of you false prophets writing your bigoted comments: ANY “religion” that widely accepts hatred, bigotry and discrimination is a FALSE one. True Christians DO NOT tolerate bigotry, hatred and discrimination of any kind. You are free to believe what you want, but know this: our country’s Constitution protects us all from people like you. Deal with it.

  22. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Dan Savage hasn’t done a video about the need for more animal shelters, am I suppose to believe that he hates puppies and kittens?”

    Have several other sex advice columnists already done videos in support of animal shelters? Have 8,000 people signed a petition asking Dan Savage to make a video supporting animal shelters?

  23. TJ says

    V8 – adding to LITTLE KIWI and expanding on what I posted earlier, a straight person – the type of person who might be expected to be an enemy (because a gay person would be the “other, ” not “one of us”) and a potential bully – doing a video, acting as an ally, sends a powerful message to other potential enemies/bullies that such behavior is not okay. It is an unexpected act, which draws attention, makes people think. A gay person would be expected to be an ally (RICK the obvious exception, of course). It’s why, if Tebow was truly a good Christian role model, he’d be all over making an anti-bullying video. It would send a powerful message, and it would be unexpected given his fundamentalist bent. As it is, he just tows the party line.

  24. George M says

    Anyone hear about the republicans in Michigan trying to void local anti gay laws, that’s what we should be talking about. Little Kiwi, there is no winning with someone like Rick, you just fire him up (you do what you want). He can slam dems for not doing stuff but we all know they run laps around the other side. The guy doesn’t have to do one, plenty of people and teams have and will. Including democrats. But he does have one point, if dems screw us we Need to call them out the same way, Every time.
    I’d love for judge Judy to do one!! Anyone with me??
    A nice strong str8 woman!!!
    O and my opinion, LOVE Dan!!!!

  25. Mac says

    Have you seen an interview with Tim?

    I’m sorry, but he is gay… why try to force the issue when you couldn’t imagine how he might be struggling with this.

    He is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and he is clearly caught in the whirlwind. It’s safe to say his family probably isn’t the most tolerant, if you follow their evangelical roots.

    Don’t forget, he’s still a kid. His family and handlers have him firmly under their thumb. It might be more helpful if “It Gets Better” focused on the entire league instead of singling him out.

    Enjoy watching him play football. If he does a video or comes out, just imagine the impact?

  26. says

    who cares. why should he make one if he/denver broncos don’t believe in it. it just makes it a hollow gesture.

    If he wasn’t good looking, I don’t think this story would even make it to Towleroad

  27. To friend or not to friend, that is the question says

    But does Jesus believe in Tebow anymore? After Sunday’s game it looks like Jesus is a fickle friend indeed.

    Tebow reduces Jesus to a superstitious good luck charm.

  28. V-8 says

    LITTLE KIWI and TJ, thanks for the feed back… I know all about allies, other people who have been bullied, etc, but for me, still it comes across as just hollow, look at me publicity, specially when a whole sports team on what, at times, have a well-established homophobic culture, do it…

    of course we need allies, but again, how do they really know? and why is it that celebrities r still the role models? they send all other kinds of messages in the mix (that one has to be of a certain appearance, status, behavior, etc)… at the end of the day I wish had better role models, that more of us would come out and that people in our actual lives (not in our media lives) would be recognized as such (though I guess some kids might have bad ones at their immediacy)….

    it is all so complicated… I guess my frustration comes out of the whole “action speaks louder than words” aphorism……like when someone says the f word and then gets together with GLAAD and apologizes later… I think these sport celebrities could go visit classrooms and talk to actual kids, instead of doing a (at times) highly produced video with their team’s PR company…..

  29. Bryan says

    No one should be forced to do a IGB message. Let’s be honest here, if someone like Tebow did one, there’s a 99% chance it’s not from his heart but rather because he was pushed into it. I’d rather he continues the way he is now and just not give us his opinion on gays, if it’s negative which most likely it is, it would influence his horde of followers.

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