1. JJ says

    Phew! Looks like human fetus products intended for animal or machine consumption are still safe. Not sure about corporations, though. If corporations are people can you still make fetus products for them to consume? I dunno. Sounds like a possible jobs killer to me.

  2. says

    Maybe they’ll compromise and just outlaw using food stamps for the purchase of fetus cuisine. That way government won’t be subsidizing cannibalism but you can spend your own Federal Reserve Notes on fetal-cini Alfredo with (zy)gote cheese. Or perhaps some Chinese at Human Dynasty.

    Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green day.

  3. doug says

    considering how many antibiotics we dump into livestock to fatten them up, hormones to fortify bigger bones and pesticidess to fertilize the grasses thet eat, I don’t find the bill that far stretched

  4. Karl says

    United States Patent 8067539
    T1R Taste Receptors and Genes Encoding Same

    Basically they want to feed tasty things to human cells to see how taste works. Somehow that got interpreted as “human cells are tasty things.” It’s the Hansel & Gretel theory of taste perception.

  5. anon says

    Actually, it’s been reported that forced animal cannibalism in the UK contributed to the 1990’s mad cow scare. I think that practice has been banned in the US for a long time though. This bill seems on par with bills making April 29th, ‘Give your teacher an apple day’ or something, crowd pleasing nonsense.

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