NJ Governor Chris Christie Hedges on Marriage Equality Veto: ‘We’ll See What Happens…’ – AUDIO

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has said in the past he would veto a same-sex marriage bill, now says "we'll see what happens" if the legislature gets one to his desk, Think Progress LGBT reports.

ChristieI’ve been very clear on my view on this since I ran for office that I’m not a supporter of same-sex marriage. But on the other hand, the fact is that this is a huge societal change that they’re talking about here and I think that we need to do this in a very deliberate and thoughtful way and get the most input from the public we can before we overturn hundreds of years of societal legal and religious tradition.


A Quinnipiac poll released this morning showed that, for the first time ever, more than 50 percent of New Jersey voters support same-sex marriage.