FRC’s Tony Perkins Freaks Out Over Gays in ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Video Game

In a radio bulletin called 'Rebel Fleet Surrenders to Gay Empire' the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins urged his listeners to bombard video game maker Bioware with comments over its decision to include gay relationships in its Star Wars: The Old Republic video game, Right Wing Watch reports:

Perkins_swSaid Perkins:

"In a new Star Wars game, the biggest threat to the empire may be homosexual activists! Hello, I'm Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. In a galaxy not so far far away, Star Wars gamers have already gone to the dark side. The new video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, has added a special feature: gay relationships. Bioware, the company that developed the game, said it's launching a same-sex romance component to satisfy some complaints. That surprised a lot of gamers, since Bioware had made it clear in 2009 that "gay" and "lesbian" don't exist in the Star Wars universe."

RWW has the audio.


  1. Ozymandias71 says

    *snort* Isn’t it funny what these wingnuts focus on?

    Promotion of ‘alternate religions’ aka The Force: No comment
    Video Game violence: No comment
    Allowing Gay relationships: What?! zOMG!!!

  2. Gay American says

    Wow this guy is JUST OBSESSED WITH ALL THINGS GAY……..he needs therapy…and quick.

    Now, just for a moment – could you imagine a Gay person, going on TV, never ending droning on and on about heteros and thier sex lives? …Ohhhh actually THAT would Make a GREAT Parody of Tony Perkins……..any Takers?

    we need 2 volunteers to Give TONY the Force at Both ends,at the Same time! LOL

  3. Steve says

    Bioware has included same-sex relationships in most of its recent games and it’s really something people expect from them by now.

    This is nothing new. Same as in KOTOR (though it’s only hinted at that there), Mass Effect or Dragon Age

  4. Polyboy says

    Tony Perkins is barking up the wrong tree. Bioware has had sex pairings since Jade Empire.

    On another note, I did not think the same sex relationships had gone live in The Old Republic. If so, it’s time to buy it.

  5. Keith says

    It doesn’t matter what Bioware may have said…if George Lucas says there are gays and lesbians in the “Star Wars” universe, then there are gays and lesbians in the “Star Wars” universe.

  6. Azgaard says

    Note to Ms Perkins: I made a gay Jedi that has gone through Reparative Therapy and as a result of that therapy, he is only able to make evil Dark Side choices. So many deaths.

    I hope you are happy now.

  7. jamal49 says

    What is it with Tony Perkins that he is 24/7 obsessed with gay people, especially gay men? Is there something lurking beneath the surface? He is repugnant and hateful but I am beginning to feel nothing but pity for him.

  8. says

    Damnit! As if my red-winged, hero running around Gotham, Metropolis, and Central City in a harness and red, bikini briefs shooting fire out of his dual swords wasn’t gay enough. Now I’ve got to get into the new Star Wars MMO and create a couple of gay Jedis just to piss off Perkins!

  9. jim says

    oh, my GARSH, tony, NO! homos in a VIDEO GAME? what’s the world coming to?

    dude needs to get his buttcherry popped already, so he can stop obsessing about what he so obviously wants in such a bad way that it scares the bejeebers outta him.

  10. rayrayj says

    Has anyone ever seen any empirically validated, peer reviewed research come out of the Family Research Council? Do they even do any research, or is it just another lie to make them sound like they have some expertise?

  11. say what says

    Ughhh, too bad SW:TOR sucks

    I played 10 minutes in beta and bailed. great graphics, story, and awesome sound affects BUT they spent like 90% of the 30 mill to make it on sound while the mechanics went lacking

    Customization sucks, tracking & movment sucks, etc etc.

    The Secret World by funcom is coming out april 1 2012 and is much anticipated by serious gamers due to it breaking the mold with NO levels, No Classes, total customization , game extension into real world via facebook, internet searches for clues and info etc

  12. say what says


    LOL Mike

    DCUO , my current fave till secret world release

    I have 2 max lvl toons in metropolis = 1 sorc and 1 elec dps……
    gotham is depressing for being too dark


  13. Johnny says

    well then he better add MASS EFFECT to his list. Here is a MOD for PC users, consoles were denied M+M romance but not in MASS EFFET 3, if they can have girl on girl, they can have male on male….Shepard+Kaiden forever. Enjoy

  14. FunMe says

    After all these years have passed him by, Creepy Geezer is still jealous of the fact that he’s still in the closet MISERABLE while everyone else is having fun.

  15. Abel says

    Why, Miss Tonette, how you DO run on! Please, old girl, get a life where you don’t spend 24/7 obsessing over gay sex. We know you want it, YOU know you want it, and it’s time for you to go have some to get over it and move on to something else. Good luck finding anyone who’ll have you, however. You pathetic monster.

  16. billmiller says

    As one of the other commenters said, gay pays with some of these mopes. Keep beating the gay drum and the money rolls in. I really think this is waning though, especially with so many really young kids coming out. A lot of them are being raised by grandparents because of the economy, and they are still for the most part loving their little charges. Look at sanitorium, she had to go back to PA for lack of funds..Hopefully gay will not pay soon! And the so called christ-likes will have to find another focus for their hate.

  17. Jack says

    Oh Tony, we gays are almost everywhere living open, productive and happy lives. If you have difficulty with this 21st century reality there are still many muslim countries that you might find agreeable. Your kind of intolerance and bigotry is still the order of the day in the Islamic world.

  18. Paul Keckonen says

    One reason why people like Perkins and his hate group focus on gays is that they need to have an “enemy” to fear and hate. Once upon a time that enemy was communism or “negroes”. Well they cannot use either of those groups as a scapegoat or fear focus any more so they will alternate between gays and islam as the enemy all good god-fearing americans should hate. They need to keep up an atmosphere of paranoia in order to keep what remaining hegemony they posess and a desparate attempt to return to an earlier time when they ruled absolutely. I don’t think he is doing this because he is confused and closeted – though that could turn out in the end to be a factor – I think he is just nostalgic for a time when european hetero christian males ran every company, held every elected office, when women and blacks knew their place and when gay people (as far as they were concerned) did not exist.

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