Gay Couple Denied Commitment Announcement in Arkansas Paper

Cody Renegar and his fiance Thomas Staed plan to hold a commitment ceremony at their Elkins, Arkansas home this summer and hoped to publish an announcement in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

RenegarBut the paper won't let them, KNWA reports:

The paper's publisher says it is their policy to only print announcements for marriages legally recognized by the state, and Arkansas does not acknowledge same-sex marriages.

"It's not a law for it not to be put in the paper, it's a choice of theirs, it felt to me like they were making a stance.  Whether they were or not I don't know," Renegar says.

He says the paper's position is a big letdown. "You want to be recognized as a taxpayer, as a human being, as a person in love…it's not that complicated for them to print a picture of people in love."

We did ask the paper's publisher for an on-camera interview, but he declined our offer.

Watch a video interview with Renegar at KNWA.

Yahoo! News adds:

Gazette publisher Rusty Turner told Yahoo! News on Monday that he was not familiar with Renegar's request, but said it would not be published because of long-standing editorial policies. "We run announcements for marriages that are legally recognized in Arkansas," Turner said."It is a long-established policy of the newspaper."

Turner said he was personally unaware of any similar requests from same-sex couples.

A petition to the paper has been launched at