1. metroptomist says

    As a native Washingtonian, I say Hallelujah and good on her. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that marriage equality will become reality there and across the country… when I think of what it was like for me as a kid growing up in a place where “gay” meant “only people who don’t live here”, and then imagine what it would have been like if actual married gay couples existed, the difference is clear. I never thought I’d live to see the day when this is actually under discussion.


    Normally I could give a rat’s ass about posting first BUT this Gregoire is one helluva woman who deserves kudos and major respect for breaking equality down in basic steps even the lowest mouth breathers can fathom. Thank you lady!!!

  3. atomic says

    That speech really nailed all the arguments. Concise, cogent, and absolutely watertight in its logic. True, it’s what we’ve all been saying for so many years, but I appreciate the very direct way in which she refutes the tired, bigoted, and discriminatory arguments against same-sex marriage. And until we are fully equal, such clear rebuttals need repeating at every possible opportunity.

  4. scooter says

    Wow… simple logic and thought by her. I especially liked her comments about the 7 year conflict she personally had. Cudo’s to Gregoire! This is really what separation of church and state should be about!

  5. Leroy Laflamme says

    Everything ATOMIC said! I repsect especially the Governor’s acknowledgement of her prevarication, which had the appearance, to my ears at least, of a sincere & heartfelt apology. Congratulations America on another splendid victory in the long & arduous battle. Great strides are made by baby steps.

  6. Jay says

    I sent her an email thanking her for her support. I hope everyone on Towleroad will too. It only takes a few minutes and lets our supporters know we appreciate them. So get typing everyone.

  7. James C says

    Has anyone noticed that man of the potential contenders for 2016 on the Dem side are now publicly in favor of marriage equality? Not just Gregoire and Cuomo, but my governor Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, John Lynch, Peter Shumlin, and Mark Dayton all now support the issue. If even a handful of them run in 2016, assuming the Supreme Court has not already addressed the issue, Dems may actually be forced to actually campaign FOR marriage equality rather than splitting hairs.

  8. Bill T says

    Thanks to Governor Gregiore for being a leader in the progress of equal rights. I live in Michigan, and we have a bigoted governor, so this won’t be happening here anytime soon. However, her courage gives hope to gay citizens in states which continue to discriminate.

  9. Scott mcg says

    I am canadian, and so don’t have to deal with the same discrimination as my American brothers. For the first time, I think I would be good living in the states with leadership like tis. Congrats Washington. You seem to have a leader worth believing in. I would vote for her in a second given the opportunity.

  10. Jerry6 says

    Isn’t it interesting; The number of Women who advocate for the love and acceptance of Gays. It is understandable that they should be this way. After all, we all come from women. Like a farmer who just plants a seed, it is Mother Nature that grows that seed to a completed plant. It is the Mothers who care most for the well being of children. I have seldom heard of a mother that condemns her gay children; only the Fathers hate them. Only the Fathers drive them from their homes. Only the Fathers cut them off from their families. So, the Governor of New Jersey is just letting us know what he would do if he had a Gay child. (Or is he just pandering to the Republican Bosses so he can run for Vice President.)

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