NJ Governor Chris Christie Calls for Voter Referendum on Same-Sex Marriage, Says He Would Veto Bill

As the first hearings on a marriage equality bill were held in the New Jersey Senate today, Governor Chris Christie spoke out about the issue at a town hall, the Star Ledger reports:

ChristieGov Chris Christie called today for a voter referendum on the fall ballot over the issue of legalizing gay marriage.
If successful, the referendum would change the state Constitution. He urged Republicans in the Legislature to put the matter to voters. But if a bill made it to his desk, Christie said he would veto it.

The NY Post adds:

Speaking in Bridgewater, NJ, Christie said that while he personally opposes gay marriage, he thought the correct course of action was for voters to weigh in on the issue via the ballot. "Let's put the question of same sex marriage on the ballot," Christie said. "It shouldn't be decided by 121 people in Trenton."

Christie has hedged recently on recommitting to veto the bill. Guess things haven't changed. Let's hope for a veto-proof majority.


  1. kpo5 says

    Repubs get mad because we want to “redefine” marriage; they want to redefine the entire contents of the US Constitution. The people were never meant to vote on such matters.

  2. truthiness says

    “It shouldn’t be decided by 121 people in Trenton.”


  3. says

    Let’s put the continued existence of morbidly obese Republicans on the ballot.

    Chris Christie could easily serve a family of five — with Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  4. says

    Let’s vote on whether overweight people should marry. (FYI, I’m overweight too.) With a shorter life expectancy, we shouldn’t be allow to marry and have kids!

  5. Apparatus says

    Translation: I care so little about gay—nay, human—rights, and have so little respect and faith in the government that I am part of and hope to cling to for years with my doughy sausage fingers, that I want to push this issue further along, and let outside interests pour millions into the state to try and ratchet up the hatred in hopes that it helps my future presidential bid with conservatives.

    Human rights tend to perish when put to a winner takes all popular vote.

  6. Francis says

    Wonder what the GOProud regulars of this website think about this extremely unsurprising development.

    This is easy for Christie to do. Continue with the right-wing anti-gay playbook, at the same time, he can say he’s not homophobic, he just wants to allow the “people” to decide. Typical and expected spinelessness and bigotry.

    Hopefully we see a veto-proof majority that overrides the veto from Chris Christie.

  7. Joe says

    He’s right. It shouldn’t be decided by 121 people in Trenton. It should be decided by two people who love each other.

  8. Gay American says

    Its Jersey’s LOSS……right now U can go to NY,get married and come back to NJ- and they HAVE to recognize it…..we married in VT.2 yrs ago….and spent our $2000 vakay budget THERE….they DESERVED it…..screw NJ…..NJ loses out on the revenue…$$$$$

  9. Chris says

    Ah yes, the unnamed fourth branch of government, voter referrendums. I believe they overrule the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. Not quite sure what the check against them is

  10. Mona says

    Republicans care about one thing: STAYING IN POWER. They don’t really care about gay marriage. Republicans are just afraid that doing something for the gays that might cause them to lose an election. A referendum allows the decision to be taken out of their hands. It’s leadership by cowardice.

  11. Dave in NYC says

    Let’s also vote on civil rights for black people, and see how that goes.

    Why are people’s civil rights up for a vote?

  12. KP says

    Well, there we go. A voter referendum will probably be the end result of all this. I doubt they will get a veto-proof majority. To do that, they need Republicans. And after Christie’s speech today, which basically ordered the Republicans to vote for a referendum, no Republican in the legislature will go against him. I wonder if Christie personally called Steven Goldstein today to tell him the news like he did yesterday with the appointment of Bruce Harris.

  13. theSENATOR says

    He needs to sign the damn thing and get it over with! He’s going to be on the wrong side of history. Instead of him being scared of gay marriage, he needs to be scared of his morbid obesity problem!

  14. TC says

    So one of the men he just nominated for the NJ Supreme Court will, by Mr. Christie’s actions, be relegated to second class status. I hope, although I doubt it will happen, that Mr. Harris will gracefully decline the nomination until he’s an equal citizen of the state.

  15. Stefan says

    The articles posted with this never seemed to directly quote him as saying he’d veto such a bill.

  16. Donald says

    “You can’t put a civil rights issue on a ballot and let the people decide. You have to have elected officials to who have courage to make the right decision. If you left it up to the people, we’d have slavery, depending on how you worded it.” – Former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura, responding to Maine’s vote on CNN last night, Nov. 3rd, 2009.

  17. says

    But who elected the legislature in the first place? If they can’t legislate marriage equality, why do they let them legislate anything? Why don’t we put all government decisions up for direct democracy?

  18. Contrarian says

    Fatty Arbuckle is keeping his V.P. options open by this little dance. He names a gay judge to the state high court to prove his “moderation” and as a shield against bigotry charges. He keeps the Bible Belt wing of the wider national GOP party happy by opposing gay marriage. He is a tool of the Koch brothers who he meets with privately at private forums and seminars of ultra-conservatives.

  19. Robert in NYC says

    Contrarian, I fail to see the Koch brothers connection to Christie. For one thing, the Koch brothers support marriage equality surprisingly. Why would they support an opponent?

  20. says

    Well well well, somebody’s showing his true colors in a big way today.

    I love the it shouldn’t be decided by 121 people in Trenton. Who does he think elected those people? Martians? Better to have a bunch of ignorant old voters (the ones who turn up, sadly) with no knowledge of the Constitution vote on civil rights. Since fat people aren’t particularly popular in some quarters, he better watch out . . .

  21. gayalltheway says

    This is fresh coming from the state that is promoted through a reality thrash called “Jersey Shore”.

    Getting pissed drunk on a daily basis, bar fights, being absolutely stupid (and proud about it), flaunting promiscuity (mind you, heterosexual promiscuity) = absolutely fine by them.

    Two men or two women in a committed long-term relationship and want to build their family with the recognition, protection and security from the state = HELL NO!


  22. Cassandra says

    The NJ legislators should send Christie a bill that puts his marriage up for a vote.

    Just his.

  23. George M says

    They do that already its called California. The people in CA vote on every dam thing. Nothing gets done.

  24. bobbyjoe says

    I think we’re trying the wrong approach:

    What will convince Christie to be pro-same-sex-marriage is simply to let him know that if there’s more weddings in his state, there’ll be more wedding cake.

    Result: “Yum yum!” says Christie, already waving a fork, “marriages for everyone!”