NOM Loses Appeal in Maine, Says it Will Go to Supreme Court

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) lost another appeal today to keep its donor list secret in Maine, the AP reports:

Nom_maineThe decision pertains to ballot question committees in Maine and represents a second defeat for the National Organization for Marriage, which previously lost a challenge to the state's political action committee laws and laws governing independent expenditures and advertising attribution and disclaimers.

The latest appeal focused on part of the law that says groups that raise or spend more than $5,000 to influence elections must register and disclose their donors.

And despite being beaten down legally, NOM promised yesterday to pour money into Maine to oppose a new effort to pass marriage equality there.


  1. says

    It seems to me that they have lost every single one of these cases. Do they keep going on so they can claim again that they are victims (who just happen to have access to millions of $)?

  2. FunMe says

    That fatty cakes NOM drag queen (whatever her name) and the other wierdo can just go eat a cow. Literally.

    They’re on the losing side and history will judge them as pathetic little clowns. Funny, they’re going to be left doing nothing after marriage equality is in all states. Good!

  3. Pete n SFO says

    and then???

    So when does the disclosing happen? It seems like we’ve been hearing about them losing for years now…

    Our Legal System amounts to nothing if it continues to be manipulated by these d-bags.

  4. Paul R says

    Let them waste their money. It all comes from Mormons and Catholics, who seem to love spending money on really stupid things.

  5. Stefan says

    Well we know they won’t win at the Supreme Court. They have already sided with our side on this.

  6. money makes the world go round says

    I’ll bet 90% of their money comes from half a dozen rich b*stards. B*stards so cowardly they won’t go public. The same kind of b*stard that funds, excuse the expression, S*ntorum, and Gingrich.

    I want this post to get through the naughty word filter so I’ve b*stardized the spellings of the offensive words.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    So how long will this take to reach the Supreme Court I wonder. What a ridiculous system. They should be forced to disclose right NOW and not a day later. On the upside, I’m glad they’re wasting their money on frivolous lawsuits making some donors perhaps think twice. If this appeal is anything to go by, maybe they’ll spend their way out of business. How much more can they keep on spending on legal fees to stay alive?

  8. HadenoughBS says

    It’s a shame the law allows them to keep on participating in state elections while continuing to violate state election laws. Perhaps the law needs to be revised to prevent future participation by law breakers.

  9. Scott says


    Now, without NOM producing a restraining order, do they not have to produce the required information? And what teeth are written into the disclosure law for enforcement? Should they not be penalized for each day that the info is not produced? Or is this law toothless? By wrapping their office in breathless paper shuffling under threat of significant damage, their time will be consumed and not spent on fighting the marriage equality work in the state. They only have so much time and personnel and it should be spent on having to come into compliance with the law.

  10. Chitown kev says

    I am so over NOM losing these cases 9and they have lost every last one at all levels of the judicial process).

    It’s way past time for perpwalks (or at least issung arrest warrants).

    Otherwise, noone believes that anything will get done.

    Or at least I won’t.

  11. Caliban says

    According to recent reports the bulk of their money comes from TWO donors. They have lost this same court battle time after time, in state after state, and they STILL haven’t released the information. They know they aren’t going to win with any other court, this is just a delaying tactic. Do any of the courts they’ve lost in have grounds for a Contempt Of Court charge?

    It’s too bad that the all-powerful “hackers” you hear so much about only seem to exist in movies. Sure, Anonymous and other groups can tie up or slow down websites by bombarding them with excessive “hits” or requests, but so what? I guess they could try GUESSING Maggie Gallagher’s password. How about “#1fanlittledebbie” or “MoonPiesNOMNOMNOM!”?