1. AndyWarholsWig says

    I’m acknowledging the shallowness of this comment up front: He looks hideous, but at the :37 mark? If that’s his real ass, it is BANGIN’.

  2. Henry Holland says

    Nice to see HJO is still working and in a movie that’s actually getting a wide release (he’s been in two, “Home of the Giants” and “Montana Amazon” that barely got released) , he looks good there except: is that a lip ring or a big cold sore?

  3. Andrew says

    AndyWarholsWig is right… I’m sorry to be so shallow, HJO is a really fantastic actor and I’m glad he’s getting work, but DAT ASS

  4. gregory brown says

    I thought D. Bader’s role in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE was fantastic. I saw it in a theater with 200 17-23 year olds or somewhere in that range, and was the only one laughing at his swagger, and the first sight of his spouse.

    Never understood why his character on Drew Carey’s show was always treated as if he had oozing syphilis sores and never washed. did I miss something when the characters were established?

  5. Ryan J. says

    BTW, I don’t understand the obsession with either skinny, emaciated bodies or super-muscled 2% body fat bodies. I like guys to be a little fleshy and soft; they’re much more cuddly that way. I also love a big ass (like the one Osment is packing in that clip). I hardly ever see the kind of guys I like being portrayed as the “cute” or “hot” guy in the movies or in tv shows. That blows! >:(

  6. starpeople88 says

    Osment DOES have a nice ass – I noticed it in Secondhand Lions. So pervy of me considering how young he was there…

  7. Dback says

    Yay, HJO is back! Hope he finds the same sort of career second wind that Joseph Gordon Leavitt did–he’s a wonderful actor. (“The Sixth Sense” is obvious, but go back and watch him in “AI”–the movie has its problems, but he’s flawless.)

  8. mike flower says

    Bravo HJO. However,THE most asstastic man i’ve ever seen in a movie is Waldemar Valenstra in the Dutch musical Yes Nurse, No Nurse. That was a natural wonder of the world.