FRC’s Tony Perkins Says Gays Want Marriage to Fill a Perpetual ‘Emptiness Within Them': VIDEO


American Family Association's Tim Wildmon spoke with fellow hate group leader (and frequent MSNBC commentator) Tony Perkins about why gay people care about getting married, Right Wing Watch reports.

It's not to dignify their commitment and love for one another under the law, it's to fill the vacuum inside that comes from being a homosexual, Perkins explains.

Says Perkins: "Not every person that identifies as a homosexual or a lesbian is an activist trying to redefine the laws. I do think and many of those who have come out of the homosexual lifestyle will tell you this that they are looking for acceptance, there is an emptiness within them, they are looking for that acceptance and they think that if society will redefine the norms of behavior that will make them feel content, and it won’t because they are operating outside of nature and outside of God’s plan and design. It will be something else next; redefining marriage will not be the end of this. We’re already seeing this in California, SB 48, the measure that took effect this month, now all of the “positive” contributions of those in the GBT, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender population have to be taught in the public schools, so it will be the indoctrination of our kids to teach them that homosexuality is normal."