1. Chadd says

    I want marriage to fill the perpetual emptiness that comes from not being able to marry the person that I love.

    Mr Perkins seems to know an awful lot about gay people without, apparently, ever having talked to one that isn’t F’d up by religious guilt and self loathing (encouraged by the likes of Perkins himself).

  2. The Realist says

    If there were a vacuum, were, it is created by groups so insecure in their own ability to establish thoughtful relationships based on love and respect,instead of based on religious dogma. They must project those insecurities on segments of society they deem a threat, not to society, but to their agenda; an agenda that seeks control of the minds of said society.

  3. says

    He may have a bit of a point. The emptiness could be caused by having all of the civic and social responsibilities of heterosexual members of our society – abiding laws, paying taxes, showing ‘respect’ to those who would rather see us dead for absolutely no good reason – but none of the basic rights and societal benefits of those same people.

    I do agree – he does spend an inordinate amount of time fantasizing and obsessing about gays having sex for one who purports to be a heterosexual christian.

    Hey Tony, here’s a thought… How about acting on that christian faith you claim to have and accept that your god has the situation under control and all your resistance and fighting his plan is rather futile.

  4. MikeH says

    This crap is ridiculous. Change “homosexuals” to blacks or jews and imagine the outrage from the media. The big question is when society will grow a pair and once and for all call these people out.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    Where do you even start…. It’s a bit like arguing with a 4 year old about concepts they are unequiped to understand. I just saw yesterday that the acceptance in America for same sex marriage is equal to the acceptance of interracial marriage here in the late 1990’s. Mind blowing how fast things are moving, and this year will be huge. So hold into your nickers Tony, you’re about to become even less relevant than you are.

  6. MikeH says

    P.S. to add onto my previous comment… we should all write all the networks and tell them to not hire these bigots as commentators and for that matter not even give them a platform to spew their hatred on the air. They don’t allow the KKK to come on, why these anti-gay hate groups?

  7. Sean in Dallas says

    Stupid f#ck.

    Homosexuality IS normal. It is a normal part of the makeup of every community on this planet, whether people act on it or not.

    Time to come out of the 18th century, Tony.

    But it’s so DIFFICULT when your little instruction manual is 2000 years old, isn’t it?

  8. Bruce says

    I feel the same way as Chadd. The emptiness that Mr. Perkins refers to is the same for the heterosexual: emptiness — un-fulfillment, if you will — that has its remedy in finding someone to share life and build a future impossible for a single person to have. That this be recognized and honored by the rest of us is the logical, and necessary fulfillment of the whole thing. Straight people already have this last part; gay people, thankfully, begin to have it in more and more areas of the world.

  9. says

    ….that emptiness couldn’t possibly be the void left by a society and culture that tells, nearly all of us (from a very young age) that we will never be loved or seen as creatures of worth, right?

    i never get why these anti-gay bigots say “you gays can’t make relationships last!”


    you have a culture of people, the majority of whom face anti-gay prejudice and bigotry from their own families. so we have families, supposedly the Strongest Bond of Love of All, who disown, show disgust, and discriminate against their own family members when they find out they’re gay. what does THAT teach lgbt people about LOVE? that love isn’t real? that family isn’t forever? that just because you think someone has been there for you they always will?

    of course many lgbt people can’t form long-lasting adult relationships – their own families haven’t been able to express or show unconditional love, trust, acceptance. confirmation bias, anyone?

    an anti-gay bigot who encourages people to be disgusted by their lgbt family members then says that those lgbt people have a perpetual “emptiness inside them” – yeah, the emptiness you ensured would be there, you pig.

    the good news – the tide is changing. where in many communities being gay made one a pariah, we’re now seeing the flipside: being ANTI-gay will make one a pariah.

    being gay will no longer mean that people are along. being anti-gay will mean that people die alone. as it should be.

  10. says

    Not all straight people want to get married either, does that mean other straight couples that desire a union should be ignored? There is no logic in any of their arguments. This man is an idiot, but I have heard the same rhetoric from everyday folks around my city and my hometown.

  11. says

    I agree with Endo. When I feel an emptiness I like to have my boyfriend fill it. Then fill it again. Then again. Over the past 20+ years he’s filled my emptiness countless times.

    I think a lot of straight women could sympathize with wanting to have their emptiness filled.

  12. greg says

    We all deal with something. But something tells me that this guy is speaking from personal experience! LOL. (That goes for Santorum too). Just a matter of time before he is caught with a RentBoy. Tick, tick, tick…

  13. TJ says

    Emptiness… yeah, that’s never a factor in “straight” relationships. Straight people don’t get involved with another person, or get married, so that they won’t feel alone, unwanted, unworthy. No, they always and only get married because it’s God’s plan, they were meant for each other, and destined to create that sacred family in order to have children. Nope, never about feeling empty. All those dating/matchmaking sites – they’re God’s plan to support marriage between straight people in order to create babies. It’s never because people are feeling desperate, or even just because people are social beings that crave, and thrive because of, their interaction with others (you’d have to read scholarly journals to get that sort of bunk). It’s only “the Gays.”

    And don’t even bring up the 50% divorce rate among heterosexuals, and the possibility that any of those relationships were formed in the first place because of emptiness. I won’t believe it.

  14. just_a_guy says

    If I ever meet Tony Perkins, I will tell him that if I were not such a gentleman, I would spit in his face.

    It might not be today, it might not be next year, it might not be this decade,it might not even be by the time of my old age, but you are going down, Tony Perkins.

    In the long run, Tony Perkins will be a devil in the history books. Mr. Perkins, I can only HOPE your unfathomable hate gets remembered. May God be good to your offspring; they don’t deserve the bad name you give them.

  15. jason says

    There is no such thing as “homosexuals and lesbians”, Tony. Lesbians ARE homosexuals. If you can’t get such a basic definition right, why should we believe all your anti-gay drivel?

  16. Abel says

    Miss Tonette knows ALL about the feeling of EMPTINESS. Her butt has been aching to be filled for many years, and she just can’t bring herself to admit it. Closet case extraordinaire, that’s what Miss Tonette is. Poor, pitiful creature.

  17. AnotherMike says

    My partner and I have been on a 23 year binge of emptiness. It would be nice if we could be married and get the legal benefits given to straight married couples. Of course, we would still be empty because Tony Perkins doesn’t like us and Tony’s approval means so much to us. We’ll just have to be content with our emptiness and a marriage.

  18. Katie Murphy says

    His second in command, Peter Spriggs said a couple years ago – I want to export gays-

    code words for his desire and at least tangental involvement in the genocide of gays bill in Uganda.

    which of course has lots of Islamic influence and is taken str8 from what hitler did to the gays as well as the Jews – put them into the ovens.

    BTW dont know a lot about Perkins except he was a jarhead.

    Spriggs is a baptist minister who never in his talks at eg the state house admits he is such a minister.

    Something is wrong here – Maybe he got kicked out for molesting kids.

    if you think the catholic church has a problem (horrible and world wide), just
    Google “southern Baptists – child molestation.

    Last time I did that there were 100,000 hits.

    BTW a priest tried to molest my kid. I was going to give him his well deserved baseball bat treatment.

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